Being an author is where you not able to have the time to talk to people at all, end up as a hikikomori will just be a machine who makes the manuscripts, a job that is one of the extreme fateful occupations out there. And to those hikikomori’s the one thing which could be seen to a high degree as a past time hobby is games. For a hikikomori who doesn’t step outside of the room, games are really a beneficial tool which can provide them with various types of excitement, thrill and experience.

And especially with all these latest, Wifi, PSN and Xbox LIVE, multi play environment feature it has become a period of time, where one can play with other person with just sitting on his chair.

And thus, before anyone knows a certain Light novel author who had the similar hobby started to amuse himself late at night with these games. And thus ended up creating a “Light Novel Game Club”

We from game club, on a particular time deciding on the gathering, started to play various types of games together using the skype chat for communication. Sometimes helping each other in killing a giant monster, sometimes controlling the cart and throwing shells at each other, or sometimes becoming the soldiers and entering in a battlefield or something……

In the midst of all these, I started to notice about various things and patterns. Games just didn’t had the genre that let you test various things such as skills and experience, strategy and information gathering skills. And then thought, that it could be just possible to create such a thing using the novel—or so.

And thus, “What if the games industries are officially recognised by the governments and they even aid in the development of games, ‘I didn’t had the chance of talking about that in the story’ or if there exists a world where minors cellphone functions like calling and mails etc are limited”

—I let my delusions run wild, and that certainly ended up creating a lot of manuscripts in which of them hardly anything was even worth mentioning. Well at the very least, though I said that, I will be glad if you find this one worth the price and enjoyed reading it.

Okay then, let’s borrowing some extra space here, and say our thanks to people who really deserves it.

First, I want to thank the game club members, who gave me the trigger of an idea of writing this series. Followed by, “Let’s take permission from the original gaming making companies and let them know that we are writing something like this!” when I planned something this absurd, “OK, Let’s do this!” acknowledged it by saying just that, and after that, “Let me handle all the discussions with the Game Maker-san” knowing that it’s too much of a work, agreed to do the job, my editor K-sama, followed by everyone from the Dengeki Game Editorial department. And the ones who gave their permission to use their games carefully, SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment), IREM Software engineering, and Microsoft Japan’s company’s officials. And at the last, I want to thank Happobijin-sama for creating such charming and attractive characters.

If there was just a single of support missing among them, then this book wouldn’t’ve made out in this world. I will borrow a little bit more time and tell you that I am really grateful for all of your support and I will be lucky if you continue to support me next time as well.

Okay then, it’s regretting to leave with just that but, I will pray from the bottom of my heart so that I could meet you all again.



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