NNB Chapter 24

Non Non Biyori Chapter 24




Shinigami Akshay




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3 thoughts on “NNB Chapter 24

  1. having grown up in the USA, the use of the words ‘the Hell’, is highly inapprobiate in family situations. as with other ‘cuss’ words in normal conversations with children. And it is very unlikely that children in good family situations would use these words also.
    most people with low moral and religous standards usually do use these words whether they are rich or not.
    I recommend watching the american made Cartoon, RWBY and you will see these ‘cuss’ words are not used at all.
    Other than that, i enjoy manga, and often edit the ‘cuss’ words out of the dialoge, and rephrase the paragraph so i may re read it again and again.
    NNB is one of those that i can read again and again.
    yours david


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