EP.2 – General Education Curriculum of the High School is like a Daily routine for the boys


Part 1

[Kinkon][Kankon] The Afterschool chime rang.

It’s a time where a normal high schooler finally gets released from his daylong class duties. A time to which probably every student waits for enthusiastically.

And even Izunomiya Private Academy was not an exception. A girl sitting in front of Kishimine “What should we do today?” casually asked from a girl near her and, the girl’s on the right side were also having an enjoyable conversation with each other.

No matter where he looked, there were just girls. This was truly an all-girls school and, Kishimine very well understood his position as a foreign substance between them.

Possibly, a normal healthy boy, surely would’ve felt envious of his current situation. Well in real, there do existed a few, who entered in this all-girls school because of that particular reason. For example, one of the boy who was sitting right behind Kishimine with a gloomy face was also one of those.

“*Sigh*……. It ended without anything happening today as well……. What should we do after school……?”

His name was Kusakabe Yuuki. If one had to avoid making a contact with Kishimine, then he was the only boy in this class. On top of it, he was the one who purposely asked the rumoured question to the Principal on his first day of the school.


Kishimine and the others, have a quite normal stature and weight, and even their looks were quite mediocre, but Kusakabe was the famous stylish looking kinda guy. Consequently of being it as a private school of Ojou-sama, it was obviously prohibited to dye your hair in the school but, he died his hair brown to the degree that he can claim that it’s his real hair, and even worn out his uniform a bit to an extent that it won’t be noticeable to the teachers.

Furthermore, at first he was quite enthusiastic and said something like “I will do my best to make an Ojou-sama my girlfriend!” but, after four days of our transferring-in, he totally lost his spirit. The reason was very simple. It’s because he transferred here despite being popular among girls in his previous school after all, and now he realised that as the population of the boys were just too small to be noticeable among all these girls, due to that it was like totally impossible to talk to one, yet alone make a girlfriend.

For example, the afterschool classroom was filled up with the sweet sounds of girls enjoying their talk with each other but, there were none who was even trying to approach and converse with either of the boys. The atmosphere was in there was like something in other words [courteously disregarding] their presence.

Thus, like always, he was talking secretly with Kishimine in the corner of the classroom, and was confirming his plan for today.

“Say Kishimine. What are your plans for today?”

“E-Even if you ask me suddenly like that, I was just plan on going to the library as per usual.”

“Sigh, when I heard about it first I thought that how lonely you spend your Afterchool like that but, now I feel kinda jealous of you even having an aim or something. Geez, before transferring, I here thought that I will become a centre of envy of all the boys outside and all. To think that I will not be able to talk to just one girl……”

“Isn’t it’s just the 4th day after the transfer? It’s too soon to give up like that, if you give a little bit of time you will for sure get a chance or two.”

As he didn’t knew how to respond to him properly, so for now he just decided to say something that will comfort him.

Though to be honest, he really meant his words. In the eyes from Kishimine, Kusakabe looked like a cool guy and, to him he thought that as long as he would be frank with girls a bit more and approached them a bit normally then, he will be popular soon enough.

And then, that happened.

[U, Uhm……]

That day something rare occurred. As one of the girl from the class, approached them.

Kishimine hated to memorize the names of the girls in his class but, he knew about her. Her name was Tanabe Mai and she was their class representative.

It’s not unusual for this school, but she was excessively cute and beautiful. Short hair with serious features as a trait, he understood that it will turn out to be someone like her if someone has to balance out the two components of an Ojou-sama and the class-rep

“Aah, isn’t this our class-rep, Tanabe-san here! Do you have some business with me in particular?”

Instantaneously Kusakabe regained his energy and, said while bracing himself.

But, immediately following his actions.


Kishimine just couldn’t fail to miss that frightened shriek of the girl.

“U-Umm…… it’s a message from the Sensei, I don’t know in detail……but tomorrow, there seems to be the club introduction reception for the new students and the transferred students. That’s why, you’re both asked to go in the auditorium tomorrow after the school……”

“A, Aah. We got it, Thanks a bunch.”

I don’t know whether it is to not scare her more than she already was, he said thanks his tone lowered a bit and that too with somewhat of a stiff expression on his face.

“Then, Then…… as I’ve conveyed the message.”

Tanabe class-rep, left the place in front of them, in a way like she escaped.

Kusakabe then sighed in grief.

“Ha~~ Did you heard that just now? Just talking a bit, and a response like [Hiii!~] is just too much right…… I here, feels like I did something bad and having a guilty conscience about it.”

“It just can’t be helped right? Even the Principal said herself that it’s because it has become a school like this that she started accepting boys in it”

“But still, I never thought that it would be this bad. Sigh, if it’s gonna be like this forever then my only saving place left is the clubs. Because if it’s within one then I will for sure will be able to get a chance or two to at least have a proper conversation with a girl. On that subject Kishimine, what are you gonna do about Clubs?”

“No, I don’t have any intention of entering in one but…….what about you? Do you have your eyes set on one?”

“Since I loved Athletics from before, and even used to play Soccer in my previous school as well. I have that as an option but well, if I have to get into in a club here then, I decided it long ago that it will be either rhythmic sports gymnastics or swimming.”

“……why you have those two as a choice?”

I kinda have a vague idea about it, but I still asked it anyways.

“Why you ask, it’s because. If someone asked you that you’ll be able to see the figure of female High schoolers in the Leotard figure or in the swimsuit, then anyone will go and see it won’t he?”

Kishimine sighed after hearing the answer as it was way beyond of what he expected.

“If one just leaves the idea of being popular and don’t think too much about it, then this school will really be a paradise though”

“Then it will be meaningless! I want a girlfriend! And I want to go on a date with her in the school uniform, and I want to go with her and watch fireworks in the night, and I want to have a clandestine meeting with her in the storehouse of the gymnasium damn it! It’s a high school life I can only enjoy for just once after all!”

His tone is powerful but maybe it’s because so that it won’t be heard to the girls that are still left in the classroom his volume was comparatively low. Kusakabe had completely mastered that kind of skilful way of talking.

“I-Is that so…… But it sure is surprising to me. As you looked like a popular guy, so I thought that you atleast had an experience before with a girl or two.”


I said something he didn’t wanted to hear, huh? As Kusakabe fell on the desk while holding his stomach in an over exaggerated manner.

“Ah, My bad. Did I perhaps said something unpleasant?”

“N-No it’s alright. If it’s you then I will tell. You are the only male friend in this class after all. In my previous school I too, was going out with a girl from my class you know…… but then, suddenly I was severely rejected without even told a reason.”

“…….Ah, so that’s how it was.”

“Plus, she was in the same class as me in my old school till the 3rd year. Just try imagining it, it’s hard to even be in the same class as the girl who rejected you for even a year right?”

“By any chance, did you just changed the schools just because of that?”

“That’s right. If I change schools then I will be able to bid farewell to the old me and her…….”

Then Suddenly, I remembered the words of my Homeroom teacher Yamashiro Sensei. That it’s a good chance to change my high school life after transferring to Izunomiya Academy

For sure it seems that Kusakabe changed his school just because of that particular reason.

“W-Well do your best. In any case, I will head back to library now.”

“Geez, you sure are cold. It can’t be helped then, let’s call the boys from the nearby class and exchange information with each other or perhaps you want to play some game with PSP……?”


He reflexively raised a question as word he was not used to just mentioned suddenly like that.

‘Damn’, like that before he can even regret about it, Kusakabe was looking at him like he didn’t believe of what he just heard.

“What the hell? You don’t even know about PSP?”

“A-Aah, yeah. I don’t have a slightest clue about what is that.”

“It’s a portable game you know, A Portable GAME. Play Station Portable to be exact.”

“My bad. I see, so that’s what you meant by.”

“Well it’s not something worth apologizing. As everyone has their own hobbies.”

“Well, alright see ya tomorrow then.”

“……Aah Yeah. See ya”

In Some way or another as he started getting uncomfortable, he took his bag in a hurry and left the classroom with quick pace.



Kishimine was bad at talking with energetic guys like Kusakabe since long ago.

But, in this current situation where there are only 2 guys in the class, plus those 2 refer to me and Kusakabe of the 3-B. inevitably he had no other choice but to be the Talking buddy of Kusakabe.

Right now as he too was related to the school, clubs and stuff, more or less he was able to cope up with the conversation. But, still sometimes he too was at the loss of words. And practically, the strange unknown words like PSP do also appear. But what if he was asked something like “Did you watch last night drama?” or something like “What kind of brand are you wearing these days?”, he won’t be able to follow up with the conversation at all. Just imagining the unbreathable atmosphere of that moment, made him more depress.

‘Well, it’s no use in getting worried about future.’

And it’s that Kusakabe he was talking about, there’s no mistaking it that sooner or later he will be too engrossed with the girls rather than bothering with Kishimine. Rather he wanted something like that to happen. Cause after that he will be able to spend his time peacefully again.

The hallway of afterschool was quite as per usual but, there were just too many girls here and there. But one can say as expected of an Ojou-sama School. Every girl is talking and enjoying themselves in a refined way. Unlike his old school where girls used to laugh [Kyahaha] in a loud voice, plus the hallway too was not occupied by the girls sitting and playing games. No, joking aside, he really could hear the [Ohohoho] elegant laugh of the girls.

‘I feel bad for Kusakabe, but I don’t think that there is any room for a guy to enter in between there not until graduation atleast.’

Plus, that too will be quite a good bargain deal for Kishimine. Cause then as planned, he will be not bothered by any other person in this school other than Kusakabe. And like then he will be able immerse himself in his hobby reading, for the 1 year interval till graduation.

One floor below, on the other corner of the school building, as the Izunomiya is a Giant Private Academy which comprises of both Middle and high school. Both division buildings were constructed up in a way where they face each other north and south and were tied together with a passageway. In the middle of these buildings lies the shared auditorium of both middle schoolers and high schoolers and also the cause of hope, the reason of which Kishimine entered into this school— A Library.

With holding quite a history holder Izunomiya, altogether with the co-sharing of Middle School and High School, made the library just too big than ordinary. In this two storied airy and cylindrical independent building. The half of the first floor had the loaning counter and the desks for the self-study, there are desks arranged side-by-side on the center of the second floor as well but, the rest of the space is filled and surrounded by the bookshelves. Without even having the need to do the counting and not even having a rough idea about the figure of the collection in the library, he came to a conclusion in an instant that it will be impossible to be able finish that amount in just a one year of his school life, just by thinking that, his heart throbbed with excitement.

And yet, it’s not even four days since the first semester; yet he noticed that there was just one person besides him which could be seen inside the library other than him. The count will increase with the approach of the mid-term test or something but, for Kishimine it was more than what he could’ve asked for. As his way of reading books was not normal, so if possible, he was grateful of the fact that there are less people around him.

‘But still, there are book loving people everywhere aren’t they?’

Getting a little happier of that fact, Kishimine while dropping his bag on the study table took a quick glance at the sole girl who seems to using the library like him.

She seemed to be a quiet girl. And naturally, she too was obviously cute like the rest. He wondered at first that if she really liked the books or not, as she was looking at the pocket edition of something quite intently.

Suddenly he looked towards her breast. No, not because of any indecent thought or something, but to verify her school year from the colour of her ribbon.

It was pink. That means that she was a sophomore. Unconsciously and quite unexpectedly the big breasts of that girl stole his glance for a moment.

Maybe, it was because of him looking at her direction for quite a while, she too noticed him looking at her.

Kishimine getting all panicked averted his gaze, and started searching inside the book to make it as an escape route. If he just had a little bit of a courage similar to that of Kusakabe, then he might’ve used the book as a source to talk with the girl. But, Kishimine obviously didn’t have the courage to start a conversation with an unknown person from the opposite sex.

Pulling himself together, he quietly walked towards the bookshelf and started looking around. That in itself was quite a blissful moment for Kishimine.

“Alright, let’s go with this.”

The one he picked was the, “The Count of Monte Cristo” written by Alexandre Dumas. There was not any deep meaning behind that pick of his nor it was like that he heard of the title before somewhere before, it’s just that it was one of the books that he didn’t read before.

He quickly went back to his Study table. Though he also had the choice of reading it at home but, as it’s just been few days with his transfer, he didn’t knew the proper way of borrowing in this library yet. Plus, he didn’t actually dislike reading it while he was in the library. How to say it, the library has its unique atmosphere in which he liked reading books. Above all the biggest advantage is that he can look for any book he wants at any time he want while being inside the library.

‘Let’s spend the entire day by reading this book’, despite his wishfully thinking like that, the blankness and the voidness you can say of finishing it before the actually planned time was quite unbearable in the ways of book reading. “Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets” when he bought the popular work and started reading it after bringing it inside the house quite excitingly, and the shocking impact after knowing that it was actually the Second Volume of the series was way beyond of his ways of description.

That’s why he wanted to read as much as he can while being inside the library, before the crowd starts to gather up.

So without wasting a moment, he opened the book.

The Count of Monte Cristo. The story takes place in the Europe at the time when Napoléon was still alive.  The name of the protagonist of the story seems to be Edmond Dantès. He who was the navigation officer, finishing his long voyage returned back to his home village at Marseille’s harbour. As the ones waiting for him there in his village were his old father, and his beautiful fiancé. As even the succession of the captain granted for him there, he was certainly at the summit of happiness.

However, In the middle of the marriage ceremony, he suddenly and unexpectedly got arrested by the police.


He himself had no self-awareness about it but, as he finished reading till that point, some weird phenomenon started to occur in the body of Kishimine. His head was working like usual, the sentence and the composition was also entering in his head like usual but, first starting with his sight his 5 senses started to get dull.

The protagonist, Edmond Dantès who got arrested in the midst of his marriage ceremony. His sadness with the other emotions he felt with the other questions like why he got arrested, and what will happen in the story from now on?

Kishimine’s anticipation started to rose and simultaneously with that, the weird phenomenon in his body also started to get stronger.

The scenery from the book started to get more vivid, and he soon crossed the boundary of reality.

And now what lies in front of Kishimine’s eyes was not the letter of text but the scenery. And the place too was changed from the High School’s Library to that of Europe’s Church, where there was supposed to be no one stood the beautiful fiancé Mercédès, and the old father who was looking at him,  and even the figure of policemen could be seen who barged in at the marriage ceremony to arrest him.

Even without himself noticing it, Kishimine’s mind and his heart completely turned into that of Edmond Dantès



“Why!? I haven’t done anything did I?! So then why do I have to suffer this much!?”

Inside the dark and cold prison, I continued to grief on the situation I am put to.

But as it was deep and underground inside the jail, no matter how much I grieved it just didn’t reached into the ears of the jailer.

“Why!? Just why this is happening!?”

But no matter how hard I thought about it, I just couldn’t find the reason of this. And eventually getting tired of all my outcries and weeping, I finally succumbed to a deep sleep.

And just like that an entire day past.

And once again what reflected in my eyes after waking up from the sleep was the same dark and cold prison.

Furthermore, just like that each day passed like a void, and eventually day by day an entire month passed.

I getting impatient started to eagerly looked forward for the day, my false charge will get cleared but, there was not even a slightest bit of change in my dark days of living.

And thus shortly enough 1 year got passed. During that period, not even a slightest bit of light went inside these eyes of mine. Spending a day inside this gloomy and depressing prison started to feel like a year and, finally I started thinking of suicide as my only way out. And thus thinking like that I started throw the crude meals that were sent to me, so that I can eventually starve to death.

But at that moment, [Gatsun] [Gatsun] sound reached into my ears.

I then soon realised that from where those sounds were coming. Someone just like me, imprisoned here in the dark prison was digging the hole in the ground.

“I will live!” the other person said.

The two letters of ‘Jail Break’ then shined inside my head, in a similar way as the other prisoner, I too will escape by digging a hole.

I filled myself with determination.

But, there were obviously no tools to dig a hole.

So there I first, broke my water jug. And from its pieces peeled the plaster of the wall, and from the metal handle of the saucepan, in which soup was poured to me every day, I started to dig the hole.

The operation didn’t go too well. But, for me right now, the think I had the most was the time. So every day I dug the whole little by little.

But, what lied ahead was—-.

Was the firm wall of rock.

Perhaps, it was the foundation of the building or something. And I realised soon enough hat with these made-up tools, I won’t be able to even leave a scratch on it.

In the end my hard labour and hardship just didn’t get rewarded.

“O’ Lord! Why you implicit such tortures on me! Don’t you have any compassion left in your heart after all?!”

Now the only thing left to do, was to bury my fate itself in that hole I just dug.

But, it seemed the god I believed didn’t forsaken me after all. As at that moment in my ear, the voice of the jailer like person reached after who knows how many years.

“Who is it there criticising the God?”

It was an old voice.

My prison break in the failed but, that effort gave me a new encounter.

And that too with someone who soon enough become like a second father to me, a Priest named Faria.

But, that weird phenomenon didn’t end there.

“Oi, You.”


The weird phenomenon started disclosing. As the veteran voice of Priest Faria, suddenly got changed.

“How peculiar, are you perhaps asleep? Oi, wake up”

That too, into the dignifying voice with that of a girl—.



“What happened, get a hold of yourself”

As Kishimine regained his consciousness, what lied in his field of vision was the same gloomy prison——no there was nothing like that anymore. He was already in the library which was now dyed red with the colour of twilight.

“……? Huh? Priest Faria?”

“Priest Faria? Just what are you talking about? Are you really alright?”

A voice of a girl came from beside him.


As he reflexively turned around, he unintentionally released a scream.

It’s because infront of him lied the face of a very beautiful girl.

He knew very well that this school is filled with numerous amount of beautiful girls. But, even in all of them she exceeded in beauty by far.

On her beautiful perfect egg curved shaped face, laid the perfect set of eyes with long eyebrows. Her stature was not that tall but, maybe it’s because of her long and slender legs, she looked like one of those models appear in the T.V.

Her hair was glossy and black which reached even to her back, and her skin was quite contrastive and smooth white just like that of a silk. With not even a wrinkle on her blazer, and in a similar way, with not even a bend and wrinkle on her breast ribbon, he saw the colour brown, which revealed that she was in the same year as him.

“Ah. My bad. Did I perhaps surprised you?”

In her dignified voice, she lightly apologized. To the girls from this school it was an exceedingly rare thing, and it didn’t even seem like that she was bothered even a slightest bit doing that in front of a boy like him.

Even though a bit, Kishimine regained his composure, and realised his current situation. Perhaps, he yet again was completely got absorbed inside the book.

“Ah, No, It’s me who should apologize. Uhm, Umm….I see. Are you someone from the library staff?”

“No, I am from the Student Council. As the new term has just started. I was on a patrol to give warning to the students who without any particular reason were still loitering in the school this late.”

“F-From the Student council…….? I see, so that’s how it was, I am sorry, I will soon head back.”

In a hurry he took his bag and all flustered stood up.

“There is not any particular need for you to hurry. Playing after school is a different thing, but I just can’t give warning to a person who just got engrossed while reading a book in the library after all. It’s just that……you are probably the transfer student from the 3rd year right? So you might remember this for the future reference that the librarian of here is a bit strict about the time and the conduct. So if possible, it would be better for you if you head back soon.”

“I-Is that so?”

Casually as he surveyed the surroundings of the library again, the figure of that lone girl from before was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps she too received the same kind of advice and head back.

In other words, he was alone with this beautiful girl right now. It just a coincidence but, for Kishimine it’s obviously a situation to which he was not immune to. And thus he was unusually nervous.

“T-Thank you very much for taking your time and even going as far to give me a advice, I, when gets engrossed in the book, totally forgets about the time…….”

“I see. Thinking back on it, you sure were reading quite intently weren’t you? You didn’t even respond to my several calls as well. So here I thought for once that you were asleep or something, however it doesn’t seem to be the case…”

“I—I see………”

From Elementary School Kishimine, got this weird tendency. If he starts reading a book, he ends up being engulfed inside the story.

It was neither due to the high concentration power, nor because of him getting immersed while reading, as it was not that something minor of that level. As per the words, his consciousness itself gets engulfed inside the story of the book like some sort of a magic or something has been casted.

During this time, he would able to become the protagonist of the story. That’s why any book he reads was interesting but, on the other hand, while he was immersed into that book, no one knows what becomes of his body while in that state.  As just a while ago as well, his consciousness dispelled out with a strange voice in the library after all.

“Well whatever. In any case, make sure to be attentive from next time.”

Without even get to know her name, she, while patting Kishimine’s shoulder turned around and left the place.

Even with that dashing figure of her from behind was enough to tell how prominently beautiful she was. Her Long black hair with every step she made shook like a willow. And the thighs, sneaking outside of her pleated skirt was bewitchingly white and thin. He just couldn’t able shake off her beautiful and dignified face from his mind.

But—-at least, he very well understood that she was way beyond his reach and was unrelated to him in whatever way possible. As he had no looks at all, and he was just a mediocre guy who just loves to read the books. In this super Ojou-sama school, he was quite sure that he won’t even able to have a conversation with someone like her in the future, who is a member of the Student Council. ‘In the first place, I don’t even know her name, plus even she doesn’t know mine right?’ He thought.

‘Well, I at least have my books.’

Without even himself not knowing that whether he is being optimistic or just being sore pessimistic about that, while thinking of such things, Kishimine finally left the library.



Part 2

The next day. The new students who came from the Middle School division and the transferred students like Kishimine and others were gathered together inside the Auditorium.

“Today we’re going to introduce you all with the clubs of this school.”

The teacher on the stage announced with a mike in front of her. The event which is happening right now; is not that really rare in schools at this month of April— in other words it was the Clubs Introduction Reception or Event.

Naturally, To Kishimine, who had no intention at all to join a club, it was a trivial event, and thus he was thinking useless things like ‘The schools having auditorium sure are amazing aren’t they……?’

In his previous school, during the time of such gatherings, the place decided was always being the gymnasium and, it was usual for the students to sit on the cold floor. But as one could expect of an ojou-sama girls school, it doesn’t seem that they will be letting their student sit on the floor.

Even while he was thinking things like that, the teacher was still continuing her addressing.

Our school is popular in its sports and cultural activities, and so on. The club activities that happen in your high school life will probably become a precious memory of your life, and so on.

“Good Grief, every school sure has one or two teachers who likes to talk long aren’t they?”

Kusakabe was yawning near Kishimine, but it couldn’t’ve helped. Rather, the girls who seem to be fine hearing this long speech—or possibly ignoring it—were amazing. In the middle school division of the school, they seems to be taught etiquettes thoroughly, maybe it’s the result of that training.

“As our Principal also said earlier in the school entrance ceremony, that our school grants independence to its students. So there, I decided to leave the progression of the reception to one of the student. Tendou-san, I leave the rest to you.”

Finally that teacher finished her speech. And another girl came up on the stage replacing the teacher.

Suddenly, at that moment, the students who were quiet from a while back stirred up in a commotion.

“Kya, It’s the School President, Tendou-san!”

“No matter when you look at her she is really beautiful isn’t she……?”

Just like rooting for their favourite idol, the voices rose here and there, made Kishimine dumbfounded.

It was rare to see girls whispering in secret in this school but, it was first time after birth that he saw a scene where girls were cheering for another girl.

But it was not that he didn’t able to understand the reason behind the girls getting excited and all.

As the female student who appeared on the platform looked, beautiful from even this far back. Her hair was extremely glossy, black in color and waved like a willow with every step she made. Her hands and legs were slender and well proportioned. Her each and every movement looked dignifyingly beautiful like that of a model.

‘Ah, huh?’

Kishimine felt a Déjà vu.

He recognised her.

“Hello everyone. Did you get used to the school yet?”

Her dignified voice resounded. Without betraying the impression of the appearance it was a beautiful and prideful voice.

“Today I will introduce you to the clubs of our school. Using this today’s Reception as a stage, please find the thing you want to do”


He finally realised. She was the one who approached him yesterday in the library. Isn’t that the same girl who declared that she was from the student council, right now standing on the stage?

‘I heard that she was from the student council but, to think that she was the President of herself……?!’

“Oi, do you know?”

Kusakabe who was yawning from boredom just a while ago, approached him while breathing heavily with excitement.

“She is this school’s Student Council President, Tendou Shinobu from the 3-D.”


That’s the name of the girl. Kishimine, who was bad at even learning the names of his classmate, somehow felt that he will at least be able to remember her name.

“Attractive face and figure, good academic ability and excellent moral conduct, without any spec of defect in her, she is a Perfect Ojou-sama. Her popularity among girls also seems to be quite high.”

‘Even I can understand that somehow. If that dignified beauty, with that dignified speech and conduct was to be pop-upped among the girls, they obviously will get attracted to her.’ He answered in his head

“……Even so, how do you know that much about her?”

Somehow as I spurted the question right out of my mind into words, Kusakabe, together with his refreshing smile thumbs upped at me.

“Four days is enough to get my hands on the details about the important girls of this school. You too can contact me anytime if you want the telephone no of a girl you know?”

“…… Just how in the living hell you were able to get your hands on that sort highly classified personal information in such a short amount of time.”

“Well, it’s a trade-secret of the Kusakabe Household.”

Quite proudly, he raised his thumb again.

“Well then, I will introduce you all to our Izunomiya Academy’s clubs. The first one to give their introduction is Soft-ball Club.”

While they were talking the, Student President’s greetings finally got finished, and then replacing her, the girls came inside the gymnasium wearing the white uniform while holding their gloves and bats.

“Good day, everyone. We are from the Soft-Ball Club. So everyone from here, do you also want to release your sweat together with us?”

Things like this, too could be said of the standards of an Ojou-sama girl’s school, and then the detail of the club was introduced.

In the middle school of Kishimine, a play with a bad fellow suddenly barging in and occupying the bat’s and racket’s and repelling others with a sarcastic laugh of his unfolded but, something like that of course won’t be happening here huh?. And so the boring time continued for the Kishimine, who had no intention of joining any clubs from start.

Tennis Club, Literature Club and Tea Ceremony Club……. the varieties of the club here were normal yet again, similar to that of a normal high school.

“Hmm, the traditional clothes of the tea ceremony club were quite good, but as expected the Swimming club didn’t came dressed in a swimsuit huh? Which means that to see that, one should have to go on the tour, huh……?”

As per usual Kusakabe, was just saying things which if heard will draw the girls away.

But, as the next the one to enter were from rhythmic sports gymnastics in their leotard dress maybe it’s because of that particular reason, he started breathing heavily from his nose due to excitement again, which made him feel like he chose the wrong place just by standing near him.

“I wonder if I should just go and join the rhythmic gymnastics after all?!”

He said it with a tone which is hard to tell whether he was joking or not.

“I beg you atleast just don’t do something which will make you get expelled. If I end up being the only boy in the class, I for sure will feel sorry for myself.”

“You are worrying for nothing. Don’t worry I don’t have any intention to do anything without getting the approval from the other party.”

Do what exactly? He didn’t had the energy to ask that.

“……Then at last, the Introductions from the Modern Game Club.”

Then there, working as a host for the event, School President Tendou-san, announced the name of a strange club

“Modern……Game Club?”

It didn’t suited the Ojou-sama School at all, Plus, the name itself was like that from a variety show or something.

At the same time, he started to notice a subtle change in the dignified voice and the manner of the Student President Tendou-san.

In some aspects she looked kinda restless. As if, she was concerned about something.

Immediately following that, commotion started to occur inside the auditorium.

He soon understood the reason. The club introductions so far were conducted only by the girls. But the commotion occurred because this time a guy appeared.

Plus, no matter from where you look at him, he was not a student from any angle. And he was not wearing the uniform, but a white lab coat as well. He seemed to be the teacher of either Physics or Biology

“I- I wonder why the teacher has come……?”

A bit tall in height, features also looked kinda adult like. By no means his shoulders were buffed up but, how to say it, he looked kinda intellectual plus, his each action felt powerful. To even make him think that the expression “with an imposing air” was meant just for this teacher.

“To all the ladies of the first year, Congratulation on your enrolment! And while I’m at it, to all the Transferred Gentlemen as well! We welcome you all! First of all I will take the time and introduce myself. I am the advisor for the Modern Game club, and the Physics teacher Sena-sensei Akio!”

It was an adult like voice, just like his appearance, a meaningless strong and rough voice.

“Modern Game Club. One can’t even tell exactly what our club is with just the name. Not to mention, our club was established just 6 months ago so it has no history as well, the official member too is just 1 person! As a matter of fact, it’s in a condition where it’s not even officially recognised as a club yet. Its existence itself is just like a miracle! But even after saying that, I don’t even have any intention of explaining of what sort of activities our club do to all the people here gathered in this place right now. Because, what we crave for, are not just any club members! But what we really want, are the one are the one’s with the same heart as us…….in other words a comrade! If there is someone with the same set of heart as mine in this place, then without holding back I want you to visit and see our Club’s Audio-Visual Prep-Room. I repeat, I won’t give explanation about our club. But, I will just leave these words as a present to you all!”

It was just too much of an absurd explanation to get. It was completely different from the girls who gave introduction about their clubs quietly with appeal. Maybe it’s because of that reason, Kishimine and the others students reflexively paid attention to it. Or possibly, they were just were overwhelmed by him.

After the speech that teacher, made a round at the silenced students who were sitting in a line. Just like an advocate appealing of innocence in front of a jury, just what he will say next, for that Kishimine and the others just waited holding their breath for his next words.

And then, after taking a long breath, Sena-sensei finally said.

““Everyone here! Don’t you want to try marrying a Seiyuu [2-A]!?”

…….the atmosphere of the auditorium of that moment was not something which could be explained with just a single word.

Dumbfounded, Confused, Surprised—-with these countless emotions the auditorium got occupied with both silence and commotion.

“Seiyuu? Seiyuu are the people who dub the movies and give their voice to an Anime character and stuff right?”

“So, what’s the relation between the club activities and the marriage?”

Naturally Kishimine too, and even the female students got surrounded by a non-understandable disorder.

What’s more, the one which made the disorder into more absurd situation was the moment right after that.

Don’t you want to try marrying a Seiyuu?….. who said that with a composed face, the teacher Sena-sensei was,

“I told you to not say it before didn’t I?!”


Together with the strange voice, sent flying.

With the Drop Kick.

Replacing the teacher after sending him flying with a kick, was the Student Council President Tendou-san.

To be able to comprehend what really happened there required a bit of time. No one could’ve believed it, as what that neat and clean, dignified Student President just performed was none other than a Pro-Wrestling Technique. The student council president drop-kicked, and sent the advisor of Modern Game Club flying after shouting some certain words, stole the mike and the place. Her skirt was just above the knees, which can’t be said long.

“Shit, I didn’t able see it clearly……”

Kusakabe who was near him dumbfounded, muttered slowly. But he didn’t had energy to question him of what he exactly missed.

“Sorry about that. Sena-sensei is a very splendid teacher but, he has a little mental illness. So please don’t mind it too much.”

In front of the students who were already dumbfounded, President Tendou said that. Pretending as if something like that really never happened and not even trying to clean her dirty clothes.

“As a club president I will give you all the explanation. Naturally, even Sena-sensei didn’t said anything incorrect. What our club needs are not just club members but, an existence which one can depend to, and fight along us with trust, basically a comrade. I too won’t drag my talk for long, and will just say the main gist of it!”

Kishimine and the other First years were once again dumbfounded.

“D-Did she just said, Club President……?”

The Sena-sensei who was made to leave, certainly did said that they have only 1 member.

Then that means the all aspiring President Tendou is that member, moreover the club president?

The Tendou-senpai who is said to have such a high moral conduct, why is she in such a club where that Strange Teacher is acting as an advisor? And, what did she mean by when she said that she wants a comrade than just a member?

In the midst of getting looked by the dumbfounded students, Tendou started speaking.

“I am not interested in just any freshmen, but if someone in here can clear the Spelunker [2-B] – Famicom [2-C] Edition then come to the audio-visual prep-room after school. That’s it.”

And, after saying that she left the place by dragging the body of Sena-sensei from collar that was lying on the corner of the stage.

Immediately after that the auditorium suddenly got surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere.

“Famicom, isn’t that an old gaming console?”

“I wonder if Spelunker is some sort of game. I think I’ve heard of that name somewhere though……”

“How should I put it, didn’t she was like Haruhi [2-D] just now?”

The girls started exchanging words with each other unanimously. It seemed like they had something in their mind to talk about but, it was not the case for Kishimine.

“……… S-She is really a puzzle isn’t she? Even though she is really beautiful…….”

Kusakabe too, muttered disappointedly.

“There sure are eccentric ones in every school aren’t they?”

Kishimine too, didn’t able to think other than something of that level. To the end it’s someone else’s problem. Something which has nothing to do with him——- he was thinking like that. Or at least till that time.

Reference Words :-

[2-A]Seiyuu – Seiyuu refers to the voice actors/actress in Japan. For more more information, Just GOOGLE it.

[2-B]Spelunker – is a 1983 video game developed by Tim Martin and MicroGraphicImage. It is a platform game similar to Pitfall! or Curse of Ra. For more information, Just GOOGLE it.

[2-C]Famikon – The Nintendo Entertainment System (also abbreviated as NES) is an 8-bit home video game console that was developed and manufactured by Nintendo. It was initially released in Japan as the Family Computer (ファミリーコンピュータ Famirī Konpyūta) (also known as the Famicom (ファミコン Famikon) and abbreviated as FC) on July 15, 1983. For more information, Just GOOGLE it.

[2-D]Haruhi – is a reference to the Haruhi from the Anime Series. Just watch the Episode 1 of 1st Season and you’ll know it.

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