EP.1 – Second High School Life


Part 1

[Kinkon][Kankon] The Afterschool chime rang.

It’s a time where a normal high schooler finally gets released from his daylong class duties. A time to which probably every student waits for enthusiastically.

To prove this, the boy sitting in Front of Kishimine now suddenly said “Hey guys, let’s go for some hunting!” while taking his PSP out, and even the girl on his Right “Look Look! I made a new MII!” started another conversation, well of course she also had her PSP out.

Not to mention that it’s already March. From next month they will all become seniors, and will eventually have to face a terror named [University Examination]. That’s why for the Second Years, this is the only time where they can enjoy while they have the chance. Maybe it’s due to that the classroom afterschool was always livelier like it is now.

“You guys…, don’t get too cocky just because the Spring Break is right before you-. Though I know no matter what I say you’re not gonna listen anyways.”

Somewhat in the middle ages of his life, the homeroom teacher Yamashiro Sensei warned the class but his words were casual, as he himself knew very well that it will have no effect on the crowd.

But then again, this liveliness due to spring break had no particular connection with one guy.

‘Well then, let’s head to the Library, shall we?’

Kishimine Kengo who was sitting on the corner most seat of the classroom murmured to himself. Without even talking or even bothering anyone at all, He quietly finished with his preparations to leave. Confining himself in the library, after classes are over. That was the daily routine of the boy called Kishimine Kengo for the past 10 years.

No one was even close enough to him to be called as a friend. His Club was well of course [Go Home Club]. And even during break times he likes to read books alone. His Stature and Weight were both quite average, and even his looks were so plain that they can make the Teacher of Fine Arts say something absurd like “Let have Kishimine as a model today, as he has no feature at all, it’s easy to draw him.”.

Kishimine Kengo has an inferiority complex about those features of his. But, as long he can read books he was satisfied with his life. If it will make me lose my time to read, then I don’t need something like friends—his feelings towards books were that much serious. However he gets really bothered by it when during P.E., he was told something like “Okay, Now form a pair of 2 people!”.

‘But, I’m almost finished reading all the books in the library wasn’t I?’

Not even paying any attention to something like it’s a library of Public High School or something like that; his troubles were something of that level.

“Ah Kishimine, would you mind a moment?”

Like that, when he was about to leave the classroom alone, someone grabbed his shoulder from behind.

It was his homeroom teacher Yamashiro-sensei.

“……what is it?”

“I have something to discuss, would you mind going to the council room? I will also head there right after I am done here.”


What sort of business is it, he asked himself. For a guy like him, who just read books in his break time, and even secludes himself in library after school, for a guy like Kishimine who didn’t made any sort of trouble to anyone neither inside nor outside of the school, he doesn’t have a slightest of an idea of why he is being called by the teacher at afterschool.

‘Now that I think of it…”

In one of his recently read books, in which the story follows where a well maintained salary-man murders someone. It’s because of that reason; he started recalling things from that book.

The Grabbing of One’s shoulder from behind by the boss is a seeming sign of getting transfered somewhere.

‘Well, for a high schooler there is no such thing as a job transfer though’

While thinking something like that, he left the classroom alone.

Well of course not knowing what awaited him.



While he was waiting inside the small council room, Yamashiro Sensei finally came.

“Ah! Kishimine. Sorry for making you wait.”

“No, Not really. So what is it you wanted to talk about?”

“Ah, yes. Let’s see, from where should we begin then……”

Yamashiro was sitting on the chair face to face in front of Kishimine, and on top of that he has his both hands folded together on this chin.


And just like that, the atmosphere became too tense and uncomfortable.

“Ah, that’s right. How about a cup of coffee?”

After long pause, he said something like that.

Finally, Kishimine got puzzled. Yamashiro-Sensei, a Teacher who was somewhat in the middle ages of his life, he who was said to have been a teacher for around 20 years, was known amongst the students for his Merciless Scolding and shouting “Hey You!” after spotting a student who is doing something bad.

That teacher not acting himself, and what’s more offering a student a cup of coffee, the situation was just so surreal.

“No, I don’t really need it. More than that please don’t just leave me hanging here. Just tell the reason why you called me…”

Maybe the teacher himself guessed that he shouldn’t make the student more anxious than he already was right now, so he finally started talking a bit.

“I will be quite honest….you see. It’s something which never happened before that’s why, as a teacher I, too am in a dilemma of what to do. As you are a local resident yourself, you must be aware of “Izunomiya Private Academy” right?”

“Well regarding that, I don’t think there is hardly any person in the town who doesn’t know about that School.”

Izunomiya Private Academy. It’s a non-co-ed private school located on the foothills, at the outskirts of the town.

But still, the internal conditions are unknown even to the local people. The only thing known to the outer world is that it’s an outrageous school where Ojou-sama’s and idols go.

Though it’s like that there are various series of stories telling its amazingness. Like for an instance, the thickness of the security. The school itself, constructed on the suburbs, is surrounded by the huge wall due to which it’s impossible to break in. Furthermore, on the surroundings there are guys similar to the guards that work under the President, wearing thick black clothes, guarding the school for 24/7. What’s more, commuting to school with your own private vehicle is like a casual thing for the students, that when it’s morning the roads ahead of the school are filled with a train of Black Mercedes Benz, or so it’s told.

Well of course there are various rumours stating that, the facilities and the teachers wouldn’t even compare to a normal private school, or something like a Top Class level Cafeteria being there or something, or like a fountain spurting water upwards 10 M right ahead of the main gate, or something like there is a statue of Maria-sama to which students pray every morning. Or at the end of the building, an existence of a clock tower on which a real witch resides or something like that, or the Nobel prize winner Physics Teacher teaches there or something like that, and there is even a story, telling that there is a highly equipped spa there in which Massage Therapist and Acupuncture specialist are stationed.

“So, something happened with that school?”

“Yes. It’s quite an unbelievable thing but… As we are having quite a serious conversation, so I will appreciate if you don’t get too surprised, okay? You…, do you like an idea of getting a transfer to High School Division of the Izunomiya Private Academy from this April?”


Before the words of surprise gets released from his mouth, he felt disgusted on the mere thought.

“What kind of nonsense are you saying? It’s an all-girls school, so of course there is no way a boy like me will be transferred there.”

“No, wait, haven’t you heard, that from past 2 years that school is accepting boys in the high school division as a policy against the counter-measure for the declining birth rate.”

After thinking about a little bit, he finally remembered.

“……Now that you mention it, there definitely was a rumour about something of that sort.”

That was during his high school examination 2 years ago. When a boy in his class suddenly said, “It seems that Izunomiya Academy will start taking boys from this year!” “No way, are you fucking kidding me?! Then some lucky ass can make a real Harem there!” like that he had a slight remembrance of that time. What’s more, the number of people got accepted were just 10, furthermore, it seems that the admission fee itself was some million yen, Kishimine hasn’t even once thought about entering in there for studies.

“Even so, I can’t really understand on the idea of how it turned out to be me getting a transfer there……?”

“No, to be more precise it’s not just a regular transfer but a plan to inter-exchange the student commuting to Izunomiya Academy with a student from our school. I myself don’t know much about it though.”

“…………Isn’t this is like totally unreasonable? In the first place, if it’s after April then I will be already a 3rd year student you know? In that important period of time to be changing one’s school……Just how much inconsiderate can you guys be belittling a person’s life like that.”

Kishimine, who was normally very docile, started showing signs of anger.

“Yes, well of course the other party will definitely take such things into consideration. For now, if you just enrol there for 1 year and graduate after that, it seems that you will get a direct recommendation to any college or company you want to go. The other party is the world renowned Izunomiya Academy just so you know. If they feel like it they can even make you enter in the Tokyo University. So how’s it, after hearing something grand like that, don’t you get even get a slightest bit of an interest?”


Certainly, it was a very fascinating proposal. Cause if there is no need to go through the greatest terror of a high schooler “Entrance Examination” then, there cannot be anything perfect than this. And on top of that, there is a possibility that he can spend reading more books in that free time of his.

Actually, In the Izunomiya Academy, the security officers do patrol 24/7. So it does felt like they have somewhat of an influence.

“And naturally, you are exempted from the entrance and tuition fees. On the contrary, it seems that they will even arrange your uniform and the bag without charging a penny.”

“……Isn’t this just a thing anyone could ask for? Even hearing all of the things like this even I think it’s a great deal, but…….But still, why me? If one can enter into that Ojou-sama School with these facilities in hand then, there are just uncountable no. of applicants who can fit to those terms right?”

“About those terms, you see, there are basically 4 of them. First is that he should be definitely a resident from locality. Well they must be considering that one should not change their commuting to just study here. And the other is that, they want a person, who will turn 18 years old during the Spring Break itself. And correct me if I am wrong, April 4th is your birthday right?”

“Yes. Indeed. But, what’s with the age term?”

“For the other party, it seems they want to go under proper process after having a perfect consultation from the students. When you talk about 18 years in age, then isn’t that’s where people gets legal rights to take their own decisions in the society? You can even get license in that age. Well I think they are taking those things into considerations as well.”

“Then, the other 2 are…….?”

“Excellent academic ability and those who have no bad report behind them. Quite reasonable isn’t it? It’s because it will be quite a trouble if they make someone enter who would end up causing some kind of trouble against the Ojou-samas after all.”

After that Kishimine also guessed the reason. And then stated his conjecture in a little bit of a sarcastic way out loud.

“In short, I don’t seem to be a type of guy who will create any sort of trouble, an obedient child in short; it’s because of that, I was selected ain’t I?”

“Well, certainly that’s also the case.”

Yamashiro Sensei didn’t even tried to deny that.

“But to be honest I personally thought that it’s supposedly a good idea considering that it’s you. It’s bad for a homeroom teacher to say this but…… you, you always seclude yourself in the library, and even not a popular one in the class right?”

Hearing something like that face to face from a teacher felt uncomfortable to even Kishimine.

“I won’t deny that. But, I don’t see the relation of that with this topic in any sort……”

“It’s not entirely true you know, just think about it. In a school filled with girls, if a boy gets tossed in then it’s normal for him to be happy with anything that lies ahead right?. In short, it means that if someone like you went to Izunomiya Academy then, you will be able to read books to your heart content there in the perfect environment”

Certainly it held a great benefit to Kishimine. No matter how much he likes to be alone, School is a place where it’s unavoidable to be alone. Similar to the athletic period, there are various kinds of troublesome situations.

‘Being alone is natural thing for me after all……’

As he thinks of it again and again, it ends up appearing more fascinating of a proposal than it was already is.

“Besides look……. To be straight frank here, if you become a third year in this school then there will an event of field trip right? If that comes to that, then you will not be able to stay alone as it’s essential to be in a group for that”


That one line was the winning trump card that Yamashiro-sensei held against Kishimine.

The essentiality of being in a team during the field trip. That was the event which makes even Kishimine hates it just by just imagining.

Even though it just meant running away from that, this proposal held plentiful merits in it.

Above all, he was started getting bored from this school’s library as well. Besides, if it’s the library of the famous school, then it will hold quite a look itself.

“Uhm. Is it really alright for me to accept this proposal?”

Yamashiro-sensei got taken back for a second from a sudden change.

“I see, I understood. I know it’s quite an unreasonable proposal, but I think it’s not bad for you. Having that being said, leave the official process to me, while you just talk with your parents about it.”

“I understand. However, agreeing on that I just have one request.”

“What is it? We can’t set any type of terms from here to the other side you know……”

“No, Not to Izunomiya Academy, but it’s for you sensei. Please absolutely, at any cost don’t tell anyone about my transfer. At least not until the graduation.”

“Oi, that’s a bit——”

Yamashiro-sensei opened his mouth trying to say something but, instead of words, just a sigh came.

“……I understood. It sure will feel awkward saying farewell to everyone this late after all. Well if you are fine with it, then do as you feel like it.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

To Kishimine, the 2 years spent in this school, only held that much of an importance to him.

“Just, At last let me tell you just this. To tell you the truth, there is also one more reason for you to get chosen.”

His homeroom teacher suddenly said while making his face really serious.

“Yes. What was it?”

“In the Izunomiya Academy, It seems every student gets advance to Tokyo University just like they are climbing up on an escalator or something. In other words there is no such thing as Examination War in that school. If it was some ordinary school then there will be no such thing as free time after becoming a 3rd year student but, it’s not the case in that Izunomiya Academy. And it also seems that they held club activities even till the graduation ceremony.”


Sensei was trying to tell him something, but he didn’t even get a slightest idea of it.

“In other words, you see. When you will be transferred there, the surroundings will be completely changed, so basically what I am saying is that…….if you really feel like it, you can completely change the way of your last year of high school life you know”

“……I see. Thank you for worrying about me.”

As a Kishimine, that was the best answer he could’ve given there. It was similar to saying that it’s none of your business. He has books for himself. Other than that, it’s was not of his concern at all or something like that.


Thus, 1 month after that.

Towards a certain private high school, a high school boy alone transferred his school.

But, you can say that there was basically no one aside the one who arranged that, that noticed something off in the classroom even after he left.

Part 2

That year on the 10th April, was also supposed to be a nationwide high school opening ceremony day.

And Izunomiya Private Academy was also not an exception to that, so like that just like a freshmen all over again Kishimine started proceeding towards his new high school. The public school uniform he used to wear till last month could be considered as a joke, if you compare it to the one he is wearing right now; the fabric he was wearing was made up of something so excessive in quality that made him total speechless at first which was same with even the new bag he was carrying in his hand.

“I have to climb this slope every day for real……?”

Izunomiya Academy was on the outskirts of the foothills. Maybe it’s because of that reason, the roads to the school was upgraded to the long ones. The slope was definitely not steep but, it still made non-athletic Kishimine a little bit fed up with exhaustion.

“Well, it will cure my athletic deficiency for sure though.”

After forcingly consenting himself like that, he continued climbing the slope.

Maybe it’s because it was too early in the morning, there were hardly any people to be seen. It’s because Kishimine was told beforehand to come early than the commuting time.

At last when he almost reached the slope, the school started to appear in his sight.

An Ojou-sama school which consisted both Middle and High School divisions, Izunomiya Private Academy.

Just as per the rumours say, the surroundings were enclosed with the high walls. Maybe it’s because of the non-intimidating presence of the inhabitants and the students that he seen until now, he would’ve end up thinking it as a western style joke or something, cause if the design were more boorish than it was already is, then it could’ve easily considered as a prison rather than a high class school. Furthermore, this time as well, just per as the rumours, many black suits security officers appeared in the sight.

Just like that, at that moment. A car passed right through Kishimine.

“I-It’s really a Black Benz……”

That Benz stopped right in front of the school’s gate. And then the chauffeur came inside of the car and respectfully opened the rear seat door while bowing.

And the one who came out was as expected, an Ojou-sama.

It was a scene quite far from there, but he could easily grasp the beautifulness of that girl. As per the looks she was calm, with straight black hair, furthermore, the high class design blazer she was wearing was fitting right up to her attire.

“It sure is an Ojou-sama school indeed……”

Just accepting and realising the reality of the situation, he pursued his way towards the direction of that maiden.

“You sure are an unfamiliar face, are you perhaps this school’s student?”

When he approached close to the gate, suddenly, the stern security officer approached and asked this to him.

“Eh? Y-Yes, I have been transferred to this school from today……”

“I see. Sorry but, can you show me your Student I.D. card?”

It was just like the police interrogation he saw on the television. He was a little bit discontented as he was being treated like a suspicious person but, it was not an atmosphere to which he could’ve opposed to easily. Unwillingly, he took out his new School I.D. card from his bag. Maybe it’s because he understood that I am not some suspicious person as he compared my face to the one in the I.D. card, the security officer finally soften his attitude a bit.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, there sure are no mistakes. You’re one of the Transferred Student are you not?”

“Y-Yes, That’s right.”

“You probably already know this, but you must first go to the Principal’s Office. Just turn right after entering the school’s gate, and then at the end of the path turn left.”

“I see. Thank You.”

He sure gave a thought about protesting for being treated like a suspicious person but, he didn’t have the courage to do that against such a stern looking security officer. Thinking things like such as it was bound to happen on the first day of transfer and all, he finally stepped inside the school filled with the mysteries.

What laid ahead there was not some sort of disordered space he thought of.

Is this the West? The schools design was so elaborated to make a Tsukkomi [1-A]

like that. But aside from all that, the other things were not so different than Japan. There were no such things as a water fountain, and not even the Maria-sama Statue and Clock tower could be seen, and even the stylish cafeteria which was told in rumours was present. The school building was also not that big. When he actually see it in real now, it’s actually even smaller to that of an average school. It was smaller to a extent which could make anyone think like that.

“It sure is true, alright. All those rumours would just end up as a hoax after all.”

While getting somewhat a little bit let down, and releasing a sigh of relief, Kishimine started walk in the direction to the Principal’s office.



Inside the office, there were already four boys waiting. Probably they are also the transfer students just like me, he thought

“Ah, I-I am sorry. Am I perhaps…late or something?”

“No, it’s alright. In fact it’s still quite early.”

That was the response, from the quite elderly lady sitting on the principal’s seat. As one would expect, from the principal of this iron walled all-girls school, she cut loose the gentle atmosphere around this room, one could even feel a little bit of strictness and sternness from time to time as well.

One can slightly comprehend the reason of why the 4 boys who came before me were standing straight quietly like that. As in front of this principal, one could not do something discourteous.

“It’s already been 5 minutes since all of the students have gathered; it’s still a little bit early but let’s begin. Well then, everyone. First of all let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for transferring to my school.”

After saying that, principal bowed a little. In reflex Kishimine including 4 others said “No, No it’s not particularly…” and bowed their head.

‘In the first place, it’s kinda strange to get thanked over a transfer.’

Somehow Kishimine ended up thinking like that.

“There were basically 2 main reasons that I started accepting boys in my school, which was originally supposed to be an all-girls school as you may know. First one was against the counter-measure of declining birth rate which is a very well-known reason. And the other reason is not yet known to public but, I wanted to provide a chance to the girls of this school to come in contact with that to an opposite sex. Nowadays, in one way or another, the women are starting to stand up in the society after all. Thus it’s not good for student’s to be in all-girls school environment from kindergarten till University. Because of that even if it’s just a minority, I started accepting boys in the school but……due to that I may end up causing you all some troubles.”

She turned her face away as if asking for an apology.

“For there is a very lack of men’s washroom in this school after all. It’s because that Pervert Idiot Chairman keeps on having strange ideas……”

Strangely he thought he heard some un-resting words. Furthermore, it was just only for a second, but he sure saw a light of anger in principal’s eye.

But that too was just for a second; soon the principal’s face was reverted back to the usual calm smiling one.

“A-Ah I am sorry, I sure end up saying something which had no relation to you all didn’t I. Basically, if you all just do your best for 1 year, then there will be no need for you to worry regarding your course after graduation. As you all must’ve already heard, you can actively participate in the club activities in my school even after becoming a 3rd year student. So please enjoy your last year of High School freely in this school.”

“Uhm–, Is it alright if I ask one thing regarding that?”

One of the boys sitting in the same row as Kishimine timidly raised his hand.

“Well of course. What is it?”

“Just in case, I want to confirm this. But, in this school, dating is allowed right?”

Every boy other than Kishimine got excited over that.

‘This guy to be asking such a thing straightforward— and to even created such an atmosphere in a second.’

But, Principal didn’t minded the question at all, in fact she even showed a gentle smile hearing after that.

“Let’s see. Doing something indecent between two sex is prohibited but, if it’s not indecent then it’s alright I guess. All of the students here are raised specially but, everyone is quite old enough after all. So there should be at least a few people who would take interest in the opposite sex……or so I think. So enjoy your youth in however way you like.”



During the time when we were talking with the principal, gradually the commuting time to which students come to school also started. When they were all leaving the Principal’s office room, cheerful and bright sounds of girls could be heard.

“Oi you guys, why are you making such gloomy faces?”

When they entered the corridor the one who said that, was the guy who asked that question to the principal.

“Finally our new high school life will be starting in this Ojou-sama School. So drop that gloomy face of yours and let’s think together on the ways on how we can invite Ojou-samas to Karaoke! We also got the Principal authorization for just in case as well after all!”

With the very assertive attitude, and while expressing the energetic smile he said that.

“I-I agree! We finally got this golden chance after all.”

“If it’s like that then let’s cooperate with each other. As I also came here for that reason msyelf.”

They were comparatively all similar to each other. They too all came here after getting the unofficial assessment regarding their character but, it seems as one would expect there is always an exception in that sort of area.

Naturally, Kishimine had no intention to enter in that circle of theirs. He was transferred here to be alone after all. If he tried to associate with someone then the whole purpose of his transfer will be lost.

“Sorry. I want to go to the toilet so I will leave first.”

Like that, he managed to make an appropriate excuse and started to move away from the site.

Then, one of the guys started to shout while pointing in front of the window.

“Oi, Look, there comes the rumoured Ojou-samas!”

The view which came into their eyes was filled with girls, girls and girls everywhere.

Furthermore each and every schoolgirl was just like the Ojou-sama he saw on the gate. There were high school girls wearing the blazers and then there were middle school girls wearing the sailor uniform, no matter how you see they can be considered as cute or beautiful, due to that scene, anyone could understand that it was natural for these idiots to get excited over that.

“This is just fucking awesome, I suddenly felt like proposing to one right off the bat! Alright, let’s do this everyone! Let’s enjoy the last year of our high school life to our heart’s content!”


Like that, he glanced back at the hyped up boys.

And just like that, Kishimine Kengo’s Second High School life started.

Reference Words :-

[1-A]Tsukkomi – 突っ込み (tsukkomi). From the verb tsukkomu (突っ込む), meaning something like “butt in”, this is often the role of the partner to the boke in an owarai kombi. The tsukkomi is generally the smarter and more reasonable of the unit, and will criticize, verbally and physically abuse, and generally rail at the boke for their mistakes and exaggerations. For more more information, Just GOOGLE it.

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