NNB Chapter 41

Non Non Biyori Chapter 41 のんのんびより     Chapter 41   Finally we resumed the series   Click on the icon below to Proceed  

Seesaw Game Chapter 3

Seesaw Game Chapter 3 シーソーゲーム     Chapter 3 of the story that shares its name with the infamous Yaoi manga.   “Credits to “Mario” our new cleaner. For doing the cleaning so quickly.”   I hope it’s getting serialized somewhere.   Click on the Ataru (Angry man icon) to Proceed  

A crazy elf and a serious orc Vol.4

A crazy elf and a serious orc Vol.4 I ♥ Orcs   Vol.4 of the famous love story (lol) by… Tomokichi-sensei. And as these aren’t officially released anywhere (as per my knowledge?) we won’t be posting it on Bato.to or any other Manga sharing sites as well.   Click on the Tomokichi icon below to Proceed