EP.6 – First JGBC


Part 1



Kishimine while swaying inside the train after a long time was hearing the odd in-car announcement.

“The Doors will close now. Next is—, Shinaga—. Shinaga—”

As he was always stayed inside his town, he rarely used the train. Its maybe because of that being the reason, he couldn’t get used to this in-car announcement of the train which was headed to the city.

He was headed for the Shinagawa for now, and from there he was plan on boarding the Yamanote Line [6-A].

For Kishimine, Akihabara was an unknown place. But still he knew how much that city was famous. It’s a leading edge of the Japanese Sub-Culture, and has an uncountable number of Anime, Games and Manga shops in it. And, it’s also said to be a city that is profiting quite a lot after the distribution of the Culture promotion tickets. For the Gaming tournament which was organised every week, it was definitely an appropriate place as the venue.

Soon after that, even from the inside of the train the Akihabara started to appear. Its prosperity was quite obvious. As beautiful buildings that had big banners suspended one after another. And there were People, People, People everywhere. It was filled with humans just everywhere. For Kishimine who was bad with crowd, it was a scene that made him flinch a bit.

“Ah, that building, huh……?”

Quite fortunately he was able to identify the destination building even from the train. Akihabara was filled with tall buildings all around but, it was the building which was taller than all of ‘em.

Leaving the station, he faced in the direction he saw that building in and started walking towards it. However, after watching a certain sight, he automatically froze at the place.

‘I—it’s a Maid. There’s a real Maid here……’

He couldn’t help but getting surprised to that spectacle.

From News and Newspaper etc., he knew very well that Akihabara’s speciality is Maids. But, spectacle of Maids distributing the leaflets on the roadside everywhere really, felt unreal to him. But then, that didn’t draw that much interest of his. Maid dress and the girl cosplaying both were cute but, he was watching the exceptionally beautiful girls in the school uniform for quite some time in that school of his. Though if Tendou and Niitani was to wear Maid uniform such as those, then he won’t be able to remain calm at all.

“So this is Akihabara, huh……?”

Just what kind of game tournament it’s gonna be if it’s getting organised here? He couldn’t able to imagine it all the more.


Part 2

“This is bad…… I am almost late.”

Maybe it was because of the reason it took time to proceed in between this absurd number of people that, when he finally reached the building, he just barely arrived on time.

The meeting place was supposed to be outside of the building but, there were several number of people already outside of it. ‘Will I really be able to find Tendou-san and Sena-sensei in this crowd?’ –—like that Kishimine was worrying but, fortunately it ended up in vain.

“Why did you come in your casual clothes?”

Due to the sudden reprimanded comment from the Tendou.

As he turned his head into the direction of voice, Tendou and Sena-sensei were there. Due to some unknown reasons, Tendou was in the school uniform, and Sena-sensei too was in his usual white lab coat outfit. Perhaps I will be able to see the Tendou’s casual clothes figure—the expectations he held in secret was crushed in a second.

“I—I am sorry, was coming in the casuals was a bad choice?”

Despite getting happy of able to meet up with them, he apologized immediately.

“Obviously!! We’re gonna participate as a club here you know? So even if it’s outside of the school, you should’ve come in the school uniform.”

“Well isn’t it fine, Tendou-kun?” said Sena-sensei reprovingly. “As it’s also our fault for not telling him beforehand and in the first place weren’t you shopping just a while ago? If you’re gonna consider this as a part of our club activities then, dropping your way in just to do shopping is not something admirable as well you know?!”

In a moment, Tendou’s face blushed. While holding her arms, she huffed and averted her eyes.

“T—to do shopping with Culture Promotion tickets is an economical promotion approved by the country itself, so there is no problem with that!”

She raised another strange theory.

He couldn’t help and then guess on the sole possibility of her getting embarrassed like that. Quite expectedly, in this city which is the centre of Sub-Culture, she must’ve been buying games and other stuff.

“W—well for not telling you to come wearing the uniform in advance was certainly my miss. But in any case, make sure to be cautious next time.”

“Yes, I’ll be careful.”

‘If it’s a part of club activities then wear school uniform. It was definitely something diligent like Tendou.’

It’s just he thought that it was quite troubling in itself.

There were quite a number of men in Akihabara. Of course there were figures of women as well but, in majority there were just men.

And what Tendou was wearing was the Ojou-sama school’s brand uniform. On top of it, Tendou was beautiful like an angel. And thus the result of the mixture of those 2 components,

‘We’re standing out! We’re standing out a lot you know?!’

From a while now, the passing by people, were taking glances at Tendou. And if it’s not for Sena-sensei who was giving of a weird aura from him while wearing the white robe besides her, then he was quite sure that she should’ve gotten hit-on.

‘Although, even if she were to wear casual clothes instead, then that would’ve in itself gathered more attention. If she get to involved into a guy or in a quarrel with someone because of a hit-on or something then, at that moment I should really protect her’— like that, he got busy piling up various delusions.



Quite surprising the, event hall was inside the building, and that too after using the escalator was on the 2nd floor.


That hall, which was using the entire one floor of the whole building, was wide enough to even play a game of baseball. There was a stage at the front of the event hall, and on top of it was a giant T.V. monitor, as they reached the inside of the hall they saw around 50 gaming consoles and T.V. here and there.

As they were entered the area just before the staring time, there were already quite a lot of participants gathered there. It’s just, as the game today was meant for the adults; the majority of them there were older men. And because of that the existence of Tendou who was wearing the clothes of an all-girls school was quite prominent.

“It sure is on an amazing scale. To think that this kind of tournament is organised in every nook and corner of the country……”

“Well, Akihabara enters in a unique class after all” Tendou said proudly, as if talking about herself. “Though if a tournament is organised on the scale of a small shop then, the participants are limited to few dozen, and cases like being organizing it with just 1 T.V. are also not that rare.”

“Heh……., as expected from the world famous Akihabara.”

“In any case, why don’t we just head to the Reception Desk for now?”— on the Sena-sensei proposal, they headed to the desk which was on the corner of the hall.

After following the long line, he bought something like a JGBC Member’s Card for 500円. It’s a card which had the ID No. and his Name in it. If he continued winning in the JGBC then, in this card, points will be added, and someday he with that he could also take part in the finals of the JGBC. It was kinda unexpected for him that he had to pay for it to get it but, as he told that it’s for the next whole year then it didn’t quite bothered him.

It’s just, aside from the Card fees, as he was even made to pay 500円 for the entrance fees for today’s tournament; he was feeling a bit little down.

“B—By any chance with each time participating in the tournament you’ll have to pay the fees?”

“There are times when it’s free as well but, most of the time Yes, they take money alright!! Well it can’t be helped is it? As the construction fees of the event and the equipment’s rental fees plus personnel expenses, nothing is cheap in this world! Also, isn’t 500円 cheap if you are allowed to play for the entire day with it?”


Certainly it might be exactly the case but, as a normal high school student he was worried about his financial standings.

“Which reminds me, what’s your Participation Number?”

To the Tendou’s question, he looked at the Participation Badge which he got at the time when he was filling the form.

“Umm…… It’s 501.”

“Hmm, I am right on 500. What about Sena-sensei?”

“499. Hmm, with this we might be grouped separately from Kishimine-kun!”

“Eh? What do you mean by separately? Today we came for Individual tournament, right?”

“There are a lot of participant’s right? That’s why in these cases blocks are made like from 1-100 or 101-150 and then the battle between the blocks take place.”


This means, that in both cases, he’ll have to battle in a completely different block than Tendou and Sena-sensei.

“W—will I really be alright? I mean like being alone like that……”

“Wh—at, It’s because it’s individual tournament, isn’t it in fact better that we will be able to play without having to fight with each other?!”

“Well now that you mention it, it sure is.”

“At any rate, it’s fine even if you were to lose today, rather just think of it as having a good experience!”

“I won’t ask for you to lose beforehand but……well, it will be a good chance for you to get used to the atmosphere. Well then, as it’s almost time. Let’s head towards the hall.”

Finishing their talk the three of them together then head towards the stage. Due to quite a crowd it wasn’t quite visible from behind but, still the enthusiasm was transmitted even to the back.

“Sorry for making you wait everyone.”

From the speaker, the sound of a cute girl suddenly started to come. And simultaneously, the hall which was noisy a while ago suddenly became quiet.

“The 87th JGBC Akihabara tournament! Will now commence!!”

The hall then wrapped around with the cheers.

Those cheers were just like the shouts of the 1000 men together, it was only for a second but, the air itself trembled.

And from that moment, Kishimine started to feel his heartbeat getting faster from each passing time.

‘It’s finally starting.’

The JGBC which is said to be the ruthless battle of more than a million gamers. Even though it’s just for testing his skill with them, he will finally take his first step and will start from here on.

It was not that much, but he couldn’t able to remain calm.

On the surroundings, as if not able control their excitement, the large amounts of participants while cheering started heading towards the stage. And due to some unknown reason in between them Sena-sensei was also included, with while putting his hands around his mouth was shouting something from the middle.

However, nothing reached to the ears of Kishimine. As if something weird happened to his ears, he couldn’t hear anything but just a [Kin] vibration like sound.

Kishimine never had any experience with competing with someone beforehand. And because of that he lost completely to the fighting spirit of all the participants in the surrounding.

Plus, thinking that if he didn’t achieve splendid result here then, how much disappointment will he cause to Tendou and Sena-sensei who expected that much from him.

His thoughts on his own started to flow negatively. Maybe it’s because of that, the lack of harmony in his body started to get stronger. His heartbeat pulsated even fast, and even his hands strangely started to shake a little. Even though it was supposed to be not that hot or cold, strangely his whole body started to release cold sweat.


Getting worse he slowly started to even having trouble in breathing. And even his vision started to hazily get wrapped in black, to an extent that he even forgot where he was actually standing at the moment.


“Calm down, Kishimine-kun”

There, at that moment. Someone placed the small hand on his shoulder.

As he turned his head, the usual composed and dignified Tendou’s face was there.

“It might be all in haste but you diligently practiced. And we all recognized those skills of yours. The rest left is to do what you can do.”

Maybe it was to give him a piece of mind, her face was unusually gentle. As he saw that beautiful face of hers, the lack of harmony in his body just a while ago unbelievably vanished somewhere.

“Y—Yes. I am sorry.”

‘I am just keep getting relied on her haven’t I?’, he almost laughed bitterly.


There was that situation with Kishimine as well.

But at that moment somewhat of an uproar was occurring on the corners of the even hall as well, which obviously he failed to notice.


Part 3

On the corner of the event hall there was a single young man.

He was tall, somewhere around 180cm and his figure too was quite proportioned like a model.

He was a centre of gaze of all the people who were around in his surroundings.

Even though it’s already spring, yet he was wearing a full black coat with sunglasses, that fashion was something like which can cause everyone to laugh if he had to take one step wrong, and certainly being that the reason he was getting a lot of attention.

But that was not all of it. The attention was not at all because of his attire but because of his peculiar atmosphere as well.

The surrounding participants of JGBC were, either nervous, or getting overly excited, and while holding these complex expressions were looking forward their match.

But in all of them, he alone was calm and composed. Infact you could say that he was overly composed. It’s as if he was already confident about the result of today’s tournament matches.

“Oi, that guy…… haven’t you seen him somewhere before?”

“That’s right, that Black Coat! If I remember it correct, was of The First Gen-Champion……right?”

The surroundings stir, all the more entered into the ears.

“It’s sure been a while, this atmosphere too……”

The young man said to himself while correcting his sunglasses.

The thing which was coming at him was either respect, or plain hostility. But as it was him who stood on top of the 1 million gamers, he held quite an experience with this kind of atmosphere.


Like that at that moment. Maybe from one of the participants, a girl approached him.

“Are you perhaps, <<Night Magician>>-san!?”

“Aah. It’s really been a while getting called with that name.”

A bright smile appeared suddenly on the girl.

“I was a huge fan of yours! If possible can I shake hands with you?”

“It would be my pleasure”

As he grabbed the hand which was stretched towards him, in an instant her face became flushed red.

“I am deeply moved to be able to meet you at a place like this! I’ve heard about the rumours of you retiring but……”

“Who knows…… Even I myself am puzzled on what to do or not but, for the time being this year too for once more I wanted to taste this atmosphere.”

“Please do your best! I’ll be rooting for you!”

“Thank You. You too”

As that young man smiled, he left that place calmly.

But maybe it’s because he dealt someone from the participants, the other gamers from the surroundings couldn’t able to ignore him anymore.

And threw questions one after another at him like, haven’t you retired already? Why have you decided to participate today of all times? Get away from my sight you bastard, and so on.

“I am sorry but, as the tournament has already started. In order to not bother the other participants, I’ll excuse myself.”

After saying that he passed through the crowd with the quick pace looking for a corner of the hall which still had a lot less people.

And quite luckily, there were no one who intended to talk with him after going as far as to pursue him. And that too was quite obvious, as they too were waiting for their own matches, and they don’t had any spare time to be wasting it on someone else.

“Wait a second there!”

However, there was someone there who approached him for some reason.

Moreover, that was a voice that young man was quite acquainted to. As he involuntarily turned back, he saw a little girl glaring at him while her arms folded up.

“Oh? That sure surprised me!”

“What? Are you saying that it’s strange for me to come here?”

Somewhat stinging, and a voice which held a strong sprit of rivalry came back at him.

However, the voice itself was very childish, and the owner of that voice too was yet small.

The height was that to make her look like an elementary school student, the hands and legs were also small like a small animal. However, due to her small height it didn’t stood out that much but, the area around her breast alone was extraordinary big. Her look was delicate and cute just like some western doll but, from her big eyes, her naturally strong wiliness can be felt. Plus, maybe as she had a blood of a foreigner in her, her hair was beautiful golden coloured and her skin too was surprisingly white. If it’s not for that strong-willed impression of hers, she must’ve surely looked like a doll.

There were large amount of men in the tournament, and again in this special land of Akihabara, there sure were several of men to whom she was the perfect type but, there was no mistaking it that there would’ve been no one who dared to even approach her.

It’s because the little girl had quite a shark looking eyes, plus it looked a little unpleasant just by looking at them. She sure had an appearance of an Elementary schooler but, she had a calm intensity in her, which even allowed herself to even calmly approach an adult man without any hesitation.

However, <<Night Magician>> knew that she, who looked nothing more like an elementary school kid was, in real 17 years old girl.

“I too myself didn’t thought that I will be able to meet you at a place like this, <<Mysterious Pixie>>

“What a coincidence indeed, Gondawara Shigeo.”



Then a sudden silence fell between those two.

Staying like that for a little time, the one who pulled a wry face was the <<Night Magician>> a.k.a Gondawara Shigeo.

“……I told you to not call me with that name right? My name is <<Night Magician>>, nothing more and nothing less than that.”

“You’re were the one who called me with that weird name first didn’t you?! In the first place, you’re already retired right?! So just how long do you plan on calling yourself with that name like a brat?!”

“Well isn’t it fine being called as <<Night Magician>> like that, plus it’s also cool name right? Though I think that <<Mysterious Pixie>> fit’s quite a lot on you as well.”

“It’s none of your business!”

“Good grief……”

Gondawara took a deep sigh. He acknowledged her skills. As she too was a comrade, you left half of her into that world.

‘Even though it’s like that then why we, who voluntarily chose to live inside games, are bound with the real world’s names. I don’t get it at all’, he confusingly asked himself.

“Well fine, In any case let’s be happy that we got to see each other at a place like this. And aside IRL, it’s been around 2 years since we’ve met …… right? Although, your appearance hasn’t change since tha——Gufuu”

The reason for such a strange sound to come out was because he was hit mercilessly by her in the stomach.

“Did you perhaps say something? In 2 years I’ve also grown, it was something like that right?”

“E—exactly, my bad”

He remembered that she had a complex about her height. ‘The thing which only changed in these 2 years is just, the size of her breasts’—if he said something like that to her, then joking aside, he’ll be found sinking in the Tokyo bay after a few minutes.

“Even so, when did you come to Japan? It’s again due to a trip or something?”

“Around 2 months ago I guess. And this it’s due to parental circumstances. It suddenly got decided that I’ll be staying in Japan for a while.”

“I see. I don’t plan on listening the complicated reasons but, I personally feel happy that it has become like this. But, huh? Wait a second, if I remember it correct wasn’t today’s GearWar was restricted to only 18 years old?”

The little girl sharply looked at Gondawara.

“Yes that’s right! Even though I even went as far to bring my controller together with me to see the skill of Japanese gamers but still, to think that I was made to stop at the reception desk like that. Really, what is going on in Japan?! Even though it was alright for me to play this game in America!”

“I see, if I remember it right, its R17 there right? Well it can’t be helped then, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, they do say that right?!”

“Ha…… I didn’t think twice that I will be end up anxiously waiting for my birthday like that. Well in any case, as the situation has become like this, I will allow myself to spectate your play to my heart’s content. Cause if it’s not for that at least, then my coming all the way to here will end up in a vain.”

“I see. If too are gonna end up as a spectator then, I think that I will also put somewhat of an effort in it.”

It was at that moment.

“Participant Number 535! Please gather at the 8th Block! The first qualifiers are going to start soon!”

<<Night Magician>> looked at the badge on his hand; the number written on it was 535.

“Oh my, it looks like it’s suddenly my turn.”

“Thank goodness then, cause waiting any more than this gonna kill me from boredom. Okay then get moving quickly then.”

“Very well then. It’s the duty of the First-Gen Champion to excite the gallery after all. Though to be honest, I wanted to take part in a pair with you, cause if it’s the pair of Magician and Pixie, then the compatibility would be extraordinary don’t you think?”

“Go ahead and lose horribly for all I care, Cause I refuse on the idea of forming a team with you.”

“Oh my……it looks like Pixie is not in a good mood today.”

“I always think this but, you sure can say such embarrassing words openly like that don’t you?”

“Of course I can’t, that’s why I am always hiding my face with these sunglasses.”


The little girl couldn’t able to say anything after that.



At that moment Kishimine and others too were, waiting for their turn in one of the corner of the halls.

“I wonder what’s happening…… as It’s quite noisy there.”

“Ah that? It seems like <<Night Magician>> is here today.”

To the Tendou’s nonchalant reply, so many Tsukkomi’s could’ve made.

“Eh? W—who was it again?”

“I see, you don’t know him, huh? <<Night Magician>> you see, is the JGBC’s Individual tournament’s First-Gen Champion.”

“……I see.”

‘If he is called champion then he must be strong. I see, I can sure understand the reason of getting so noisy there all of a sudden. But, what’s with that term of Night Magician?’ he couldn’t help but getting curious about it.

“I see. So he is here huh……?”

Quite unexpectedly, Sena-sensei muttered in somewhat of a serious way.

“Sensei, do you know him?”

“? Aah, well somewhat. In any case, he’s a champion who left quite a lot of legends. And truly not shaming that name of his with his overwhelming skills destroyed countless number of the players in the tournaments.”

“Heh……. Then I sure don’t want to fight someone like him in my block right of the bat. But still, “Night Magician” is quite a terrible name isn’t it……? And don’t you think it’s a little embarrassing as well?”

However to his question, the both of them didn’t approved even a bit.

“What the hell are saying? Rather if you are a gamer then you should have a second name like that. As there is no particular need to be tied up with your real name even in the world of games.”

“In short, it’s fine as long as you’re not beaten by someone who has a second name! It’s alright as it’s a practice match for now but, if we’re going to genuinely take part at the Team battle’s then, you should come up with some sort of a new name for yourself as well!”


On a thing one should be shocked on, it’s like he was the strange one for thinking like that. It looks like in the JGBC industry there is this kind of custom.

Then, at that moment, from a little distance he heard the voice of the officials.

“The Person with Number 501 is here!? If yet, then please gather at the 8th block here! The first qualifiers are going to start soon—!”

“501……? Ah, it’s me!”

He felt that his heart froze at that moment.

“Go now!”

The one, who pushed his back from behind when he was faltering, was as expected Tendou.

“You can’t chicken out coming all the way to here you know?! Just don’t think something like; it’s just a practice session today. And just give your best”

“Y—Yes! I don’t know how far I can make but, I will try my best!”

He then headed towards the officials with the quick pace.

As it seemed that he was the last one to arrive, he while apologizing with a small voice stood in front of the 4th machine slot which was empty. Because of the division in middle it was not that visible but, similarly on the other side too there should be four participants lined up in front of the machine.

“Well then as all the 8 participants have finally gathered, we’ll start the first qualifiers of the 8th block. Everyone please finish doing the settings change from the option configuration.”

‘I—it’s finally the moment.’

Maybe it’s because of the nervousness, his heart started to beat fast again but, after remembering the words of Tendou from before, he somehow managed to calm down himself.

“The Game mode is something named “War Zone”. It’s one of the most popular game modes from the Multi-Player of the game”—was the Sena-sensei’s explanation.

The setting was that the teams will be divided into the 2 teams of humans and Locusts and will fight with each other in the 4 vs 4 stage, and will aim for the total destruction of the enemy team. And that too will be divided into the rounds of 5.

He was feeling a little weird playing the Team Death match in the individual tournaments but, in this case, the team’s win is not that relevant. But whoever kills the most people wins the round. In short Kill score will decide everything and the one to hold the most of the kills at the end will decide the winner.

The participants who were left and right of him are just temporary in the team. So he just didn’t want to do something weird, and pull them down.

“Well then, Please start!”

With the official’s voice, finally the 1st round began.

Finally he took his first step in JGBC; he no longer had any spare time to be worrying. Kishimine took a deep breath, and then looked at the screen.

Stage of the battle was, “The Broken Mansion”. Although it’s called that, one can even get outside in the courtyard, so it seems it was both indoor and outdoor battle.


Maybe it’s the name used in this game, he moved his character which was displayed as “PC1”.

The allies named “PC2”, “PC3” and “PC4” were already started moving. While continuously dashing and rolling, they were continuing in the shadows of the shelter and moving with the flow.

Undauntedly Kishimine also proceeded. It’s because of him that it would be wise to stay with his team with as many numbers as possible as it’s the Team battle tournament.

Eventually, sporadic sounds of the gunshot started. That was because they encountered one of the Locust who was in the small garden right outside of the mansion.

The nervousness started to run in his hands.

‘It’s alright, didn’t I am told so many times before that I have a good talent in this?’

The controls are already remembered by his body, what else necessary was the self-confidence of him getting assured of his talents.

Suddenly, at that moment.

From the shades of the wall, one of the Locust from the enemy team suddenly jumped in.

He just jumped in alone in front of four people. From the looks of it he looked like a prey. And Kishimine and others human team, as if prearranged from before simultaneously sent a rain of bullets at him.


But the result was something no one imagined.

Instead of the enemy one of the allies got burst down and scattered.

The Locusts which came suddenly like that, with swiftness which can’t even be followed with the eyes rolled forward and sideways while doing precise actions avoided the countless number of bullets that approached him— and then shot one of his allies at the point blank range. And for that too he must’ve used the Shotgun.


One of the ally who was near him then suddenly screamed.


Kishimine and the others as if covered in the fear started to shoot at him.

However, that lone enemy Locust, as If using some kind of magic or something moved swiftly and evaded all of the gunshots fired at him, and even counterattacked with his shotgun.

And one after another,

Before he could even realise, everyone except him was blown to nothing and now what remained was their dead bodies alone.


Involuntarily he screamed in a loud voice.

‘Strong. This person is absurdly strong. He’s not someone to whom I can match at all.’

Kishimine, for the time being decided to run away, gave the character the command to retreat. And for the time being, decided to hide behind the back of one of the shelter. He was thinking of the opponent to come at him while hiding there.

But—it ended up being as an insignificant act after all.

As if knowing beforehand that he will take refuge there.

A Locust while holding the shotgun was already there waiting for him.

Immediate following.

The “PC1” which was controlled by Kishimine, scattered and dispersed.



And like that <<Night Magician>> a.k.a Gondawara even after finishing the 1st Round that easily, didn’t stopped his overwhelming force, even in the 2nd Round. The character “PC5” which he controlled without any wait jumped again into the middle of the enemy out of nowhere, and continued to turn the humans into the lump of meat with his shotgun fire from the point blank range.

And shortly after that, a message displayed of the closing of 2nd Round.

“Hmm, those moves, they are beginners alright……I wonder if I should go easy on them a little?”

At around that time, the Gondawara already started showing sympathy because of the weakness of enemy team.

For the beginners, to grant a chance for practice. That was the style of the gamer that succeeded the golden age of hand to combat games.

“No, that sure was stupid of me. It maybe be possible while playing games in Game Centre but isn’t it’s called manners to crush the opponent with what you’ve got in JGBC?”

Regretting like that he corrected his sunglasses.

Maybe it’s because someone saw him talking to himself like that, he finally noticed that one of the participants sitting in the machine next to him was looking at him quite startled.

However, that could be said the discipline of that level of his. In any kind of situation, if he got bothered by the actions of the some unknown person, then he wouldn’t be standing at the summit right now.

While that was happening, the third round too ended easily like that.

At that moment, “PC5” which was controlled by Gondawara was at the top with 11 Kill Score. On the other hand he had 0 deaths. If one to imagine that he killed 4 enemies in every round, then it was almost a perfect game for him. Though his allies got killed many times but that too was none of his business at all.

“Good grief. With this I might end up disappointing the <<Mysterious Pixie>>.

‘If it continues to be overwhelming like this, then I won’t be able to excite the gallery at all won’t I? Even if only enemy team had someone like a <<Mysterious Pixie>> in it then, then it would’ve gotten a little more interesting though……’

And eventually the 4th Round started.

He didn’t know what kind of expressions the opposing team that was sitting on the other side were making but, he could tell that their fighting spirit from earlier had already vanquished. As that could be clearly be told from their battle style. Their control and moves was all over the place.

It’s a thing which was quite common in players who gets defeated. Considering the given situation, the 2nd round was much better where they were thoughtlessly charging like fools and firing relentlessly without any coordination at all. Right now they completely admitting their defeat, were just wanted to get this over with as fast as possible. Particularly it’s because him being there, there were quite a people spectating the qualifiers. So the players too were not disgracing themselves because they feel like it.

So there as to show his benevolence towards them, Gondowara killed those 3 humans.

But, he just couldn’t find the last person at all, which stated that he was hiding inside of the mansion.

“So there still existed someone who didn’t lose his fighting spirit?”

Preparing for an ambush inside the mansion was definitely a good tactic. But, in the end it was just a meaningless struggle. As with just that kind of clever thinking one can’t beat the champion.

Gondawara, started to run around the inside of the mansion without even using meaningless action and with smooth movements. Those moves were so perfect and continuous that could one think that it won’t be possible for even the Special squad of the SWAT to perform them in real, he continuously, performing those Cover Action skills, quickly started to clear the building filled with obstacles.



“I—It will be fine here!”

There was a U-shaped narrow passage inside the mansion. Kishimine was hiding in the nook there and was waiting for the enemy to come at him.

It not a total dead end but, here he can mostly tell the direction from where the enemy will come from and as the place itself was quite distant from the enemy, he can evade safely as well. He thought that even a novice like will have an upper edge if he ambushed him here.

However, there was another completely different problem that was bugging Kishimine. Just waiting for an enemy who is so formidable and not knowing when he will come, was much more stressful than he imagined it to be.

Both of his hands which were holding the controller and the index finger which was on “RT” button were shivering. That was maybe just because of the fatigue or could be because of plain fear as well.

Because the one he is facing right now is a formidable enemy who has such overwhelming skills. So no matter how had hard he planned his ambush, just a little amount of negligence will result into a quick death.

‘I can now quite understand the feelings of the characters from a zombie movie……!’

It was at that moment.

Finally from the shades of the passage, enemy showed up. That ugly looking Locust was truly like an enemy appearing in Zombie Movies.


Without a moment delay he pulled the trigger. The assault rifle’s bullet which he aimed was, without any mistake pierced the enemy.

Just as planned, his pre-emptive attack worked. But, the enemy immediately after getting hit, retreated to the nearby shelter.

“Damn it……!”

He was regretting the fact that he should’ve waited and pulled him more towards him before attacking but, it was already too late to be frustrated about that.

At any rate, it was certain that he did damaged him. And there’s no mistaking it that at this time, on the screen of enemy, the red skull which forecasted the death would be projecting.

But there Kishimine got puzzled on he should proceed now. It’s a place where he should pursue him and deal the final blow to him but if he leaves the shade of shelter and approach badly, then there is a high chance that their positions will be reversed. ‘So at this moment wouldn’t it be right to wait?’

Or possibly——as the enemy already knows his position. So leaving from here and waiting for an ambush at somewhere else might also be considered a right choice.

From these 3 choices, as Kishimine still didn’t had that much of an experience as a gamer, he was brooding on which one should he choose. And thus, that indecisiveness of his turned lethal against him.

From the shelter in which the enemy hid himself, something came flying at him.

After hitting the walls several times, what finally landed infront of Kishimine was,

“A G—grenade!?”

He tried to evade it by running in the opposite direction of the passage, but it was already too late.

Grenade exploded. Though somehow he managed to survive the instant death but still having said that, there was no doubt that with all those damage the his screen was occupied by the crimson skull.

And thus not missing the chance, the enemy also appeared. And this time without any hesitation he thrust in with a dash.


Panickly he pulled the trigger of his assault rifle. Maybe it was lucky of him to be in this small passage that, the bullet’s the enemy shot was blocked by shelter and the bullet’s he shot at him one by one penetrated his body.

But, that was not enough to bring him down. The enemy while taking continuous damage filled the gap quickly, and took out his favorite weapon—which was the Shotgun.

And pointed that gun at Kishimine, and the right at the moment the enemy pulled that trigger of his Shotgun, Kishimine felt as if everything he knew turned into slow motion.

The character named “PC1” which was controlled by Kishimine, who just took a live Grenade, didn’t had enough life force left in him to bear that one hit of the Shotgun. And thus once again he turned into a lump of meat.

“S—Something like……”

Only a moan was able to come out of him.

The enemy was overwhelming. And it’s was an overwhelming defeat.

In the 4th round too, he completely lost. The human team in which Kishimine was got toyed with just one enemy named “PC5”and continued to get killed.

“You say that this is the level of JGBC……?”

The computerized enemy are not even close to a comparison. Even though they were playing the same game in the same circumstances, the difference in competency is just too overwhelming.

His heart got filled with frustration and embarrassment.

‘I have the talent for games. Tendou and Sena-sensei said that. For me they even participated in the tournament, and even went as far to help me with the practice of GearWar.’

‘Even though they did much for me, just what’s with this sorry state of mine? Without even killing a single enemy, continuing to get humiliated like that and in the end getting killed like a dog.’

‘I just want to land one perfect blow to him.

Kishimine while biting his lips to a degree that blood rushed in it, tightened his grip on the controller.

“If only I had a stronger weapon……”

Even just a while ago too, he was able to deal somewhat of damage to the enemy. However, he now knew very well that with Assault rifle it’s just impossible to defeat his enemy. That’s why he desired the weapon with higher firepower. For example, something like a Shotgun which most of the players from the both team were using. He very well knew that in this stage there are various types of weapons and grenades lying here and there but, he didn’t knew the location of shotgun. As long as he get his hand on that, he might just be able to put-up a good fight with him.

And like that, the last 5th Round started.

Kishimine while taking a side glance at his 3 allies, who charged without thinking of the consequences, ran inside the mansion to search for a new weapon.

But soon after that both allies and enemies death notification appeared on his screen one after another. It looked like, his 3 allies in this final round to be able to give a final blow, killed their enemies one after another. And like that “PC6”, “PC7” and “PC8” died.

However—there was no sign of enemy of “PC5” going down. Quite on the contrary, his allies one after another got killed by him.

Before he could even realise, the one surviving in the human team was just Kishimine’s “PC1” alone.

But still, his search for the new weapon while sacrificing his allies as a scapegoat paid off.

“T—that’s it!”

It was quite regretting but he couldn’t able to find a Shotgun. However, he successfully found a weapon, which was by far, stronger than the normal Assault rifle.



<<Night Magician>> who already slaughtered the 3 of the enemies, was now searching for the remaining one.

“The one left is again “PC1” huh? Let’s see, did he again hid inside the mansion again or something?”

Even while thinking that it’s tedious, he continued his search for him.

But suddenly at that moment.


A single Gunshot resounded in the air, and at the same time the deep crimson skull appeared on the player screen.

He just received a very powerful attack. Getting panicked from the sudden turn of events he hid himself behind the near shelter.

“Sniper, huh?!”

He just received that much damage with just a single hit. He can’t even think of getting more hit than this.

Sniper Rifle. In the GearWar it has an official name of Long Shot Rifle. It held so much powerful that as long it’s a headshot, it can kill a person with just hit.

“Even so, to think that he would be able to snipe someone like me.”

FPS [6-B], refers to the lose Focus, take a Perfect blow and then Swiftly die. But to be accurate, GearWar was not a FPS, but TPS [6-C] game. But though it was like that, the difference was not that big. And Gondawara too was without losing his focus and guard, was always moving swiftly from one shelter to another. To be able to shoot someone like him like that clearly displayed that the enemy was quite skilled. He was thinking that ‘the enemy “PC1” was just a beginner but, to think that he had that kind of sniping ability.’

“Fine by me. Let’s see what you can do then.”

While waiting for the characters stamina to restore, he corrected his glasses.

And fortunately enough, with the shot from earlier he almost pinpointed the enemy’s location as well. ‘He is lying in wait from somewhere in the garden.’ As long he knows that then there were just countless ways to deal with that.



Kishimine was desperately looking through the Scope of his Sniper Rifle.

“What’ll you do……? Just from where you will look next?”

He continued to glare at the shelter where “PC5” just hid himself without blinking.

And he somehow was able to get used to deal with Sniper Rifle he just held in his hand for the first time as well.

It was a weapon which required reloading with each time after shooting a bullet but, because of the high magnified Scope, it was quite a one-sided weapon in a long distance battle.

“Go on, show yourself……!”

He continued to look through the scope. If the enemy just even tried to peek then, he will win the next moment by firing on that part. He even felt breathing a troublesome thing at this moment.

However, the enemy didn’t show himself at all.

Instead, from the rear of the shelter something got tossed up in the air.

“A—another one?!”

He didn’t able to understand the intentions of the enemy. Cause even if he throws grenade from such distance, it wouldn’t effect Kishimine at all because of such high distance.

But, that grenade didn’t exploded. On the contrary, started to release a smoke of cloud from it.

“W—what the hell!?”

He sensed the intentions of the enemy.

It was not to deal damage on him, but it was to steal his field of vision.


Immediately he lost the sight of the enemy. The advantage he had just a while ago, just vanished into thin air.

“W—what should I do!? What exactly should I do……?!”



The “PC5” which Gondawara was controlling, with all his might move inside the mansion.

When facing a Sniper one on one, there are basically 2 ways to deal with him.

Either take a long detour and then stab from the sides, or by throwing the smoke grenade charge in through the smoke screen.

But, in the battlefield being tied up with the foundation and basics, conversely leads to a quick death thus constantly adapting to the various situation to deal with the enemy. That was the most plausible way he had in his mind.

After experiencing all these fights, he couldn’t think of “PC1” getting used to this game that much. Nevertheless that high class sniping earlier was bothering him but, those fighting tactics were clearly those of a novice.

Therefore, at this moment Gondawara, stole his field of vision by throwing the smoke grenade at where his possible location was. And on the other hand, he himself was inside the mansion to pincer attack at the enemy from the sides.

In short, that smoke grenade was just a decoy. That’s why he was sure, that about this time, the “PC1” was eagerly waiting for him to come outside of the smoke cloud. ‘However, that is so meaningless of him. Because before he could even realise he will die from my attack, right beside of him’, he thought.

About now the only problem remained was how to finish him off. Cause it will be too unartistic if he finished him off with the Shotgun by getting closer at him. He wanted end this in an as much artistic way he can to please the audience on this final stage of the round.

But, at the moment, he jumped from the Mansion’s hall to the passage, something he didn’t even think of happened.

While holding the Long Shot rifle “PC1” was already waiting for him there.


Before even getting shocked he moved his fingers. He jumped sideways. Those instant reflexes are what’s the real strength of <<Night Magician>> was.

And just by a hair breadth, the place he was standing a while ago got pierced by the Long Shot Rifle’s bullet.



“I missed!?”

Kishimine regretted bitterly.

Just a while ago, when “PC5” threw the smoke grenade. Kishimine, disagreed with the idea of waiting still there. It’s because he chose that kind of way of fighting in the 4th round, that he got defeated such miserably after eating that grenade in that such cramped place.

Therefore, this time he decided to be aggressive this time. He didn’t knew exactly how enemy will move. But, it will be fine as long as he just forestall him. He came to a conclusion.

And just like that as his judgement hit the mark half right, he encountered with the enemy who was taking a detour. And like that Kishimine got the head starter, as he was quite prepared for it.

But, the certain death shot which was aimed at the enemy, got evaded by the hair breath margin which was enough to make Kishimine gasp at the monstrosity and the abilities of the enemy.

“Now that if it has come to this!”

Kishimine hurriedly active reloaded the next shot. It was an encounter in the inside of the mansion; therefore it was not a distance which was advantageous to the Sniper Rifle. He wanted to put the distance by moving away for now but, the enemy was someone who wouldn’t allow him to do that easily like that.

Therefore Kishimine, instead of running, on the contrary, charged in. He was very sure that the Sniper rifle too had high firepower like that of the Shotgun. That’s why he judged that as long as he hit something he will somehow able to have an upper edge.

At this moment, he didn’t realised but his consciousness was already inside the game. Just like when he reads the book, he became the character in the game itself.



Gondawara, struck with admiration when “PC1” started to charge in without changing his stance.

“He’s trying to do an assault snipe?!”

Assaulting sniper in other words an assault sniper. Just as the name says, refers to the sniper who uses the gun an assault rifle to charge in.

However, that’s not some mid-grade level skill. Unlike shotgun, sniper rifle uses the hip shot action, and where there is an absolute need for a person hold it properly shooting. To be able to perform that in the close combat, one needs to have an ability to move the gun like his own limbs.

“Very well then, that’s what I was hoping for anyways.”

Gondawara held his Shotgun, and he himself progressed as well.

And then in the hall which was inside the mansion, a tremendous battle started.

The first one to fire was the enemy. However as if anticipating that, Gondawara jumped left, and while correcting his posture shot with his own Shotgun.

The released countless number of shots from the shotgun, somewhat hit the enemy but, the damage was far from being fatal. In a flash he tried firing another shot but, the enemy escaped the point and jumped sideways. And while correcting his posture, pointed the Long Shot Rifle at him.

He couldn’t evade that. Quite unbelievably, in this battle, at this close range, the enemy hit him with the Long Shot Rifle. Though he somehow able to avoid a headshot, but still on the screen the crimson skull appeared.


Reluctantly, Gondawara retreated, and hid himself behind the pillar. There were no signs of pursuit. Maybe the enemy too was restoring himself from the damage he took from the shotgun’s hit, he presumed.

“Now were talking.”

He started to release cold sweat. Long Shot Rifle, even if it hits something aside than head it won’t result in an instant death. But, if gets successful in the Perfect Active Reload action then, for several seconds the offensive ability will raise, and it can make someone down as long as it hit something other than legs. The player, who is down, will collapse at that place and will just have to wait for someone’s assist, and after a certain amount of time, will just die without even landing a final blow. If “PC1” would’ve been successful in doing a Perfect Active reload earlier then, he would’ve lost just now.

Even so, the “PC1” who was slow-witted till the 4th round is moving unbelievably now. To an extent that could make people think that the player has switched places with someone or something.

“But……I too am a champion you see!”



“PC5” once again jumped from the behind of the pillar.

Reflexively Kishimine prepared his Sniper Rifle, and tried to shoot. He himself was not aware of it but, his aiming was fast enough to make even the people watching in the gallery open their eyes wide.


However, as if “PC5” was anticipating it, jumped to the right and in return shoot at him.

And thus in the moment when Kishimine started reloading the next bullet, “PC5” switched to the offense.

And this time it was Kishimine’s turn to retreat. Jumping quickly from left to right continuously, he slip passed the rain of bullets. And when finally done reloading, seize the enemy in his field of vision, and pulled the trigger.

But that was again evaded. And thus again the offense and defence got switched. By doing continuous roll he evaded the shots, and once done reloading will move to offense once again.

From one perspective that scene may appear as a dance. Both of the opponents as if making a circle were rolling on the ground and, were shooting each other when gets the chance, and once again moving to evade the next shot. Fire, Evade, Move and then Fire. It’s because those moves of the both were prevailing and excellent that it looked like they were performing a Death Dance.

But, to every battle there is an end to it.

And the first one to fall in the disadvantage was “PC5”.

He changed his weapon to that of an Assault Rifle. From the looks of it, he ran out of the ammo’s of Shotgun.


Kishimine preparing himself to eat the bullets, stood up.

And thus immediately got shot. But, Kishimine himself knew very well how much firepower those shots had.

Without caring about his field of vision getting red, Kishimine after aiming a lot released a certain kill shot.

And quite frighteningly, that shot too was evaded by the “PC5” by jumping. Those movements were quick enough to make one think that he read the future or something just now.

And simultaneously prepared his Assault Rifle. Instantly Kishimine prepared for his death but, due to the effect of his evasive manoeuvres, or maybe because of his posture got destroyed from all these shots, “PC5” somewhat missed. Furthermore, as his ammo in the magazine ran out, he started to reload.

“! Chance!!”

With this he can still shoot an another shot.

Without a moments delay, Kishimine started to reload his gun. ‘As I shot before him, the reload will end much faster than him. And then this time for sure, I will be able to give the final blow to him——.’

He was thinking like that for a second but—maybe it’s because he relaxed himself like that, it became the loss for Kishimine.


The Game called Gears of War was made real to an infinite degree. One of the systems that symbolises that, is Active Reload. As the skilful soldier’s reload time is faster than that of the new recruit. If the player pressed the reload button with perfect timing then, the reload time could be decreased significantly. That’s Active Reload.

However, if the player missed the timing completely and then pushed it. As a penalty, the amount needed to reload will conversely increase to a great extent.


“Wh—!? It’s jammed!?”

Sniper Rifles, ejecting tube got jammed.

Panickingly by hitting the gun barrel, he was somehow able to fix it to normal.

But, the enemy was not such a nice person who will wait for him to do anything other than that.


‘It was quite a battle you know——.’


He thought he heard someone voice saying that.

And thus, the shot from Assault rifle resounded, and the “PC1”’s body dyed red.



“Well, that will do for now”

<<Night Magician>> put down his controller.

And at the same time, official raised his voice.

“Match concluded! The one at the top is Participant No. 535, with maximum kills of 19! Congratulations!”

“Aah, Thank you!”

19 Kills. In opposite to that, his Death Count was Zero. It was the result which can be concluded as a Perfect Game by anyone. It’s maybe because of that, there was a large amount of cheers coming from the surrounded gallery.

However, on the opposite of those results, Gondawara was not smiling. It’s because the last round was close and harder than he expected it to be. Maybe the hotness he was feeling right now, was due to him becoming involuntarily enthusiastic in that round.

“Even so, it sure is strange.”

‘That challenger—“PC1”, wasn’t he moving like an amateur till the 4th round? And yet, after starting of the 5th round, why he start moving like a completely different person?’

There was one another question. It was why he was fixated on using the sniper rifle till the bitter end like that. He was that much skilled in aiming. On the point when it turned into close ranged combat if he switched to the Shotgun then, then the result of the final round would’ve been reversed.

‘No wait a second, by any chance——’

He remembered about the miss he committed when he first started playing the Multiplayer of this game.

To use the Shotgun that everyone was using, he searched all around the map but, he just couldn’t able to find it at all.

And that was quite obvious of a mistake as well. It’s because Shotgun was from the Initial stages of the game is inside every players inventory. If he checked his inventory quite carefully then he could’ve easily switched with that anytime.

‘Don’t tell me, he didn’t knew about that?’

If he thinks like that then the enemy’s irrational movements too made sense.

In addition to it, it’s just April, and this years JGBC has just started. Those movements from the 1st Round till 4th Round too, could be explained that as he was the newbie he didn’t knew what to do and that’s why was perplexed on what to do.

However, that conjecture itself consequently was quite frightening.

What needed the most as a Gamer is, practice and knowledge. If “PC1” was really a newbie and, was not that accustomed to the game then when the next time he returns with more practice and knowledge then,

‘Next time to loser might be me.’

Involuntarily, he tried moving to the opposite side of the machine, it’s because he wanted to see how “PC1” looked like. But, the crowd was in the way, plus putting the salt on the wound was not something <<Night Magician>> liked so he quit that vain effort of his.

“You sure had a hard time in the end didn’t you? That too against such a terrible Assault Sniper.”

Said the <<Mysterious Pixie>> who appeared out of nowhere near him.

“I will not give any excuses, but it’s true that I had a little bit of a close game back there.”


She continued as if spitting out.

“Even so, just as I thought Japan’s Shooters are completely hopeless. I can’t stand to even watch them anymore. Someone straight ahead dashes in the enemies like an idiot, and someone hides behind cover and waits to ambush…… I wonder if they don’t know anything else to do besides that.”

“Well it’s fine isn’t it? In the end, the FPS and TPS foundations are, summarised as assault and ambush after all.”

‘Plus, the last one was quite an ominous one too’—he said deep within his heart.

“Even if that being the case, their basic way of fighting is beyond saving. Even if you want to charge, what good it will come if you just charge in like a fool from the front? And if you want to ambush, then you should pay attention to your ally’s movements more and then construct your plan through that. Even their aiming too is just dreadful. There was countless number of chances back in the game I wonder why they just couldn’t able to beat a person like you.”

“You’re really harsh, aren’t you?”

She was born in the home country of FPS games, and grew up and forged her skills over there. Her skill was something which could be considered as the real deal and if given the Sniper Rifle, even Gondawara wouldn’t know what’ll become of him. From the eyes of her, even that “PC1” could be considered as a spoilt.

‘It’s really regretful, like for real.’

For someone like her, who was strong, it was really difficult for her to enter in the JGBC’s high rankings for individual tournament, and even Gondawara knew that very well. Her FPS and TPS skills were that of an elite but, on the contrary, due to some reason she was not that assertive towards the other genres. And with just excelling in one or two genres, is not enough to win the Individual tournament.

If she get to become famous in the JGBC then, that will be possibly when she joins a team. If in FPS she will, and in the rest genre his team will fill the gap then, there’s no mistaking that team will slaughter anyone in their way. That’s right, if a starter like “PC1” was taught by someone like her then—

“This year’s JGBC will become somewhat interesting.”

“Hm? Did you say something?”

“No, not really.”

While saying his prediction into those words <<Night Magician>> gazed at that little girl.


Part 4


At that moment Kishimine was, strongly biting his lips in front of the machine, to an extent that they were slightly bleeding. While thinking that the pain might make him forget about that frustration of his.

‘Just what the hell is wrong with me?!’

He remembered his score from a while back. 0 kills. He intended to do what he could’ve done but, he ended up with the only one who without killing a single enemy ate the complete total defeat.

‘I have somewhat of a talent in gaming. Tendou and other said that to me. That’s why I agreed on taking part in JGBC suddenly like that, because I for real believed that something might—just. It’s a usual type of pattern that happens in the books as well. The story in which at the crucial game or stages the protagonist’s talent suddenly blooms and he end up getting great achievements.’

‘However, reality is just this messed up. I am just a useless guy who can’t stand up to anyone’s expectations. Reading a book alone is what suits me the best.’

While he was thinking like that, he sensed someone approaching him.

It was Sena-sensei and Tendou. However, even though he was miserable, he couldn’t help but face them.

“I was watching, Kishimine-kun! The last round sure was close wasn’t it?”

Sena-sensei said that to cheer him up.

“Sensei, that’s not something you should say. Cause it’s all meaningless if we don’t win.”

Tendou mercilessly said.

If we don’t win, then there will no achievements and then then everything will become meaningless. It’s because she pointed it out like that, Kishimine was endlessly overfilled with more frustration then just a while ago.

Even though he knew that it was very unseeingly of him, he couldn’t stop his tears coming out like that.

He wanted to stand up to the expectations of Tendou. And wanted to prove both of them that he won’t hold anyone back in the group.

However, he couldn’t able to do either of those things.

“I—I…… am r—really shorry……”

His voice got blotted.

In the middle of such large crowd, he unseeingly started to crumble in tears. From the surrounding he was looked with weird eyes, and sometimes laughter voices could also be heard.

Even so, he couldn’t able to stop crying. Now that he thinks of, he didn’t even know after how many years it’s been since he last cried. It’s because of that he didn’t even know the way to stop his crying.

“What happened? What is there for you to apologize?”

“I—I mean…… W—with this, you all now know that…… I won’t be of any power to you guise don’t you?”

“Hahaha! That’s not something you should be worrying about is it?! In the first place, even your play just a while ago was—”

Sena-sensei was trying to say something while laughing but, Tendou interrupted him.

“Hm. What is it?”

“Why don’t you leave this to me? As for that reason I suggested the idea of coming here in the first place.”

“Hmm, is that so? Very well then, I’ll leave it to you”

Sena-sensei, took a stepped backwards, and in front of Kishimine now Tendou stood.

“Kishimine-kun. No, Kishimine. I want to ask something from you. But before that I want to you look at this place carefully first.”


As told, he looked around the whole floor.

What came in his eyes was the big screen which was displaying the intense battle, and the figure of gamers who were wholeheartedly controlling their characters with the controller.

“How’s it? Don’t you think it’s an amazing spectacle?”


Even Kishimine saw it the same. However, he no longer had any willpower to agree on that.

“Everyone here did nothing but practice every day, and right now they trying to prove their existence to the world. Do you understand now? It’s not something easy to just easily beat them down here. You easily lost today. It’s not something I should say but, I think it was a very obvious outcome. And why do you the reason for that is? What do you think you were lacking in yourself that lead to your loss?”

“I—I don’t know something like that!”

It’s as if to divert his frustration as he told again and again that he lost, he shouted.

“Don’t look away. And for now just look at me and answer.”

Tendou was serious. So reluctantly, Kishimine faced her, and answered what he thought he lacked.

“……Experience……isn’t it?”

“Wrong. What you lack is resolve.”


That word penetrated deep inside his chest.

“We all are fighting in JGBC as our club activities. There sure are advantageous points in that but; in regards of resolve we might lose to those enthusiastic gamers. Though it’s like that, Kishimine. You are still a temporary member. It’s because of that half-hearted resolve; you lose in something you could’ve easily won normally.”


It’s as if his eyes got open from a dream or something.

‘I don’t want to shorten my time to read books. I don’t know whether I will be able to prove anything to everyone.’

‘I always make excuses like that and thus never make firm decisions.’

‘And that was not something limited to just joining a club. Even transferring into Izunomiya was sort of like me running away from my previous school.’

As he thinks more about it, he was able to know how far his lifestyle was away from that 7 letter word.

Afraid of that he will creep out anyone if he stays near them for long. Afraid of that his lifestyle will change, and thus always—running away in the library to read the books.

“I’ve said this countless time already but we both approve that you have a talent for gaming. And if possible even want you to walk on the same path together with us. However, for that it’s necessary for you to be resolute. But even though I say that, we don’t have any right of forcing that on you as well. It’s because it’s your life, it’s your liberty on using it the way you want to on your last year of high school”


What Tendou was trying to say, he started to understand vaguely.

And simultaneously, he remembered the words of Sena-sensei. That the 3 years of high school, holds the significant meaning in the life, and if he didn’t change his way of life now, then he won’t be able to change it in the future as well.

‘And I wasted those 2 important years of that by just running away like that.’

Then at least for the left last year, isn’t it fine to just cast away everything and dive-in completely into something.

Kishimine wiped away his tears.

He finally understood the reason why Tendou gave a proposal of entering into this tournament. The always dignified Student council president gave the last chance to seriously think it over, to him.

“……I understand.”

While dripping wet with tears and a runny nose, he straightened his back, and bowed towards Tendou.

“I will try and do it. I don’t know how far I can go but, I can say this for sure that I will not be the temporary club member from today on. So please let me officially join the Modern Game Club.”

At that moment what kind of expression was Tendou making, for Kishimine whose face was down he didn’t knew.

However, he certainly heard those words alone.

“Excellently said. You, starting today will be an official member of Izunomiya Academy’s Modern Game Club.”


And thus like that,

It signalled the starting of Kishimine Kengo’s Game Wars.


Part 5

At that moment, the former champion of JGBC and a little girl who was called <<Mysterious Pixie>>, noticed a little uproar which was occurring at the corner of the hall.

“Uwwah, what is that? Is that guy crying?”

The one who was in the centre of uproar was a participant who looked like from high school. His face was crumpled with the tears and the dripping nose.

“Quite a lot of them lose here but, but crying like that by just losing sure is pitiful.”

She more and more started to feel disgusted with the Japanese gamers. And started to miss the fierce battles of her home place in America.

“Oh my, don’t you know?”

At that moment. Gondawara who was still near her said while putting up the airs.

“……about what?”

She was not someone to remain quite if pointed as ignorant. And thus immediately pointed her needle sharp eyes at him.

Gondawara then, continuing to make it more dramatic corrected his sunglasses and continued.

“In this world, the ones who know the taste of real frustration becomes strong.”

‘This guy, sure says decent things from time to time.’ She thought

“……hmm, keep saying that. That way of thinking, is really old just so you know.”

“Oh my, you sure are cold.”

The little girl once again looked at the participant who was crying. The ones who know the taste of real frustration becomes strong. The little girl didn’t able to negate that. And unexpectedly, guys like that might just become too powerful.

‘Though, it’s if that weak looking guy had the tolerance of climbing over that frustration of his.’


Suddenly, she noticed something.

To the participant who was crying like that. Just besides him, was a girl who was wearing a school uniform.

That alone was not something weird at all. This is Akihabara. And there are quite a few who likes to participate in JGBC while cosplaying and, there are all also cases where students participate in the JGBC as a club activities or sort.

However, she knows about that particular uniform.

“Isn’t that……the same uniform as mine?”

The little girl—Sugishika Madoka murmured to herself.




Reference Words :-

[6-A]Yamanote Line – The Yamanote Line (山手線 Yamanote-sen) is a railway loop line in Tokyo, Japan, operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East). It is one of Tokyo’s busiest and most important lines, connecting most of Tokyo’s major stations and urban centres, including the Yūrakuchō/Ginza area, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Marunouchi and Ikebukuro, with all but two of its 29 stations connecting to other railway or underground (subway) lines.

[6-B]FPS – First-person shooter (FPS) is a video game genre centered on gun and projectile weapon-based combat through a first-person perspective; that is, the player experiences the action through the eyes of the protagonist, and in some cases, the antagonist.

[6-C]TPS – A third-person shooter is a game structured around shooting, and in which the player can see the avatar on-screen in a third-person view


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