EP.1 – Party’s foundation is a Four-man team – Part 1


Part 0

I was fighting alone with the Monsters.

Appearing underneath the ground, they were the enemies of humankind who possessed such an ugly face which justified the reason of them being the monsters. Since they arrived, we humans have been in a desperate continuous struggle to survive for the past 10 years.

“Damn, how strong these bastards are……”

I came inside the old mansion with my 3 other comrades to hunt those hiding locusts, and the hunt was going well uptil now as we were able to kill 3 of them and only 1 remained.

However, the strength of the last one was abnormal. Even though physical strength and ability between the Locusts and us trained humans are not that different, he was moving from one shelter to another with such agility as if he was using some sort of magic, and was even counter-attacking with his shotgun whenever got the chance.

If shot from a shotgun at close distance, even humans won’t be able to maintain their form. And just like that, the people who were my comrades were now scattered in a pile of meat.

As the only one remaining was me, I used all the means I could come up with to survive. However, neither ambushing him in a narrow passage nor sniping him from a long range went well.

“Why…… Why won’t it hit…!”

My fear was at its peak.

In the end getting all frantic wielding my Sniper Rifle I challenged him for a close-combat. It’s because I thought that I would be able to defeat this nightmare of an enemy if I manage to land one hit with my sniper rifle.

However, the enemy was not an idiot who would fall for such a vain struggle.

Giving up on evading my aim, the enemy started pressing even closer to the bullets which couldn’t be followed with bare eyes, and thus.

Pointed his Shotgun right at me.


Not even given any time to scream.

I too, just like my comrades, turned into a pile of meat.




“Onii-chan. It’s morning, wake up already!”

From his little sister’s optimistic voice coming right out of his room, Kishimine Kengo opened his eyes.


He suddenly got up, and realized that it’s just his room and not the battlefield. And obviously his body too was a pile of meat.

“……The outcome is decided even in the dream, huh?”

He remembered about yesterday. Kishimine, as a temporary member of a game club a.k.a Modern Game Club, for the first time in his life, participated in a gaming tournament named Japan Game Battle Championship a.k.a JGBC.

And, got badly defeated. Getting toyed with just one player with overwhelming skills, he experienced a defeat which could be sarcastically called a perfect game. And that too in front of a girl he admired a lot.

“Geez, Onii-chan are you still asleep—?”

After opening the door, the little sister somewhat smaller than him appeared.

“Ah Yup, I am awake alright……”

Even though it’s getting hot day by day as it’s nearly May, the mornings were still a bit cooler. The bed warmth was too tempting for him but knowing very well that his sister will throw him out from the bed anyways if he remained in, he involuntarily got out from the bed and started preparing for the school.


Part 1

Kishimine casually started to recall the meaning of the word Blue Monday.

It was totally an unrelated word for him who was going to the school on a whim. But after the recent happening, he finally understood why such a word exists.

“It’s hard getting to school today……”

Those were the only words which came out from his mouth, while on the way to the Izunomiya Private Academy.

” You Have Talent ” , he participated in yesterday’s tournament getting high from such words of flattery but in the end, without even scoring a kill he uneventfully got defeated, and after that without even caring about his appearance, reputation and all he continued to weep. It was also yesterday that after getting over with that defeat of his, he decided to give a serious try to the games, but it was Kishimine who was bad at socializing with people from the start. So with his social disposition, he didn’t know a bit how he should face the people from the Modern Game Club after showing such a shameful sight to them yesterday.

However, at that moment. The president of the Modern Game Club, who he secretly admired, as usual had already planned ahead.

“I was waiting for you, Kishimine-kun”

Suddenly, that dignified voice resounded in the air.


The person who appeared suddenly right in front of him was exactly the person he didn’t want to see at the moment. Tendou Shinobu. Not only was she the President of the Modern Game Club but, also the Student Council President admired by the several students.

And obviously Kishimine went into a mayhem. As Izunomiya Private Academy was a former Ojou-sama School, most of the students commuted to the school on their private vehicle. That’s why he was confused. Why a person who is an Ojou-sama among all the Ojou-sama’s doing on the road used by plebeians. Plus what did she mean when she said “I was waiting for you.”?

“W—Why is Tendou-san at a place like this……”

“It’s because I wanted to talk to you a bit.”

In her usual manner, she laughed.

She wanted to talk to him. As she said that, he quite frankly felt sort of blessed and couldn’t help but feel happy about that. However, as expected he couldn’t help but feel anxious about a question.

“Even so…… how did you know about my school route?”

“I heard it from Niitani that you take this route to school every day.”

“Ah, so that’s how……”

The riddle solved a bit. Niitani was a 2nd Year Student who admired Tendou-san, and she is also enrolled in the Modern Game Club as a temporary member. It’s not unusual considering the Izunomiya Academy but she is also extremely androphobic so, to do something about that problem of hers, tried going to school with him just once.

“If we stand here for too long then we will definitely get late for the school. You don’t mind if I come with you right?

“Eh? Ah, yes, that would be……”

Situation turned into something quite unbelievable.

His heart started to pound like crazy. He was going to school walking side by side together with a girl he’s interested in. It’s a situation which happened with him quite a lot inside the books but, he didn’t thought in his wildest dream that he would be able to experience it like this.

‘No, wait a second……’

He recalled the time when he went together with Niitani once. That time too it was a commute together with a girl but, for some reason there was also a car which silently followed them continuously till the school. And the chauffeur inside too had this strange pressure which was like if he made a move on Niitani, he will kill him by running the car over.

As to confirm whether by any chance today too someone——he started looking over his surroundings.

But he couldn’t see that type of a vehicle anywhere. However he did feel a strange gaze which can make one think that they would vanish from the world, if he did something weird to her.

“What happened? You look all restless.”

“Eh? Ah, nothing really. Now that I think of it, Tendou-san too use to commute by foot?”

“No, I am not fixated on just one. There are times I allow myself to come by the car but there are also times when I use the bus.”

“Heh……Is that so?”

The part of allowing herself to get into a conversation like that, was as one would expect from the Ojou-sama School’s Student Council President. But if that’s the case then, that means that she came especially to talk and go together to the school with him.

“So, it’s kind of about yesterday”

She made the expression as if it’s somewhat hard to say. Yesterday. ‘In other words it’s regarding when I made such an unseemly face after the game tournament’, or so he conjectured.

“I too……umm, also think that I said too much yesterday, you see. So I was worried that you might be angry at me because of that.”

She, who was always so dignified was unusually cowering.

The one who was at a loss of words was Kishimine because he thought that he made her feel unpleasant yesterday. There was not even a slightest bit of a reason for her to feel worried about.

“T—There’s no way I would be angry at you, you know? Rather I feel grateful for what you’ve done!”

“I—Is that so? I don’t particularly remember doing anything worth your gratitude though……”

“That’s not exactly correct, you know? Certainly just as you’ve said earlier I used to do everything half-assedly. And thanks to your words “that I lack resolve” it really felt as if I woke up from a deep sleep or something.”

“I—I see. Then its fine……”

Maybe it was because of his frantic words, she somehow felt consented.

And in reality too, that was not a lie. If it’s his thanks then that’s a different case, but he really didn’t remember about her doing anything for which she should apologize for.

“By any chance, did you come here especially because of something like that?”

“Muu, ‘something like that?’ was unthinkable. I am Modern Game Club’s President you hear, so it’s natural for me to worry about members.”

“Ha. Is it something like that?”

He found it somewhat regretting. He was really happy of the fact that she came all the way here just for him but, as he now knew that she did that as her duty as a President, he felt a little sad. But, having said that, considering his position at the moment, that alone should be quite satisfying for him.

“Oh and one more thing, I today too, have a proposal for you.”

“Yes, and what would that be?”

“I want to call you Kishimine from now on, would it be fine with you?”


Yet again it was a proposal which he didn’t see coming. ‘She’s really a person who does the completely unexpected’.

“I don’t really mind it but, what happened?”

“I always call people who are close to me with their names. So calling you “Kishimine-kun” is really sluggish. Certainly if you hate it, I will give up on it……”

“N—No! Not at all. I obviously don’t mind it!”

This time he genuinely felt happy. So much that it was very difficult for him to hide his happiness.

So basically, it means that he is now recognized as a close person by Tendou.

“I see, thank goodness. Then make sure to call me Tendou from next time as well. Don’t worry I won’t mind it.”

“U—Understood. Then, Tendou……san”

‘San’ reflexively got added at the end, which made Tendou to wryly smile.

“Oi, Kishimine. That doesn’t change anything like that”

“I—I am sorry, as expected it’s really hard to say……”

Now that he thinks back, there was not even once, he called a person from an opposite sex with just their surname. So that’s why for Kishimine, the hurdle was just a bit too high.

“Ah, that’s right. So how about calling “Buchou[1]”? As I too after all that have finally became an official member of Modern Game Club.”

“Buchou, huh……?”

Tendou after turning a bit made somewhat of a cool face, she seemed happy as well.

“……This might be actually good. Now that I think of, after the creation of the club there weren’t that many chances of me getting called like that, I see, feel free to call me Buchou then.”

“Okay, I will do that then.”

Now that he thinks of, he still had doubts about calling her, who he admires, with official name. However, he felt that for now this will do. As at the moment, in the Modern Game Club, there were only 2 of them, which in short means, the one to call her Buchou is him alone in the entire world.

As they were talking about that, the school approached near.

Naturally, he recalled the other day’s commute with the Niitani.

“Umm, Buchou. I wonder if we should go separately from here on.”

“Hmm? Why? We are both headed for the same place right? Then what’s wrong with going together?”

“B—But, Look……A boy and girl commuting together, wouldn’t that be rare considering Izunomiya Academy, rather wouldn’t that attract weird gazes from the people……?”

“Ah, you mean like that, huh?”

Tendou felt somewhat sad.

“I totally get that you are being considerate and all. However, I feel that tendency itself is what is disposing the place for boys more and more. I don’t particularly encourage the illicit relationship between the two sexes but, isn’t it appropriate for two classmates to normally go together with each other if they found each other while coming to school? Rather, I think if I as a Student Council President took the initiative and came in contact with you, then solving this problem would be quite easier…… No, but if it’s troublesome for you then of course I also won’t mind going alone from here.”

“No, Not at all! If it’s something like that, then I will gladly tag alone!”

“I see, that sure helps. Okay then, let’s go broadly then.”

Tendou, as a Student Council President is just proving that being together with the opposite sex is not a bad thing. However, Kishimine was still very happy. The reason too was also very simple. It’s because the time to be with her increased a bit again.

And thus, the two of them together alongside each other headed to the main gate of the school.

Like usual, the infamous school guards in black, glared at him. Taking this former Ojou-sama School into consideration, the boys were always treated as potential criminal targets.

However, the glares of them today were sharper than normal. The reason was obvious as near him was a girl, and that too the famous Student Council President of this school.

“You brat, just with whose permission are you standing next to a girl?!”

“In this school, you can just watch the beautiful girls with your eyes, aside that everything is prohibited you bastard!”

He one way or another thought he heard those things. The guards eyes and face, were saying that in a way which couldn’t sound as a joke. But still, he didn’t pull back after all that. He understood that tomorrow’s school commute will be a little scary, but if that would increase the time he spend with Buchou just a little,  then there was no other choice but to man himself up.

As they approached near the main gate, the students naturally started to appear in the surrounding. Various girls wearing the High school’s divisions Blazers and Middle School divisions Sailor Uniform, were politely exchanging greetings such as “Good Morning” or “Good Day”, it was really a scene he still couldn’t get used to.

However, those polite girls too when came near the 5M radius of a boy would raise a little screen “Hii—……” and run away with fear on their faces.

But then, the reaction for Kishimine alone was a little different than the others.


When those girls came in the 5M radius of him, they first released a little screen of fear like usual and then got surprised seeing Tendou standing next to him.

“Ya, Morning!”

Tendou casually greeted.

“G—Good……, Morning……”

Leaving Kishimine aside, if got greeted by the Student Council President then there’s no way the girls won’t respond, so after greeting they hastily put a distance from them. The other girls too had a similar reaction.


Tendou got annoyed a little.

“If it was usual, then everyone would’ve greeted more assertively…… With just a boy standing near me, this is the state, huh? How pathetic.”

“Well you can’t help if they are not used to all this, we boys too understand that”

“Even if you say that, it’s already been 2 years since this School started enrolling boys you know? So I think things should be more normal given how much time has passed……”

“G—Good Morning, K—Kaichou[2]

At that moment. Even though the voice was stiff, a girl approached her assertively.

It was a girl who was wearing glasses and had a short cut hairstyle which looked quite good on her. She was emitting a strict atmosphere around her but, her cuteness was as one would expect from this school’s standards. However, for some reason she looked in a very bad mood, and was angrily glaring at Kishimine.

“Ah, it’s you, huh? Morning, Kotono. Kishimine, let me introduce her to you, She is Student Council’s Vice President, you see. Even I am always getting saved by her.”

“Heh…… In short she is like your right arm?”

“No way, it’s quite the opposite, it’s me who’s always getting helped by Kaichou.”

She got embarrassed a bit but, after noticing Kishimine’s gaze she stiffed her expressions again.

“T—that doesn’t matter! That aside, why in the world Kaichou of all things is together with the likes of boys!?”

“What? Does that really require any specific explanation? His name is Kishimine you see, and he is the new member of the Modern Game Club. It’s natural for the people in the same club to do something like talking when they coincidentally met each other while coming to school right?

“B—But… Kaichou is also the role model of numerous students. I think that if Kaichou, will be with boys, then the other girls will also get the bad influence.”

“I wonder about that. We both are school friends you know? Just what kind of bad influence are you talking about by having two school friends talk to each other.”

“But! Didn’t Chairman itself said that just by remaining close to boys one could get pregnant? C—Children should be born between couples who have sworn their love with each other!”

‘Oh My God!’

Kishimine almost burst into laughter but somehow he managed to endure. ‘Just what kind of education these girls are getting in this school’

“Just what will you do believing that kind of nonsense. If girls got to become pregnant with just boys near them then, all the co-ed schools in the world, would’ve filled with pregnant ladies.”

“Well that’s also true but, I am just questioning the likelihood of that being the truth.”

“Hmm, I see. I sure can’t deny if you term it like that……”

‘You really can’t deny that?’ he wanted to Tsukkomi like that but, as there seemed several types of problems, he decided to keep his mouth shut. In the first place, getting pregnant when both boy and girl are alone, as a boy he couldn’t deny that because of several reasons.

Be it any case, with each passing day in this school, he sure hears this “Chairman” word quite frequently. With everything going on he can’t help but feel this “Chairman” is responsible for not having the “place for the boys” in this school.

“However, just like you said I as a President of this school, should remain the role model for the students, which makes it completely impossible for me to get frightened of the little possibility, and distance myself from them just because they are boys. Kotono, I want you to understand that.”

As she said that, the vice-president who respected Tendou a lot obviously gave up on opposing.

“……Understood, if Kaichou says that, then it really can’t be helped.”

Despite her agreeing like that she seemed rather displeased, which made Kishimine think that she just gave up on convincing her further.

Next, she turned and faced towards Kishimine.

“Kishimine-san……was it?”

“Y—Yes, Hello”

Kotono, as if determining something, brought her face close to Kishimine’s.

“Please make sure to take care of Kaichou earnestly. It’s because she’s a person we all respect a lot.”

“Ah, Yes!”

For a second, Kishimine got startled but, that restlessness too disappeared right after the second he heard the small whisper of hers.


“Please be careful alright. Cause if something does happen with her then——I will be sure to stab you to death.”



“Well then Kaichou, see you later.”

And she left the place, while Kishimine was freezed in fear.

“What happened, Kishimine? Did she say to something to you?”

“Eh? Ah, No, Not really……”

“I see, then its fine. But to think that even Vice-President thinks like that, the problem surely has some deep roots.”

“W—Well it would be fine to fix it eventually with time, that aside, I will be able to attend clubs on a full scale basis from now on right? I am curious about that more, like on various scales.”

The reason he changed the conversation so quickly was because, he learned how fearsome it was for boys and girls to be together with each other. In this school if one was to approach on that subject badly, then, he had a feeling that one would seriously be killed by some girl——like Kotono.

Plus the only girl for now who was on good terms with him was Tendou alone, so if it’s her alone then by just going in the clubroom afterschool would be easy enough to give him a chance to interact.

And fortunately, she too when involved into a conversation about the club, without caring about the anything else from before, started to smile.

“I see, I feel happy to be able to say that much. Ah that’s right isn’t it? From today on, we have to train you with different types of games after all. Though I would like to have one more member for full-scale activities.”

“Ah, Now that you mention it, it was about four was it?”

The goal of Modern Game Club is to win the JGBC’s Team Battle. However for now, the only official members were Kishimine and Buchou – Tendou alone. To make up for the members Sena-sensei too could also enter in the Team but, even after that they are just a team of three. There is also Niitani who is a temporary member but, she too seems that she is bad with the games, so in the end they want 1 more member by any means.

“Even though that’s the case, it’s not something which can be resolved easily like that. So till that time just enjoy playing games.”

“Yes, I will gladly do that.”

Though he gave an appropriate response, he was no longer able to look at it like it is someone else’s problem, as he wanted his revenge in the JGBC as soon as possible.



“Four members, huh?”

During break, he was constantly thinking about that.

In the society, games aside, things like Karaoke and Bowling are enjoyed by most of the students, but, as this is an extreme Ojou-Sama school, the count people who haven’t even tried that are overwhelmingly high. Thanks to which there is basically no one at the Game Club a.k.a Modern Game Club.

‘……Well, it’s not like I have the rights to say anything about people.’

Always reading books afterschool, Kishimine too just recently touched the thing called games. So he had no say in the matter.

There was another reason, for the club to have almost no members.

That the advisor of the club, Sena-sensei was yet another young man. In this school where men are hated, having a male supervisor would be the reason enough for the girls to stay away from the club. And to make it worse, there is yet another new male member added in the club as Kishimine. Considering the situation there would be basically no one among the girls who would remain sane because of that.

On top of it, there is also a condition to enter the club. What they want is basically a well-trained fire-power for the club. As that person will have to fight together as a team, “Want a person good enough to clear at least Spelunker” were the words of Tendou. Even though in minority there are boys in the school, for them it wouldn’t matter much if the advisor is the male teacher or not. But it doesn’t seem that there are many people who can pass in her eyes.

In the first place, it’s already been 6 months since the club was established. If there were any potential members among the students than Tendou and Sena-sensei would’ve already secured them.

Which means, the target should be among the new students who just enrolled in the school, or the students who transferred here just like Kishimine——the Transferred Group Batch.

“Dude, what’s with that stormy face of yours?”

The one who called him out from behind was, the only male classmate he has in this class, Kusakabe.

“Ah Yeah, I was thinking about something……”

There, he realized that Kusakabe too was also the same Transferred student like him.

“AH, that’s right. Kusakabe, do you have any interest in Modern Game Club?”

“Ah, Now that you mention it you joined that weird club right? Or rather what kind of club is it? I heard that it’s just a club made to play games.”

“Well you are somewhat close, as we really just play games for now. But as we only have 2 members at the moment, we are quite limited on the club activities. Kusakabe, you play a lot of games right? Say, wanna join?”

“Well, of course I don’t hate games and all. But, after all the hardships I am finally able to transfer in this Harem Ojou-sama School you know? The existence of that beautiful Student Council President sure is tempting but— I can’t say about staying in a club where there are almost no girls.”

“Is that so? It can’t be helped then.”

Kishimine just as easy like that gave up on inviting him.

It’s because he realized to a certain fact after hearing his words.

For now as the members there were just the two of them in the Modern Game Club, that’s why there were many chances for him to interact with Tendou naturally. However, if one more boy joined in, then it would be the same as giving up on her. It’s because he ended up thinking or assuming like that.

‘……Huh? But like that, wouldn’t I end up cornering myself more in the search of new members?’

He very well understood that how small and pitiful his way of thinking was, but as expected he didn’t have any intention of giving up this time.

“Say, you sure changed your mind easily and ended up joining the club, after saying that you will spend your time afterschool reading books and all? Just as I thought, you’re after that Student Council President, right?”

Kusakabe almost pinpointed it.

He desperately hid his face turning all red. Whether he got successful in that effort or not was unknown to him.

“I—it’s not like that. It’s just, I surprisingly enjoyed a lot after I tried playing the games, and so I thought about giving it a serious try.”

“Heh—? Well, we finally managed to enter a school which had no relation with exams at all, so it’s all okay to try various types of things. Call me whenever you need Student Council President’s number, I will gladly help you.”

“Its fine, I don’t really need it.”

If the telephone number a girl he’s interested in got mentioned then, of course he would get interested in it. But, even if he gets her number, calling her all of a sudden and chatting with her or asking her out on a date was impossible for him.

Suddenly, he thought about a certain thing.

“That’s right. Kusakabe, you can search about various thing about girl’s right?”

“Ah. I have almost filled my collection with the address and phone no. of all the girls in the school. Height and their Three Sizes too are just a matter of time. OH! And though I am a researcher, I am not so unrefined to search about one’s weight, just so you may know”

“……No, I don’t want to hear something like that. Then say, can you search if there’s any girl among the freshmen who likes games?”

“Likes games, huh?”

Kusakabe, took out a small notebook with “Confidential” written on it out from his pocket and started flipping the pages. If that notebook’s existence got found out by anyone, then for sure he would be restricted, Kishimine understood that quite easily with just one look.

However, maybe it was because he wasn’t able to find the corresponding data, he in the end, as if throwing the spoon while eating in frustration closed his notebook.

“AHRGH— No good. Sorry dude, the Compilation on the likings of girls are still short. So give me a little bit of time.”

“I see……”

With time he will be able to learn the liking’s of the girls, huh? That sort of question was also raised into his mind, but as expected he didn’t want to know more about that.


Part 2

Afterschool. Kishimine like normal headed to the clubroom.

“Huh? Niitani-san?”

However the one who was in the clubroom, was Niitani Sanae, a 2nd Year girl who is enrolled in the club as the Temporary member.

And just like the first time he saw her, she had a duster in her hand.


As she turned around and saw Kishimine standing, getting half scared she released the voice.


“H—Hello, Senpai”

She said with a constrained smiling expression on her face.

Even that interaction could be considered hundred times better. As she too just like other girls of this school is androphobic, and that too to an extent that made her release a scream “……Hii—” the first time they met. The reason of her to not release a scream this time was because that hard effort finally bare results.

“S—So, you were cleaning today too, huh?”

Kishimine, while putting down his bag and constantly keeping tabs that he maintains a proper distance with her, started a conversation that will make her relax more.

“Y—Yes, Only just a bit though.”

“Thank you for always doing this. I am sure that Niitani-san is the reason why this store room kinda clubroom always looks so clean and pretty.”

Maybe it’s because of him hastily thinking about saying something to make the conversation continue, he went a little overboard with words.

But quite fortunately, she didn’t show any signs of minding that at all.

“Ah, no, not at all. It’s because I can’t be of any use in games after all……”

I don’t think that’s true at all though…… encouraging words like that just couldn’t come out from his mouth. As everyone has different hobbies, so he couldn’t just force her to play games.

“Ah. That’s right, I’ve heard about it, that Senpai participated greatly in yesterday’s tournament.”

“I wasn’t really great you know. In fact, I lost without doing anything……”

“I—Is that so? But when I heard from Kaichou, she quite happily told me that she is looking forward to play with Senpai in the future, you know?”


Even if he recalls about yesterday, aside all the embarrassing things, he can’t seem to remember anything he did to be praised by someone. Or it could be just Tendou being considerate.

Then at that moment, the door behind Kishimine made a sound.

“Oh, so everyone gathered, huh?”

It was Tendou.

And just like that, on Niitani’s face the smile of relief started to float. As expected, being alone with the opposite sex is still too early for her.

“Hello, Kaichou.”

“Aah, so you’re done with the cleaning today too, huh? Thank you for doing it always”

“No, it’s become like a daily habit for me now.”

“It’s quite an occasion, so how about taking part in Modern Game Club’s activities this time? I’ve even prepared some games that even you might be able to play”

“Ah……I am sorry, there’s a meeting at cooking research club today. So I’ve to leave soon or……”

Tendou looked truly disappointed.

“I see, then it really can’t be helped. No, then don’t worry about it, as your main job is that after all.”

“I am sorry, but please invite me next time too. Well then, Kishimine-senpai too.”

“Ah, Yeah”

And like always, while being courteous till the end, Niitani left the room.

“Fu—, as I thought it will not work, huh? I won’t say to officially join the club but, I somehow want her to know at least the enjoyment of games.”

Tendou who failed to invite her, sat down on the pipe chair.

He completely understood that how much Tendou loves games. And thus she wanted to spread that enjoyment to as many people as possible.

“Well, you can’t really help it. As things like these in the end completely depends on the people themselves.”

“That’s right isn’t it? So for the time being let’s be satisfied with just you alone being here. So now then, Kishimine. Do you have any game in particular you want to play today?”

“E……L—let’s see then”

If asked like that then, he had plenty of games he wanted to play.

That aside, he even wanted to play more of Uncharted, Spelunker and Gears of War.

However, enjoying himself alone was not fair. As she looked more of a game lover than he is. That’s why if possible he wanted to play a game which Tendou liked as well so that both of them can enjoy together playing it. But, he still didn’t know the likes and dislikes of Tendou.

Like that, Kishimine suddenly realized a certain thing. The obvious fact of being alone with Tendou in this small clubroom.

“Hm? What happened? Suddenly getting all restless.”

“Eh? Ah, No, Sorry. It’s just I still can’t get used to all this club activities thingy……”

He blurted out an excuse he found most appropriate for the situation.

“I see. Well get used to it as fast then. Just think about this as your own room and do what you want to do freely”

“M—my own room!”

Being together with Tendou in his own room. Just imagining that situation made him feel embarrassed. Thus, Kishimine’s nervousness, instead of cooling down, grew worse.

If the current situation progressed like that, then for sure Kishimine’s suspicious behavior would’ve spurred to a high degree. However, at that moment the door suddenly burst opened.

“I apologize, for my late arrival!”

It was none other than Sena-sensei. Those glasses had an essence of intelligence in them, and he was also wearing his white lab cloth as usual, the Physics teacher of this school, and our Modern Game Club’s Advisor. Plus, one of the members of the Team that represents us from the “Modern Game Club”

In that instant, his time together with just Tendou got over. Though, getting relieved that he didn’t have to be nervous anymore, he was sort of regretful as well.

“Hm? Is something the matter, Kishimine-kun?”

“N—No, not really.”

“Is that so? Well in any case, with this everyone has been gathered, so without wasting any time, let’s set about on the problem at present!”

“Yes, we’re just having a discussion about which game to play just now. Sensei too have something in mind?”

As Tendou said that, Sena-sensei started correcting his glasses with his middle finger with quite a disappointing look on his face.

“It was not about that was it, Tendou-kun?! Wasn’t our problem at present regarding the fourth member?!”

“Well you are right but……It’s not something that could be solved instantly is it? Not unless you have already found someone?”

“Exactly! It’s a good news, Ladies and Gentlemen! I brought a sweet souvenir of a news together with me today! Did you hear that today there was an inspection organized in one of the class?”

“Really? It wasn’t in mine class though”

“Neither in mine. Rather wait a second, does something like that really happens in this school……?”

For Kishimine who went to a normal high school till a month ago, it was something which he was not aware of.

“WHATT!? Then that means there was not one in your previous school?!”

It seemed that it was something really shocking to Tendou, as she had a surprised look on her face.

“Yes, Well. As carrying a Gaming device was a normal thing for the students.”

“Muu…… though it’s duty of the students to study, to be able to carry a DS[3] openly like that sure makes me jealous. Well let’s leave that for now. So, Sensei. What does that inspection has to do with our missing member?”

“Hm! As a matter of fact, as the confiscation box is in the staff room, I myself looked inside it! And for some unknown reason, there was an Xbox 360 controller inside it!”

“Eh? Just Controller……alone? I understand if it’s something like a Portable Gaming Device but, what’s the point of carrying a controller alone?”

To that Kishimine’s obvious question the one to answer was none other than Tendou.

“No, it’s quite a possibility. At JGBC one can bring their own controller to play the games. So for a Gamer to walk around with their “My Controller” is not that weird.”

“Heh……Is it something like that?”

“Although bringing the controllers are just recognized in the JGBC, in the last tournament, didn’t you see quite a lot walking with their own controller?”

“R—Really? I didn’t notice.”

He didn’t remember. Rather, at that moment, because he was at his wits end, he didn’t have any spare time to be looking at the other players.

“It’s quite a well-made system you know?”

Sena-sensei’s glasses shined. Kishimine knew that what’s coming next is Sensei’s explanation.

“At present, there are various types of Game Hardware in the world developed by Multi-National Companies you see, for instance there are various games that are designed both for PS3 and Xbox 360. However, even how much of a gamer you are, you never buy both of them! On the other hand, you never know which edition will appear in the event. So there, quite conveniently, PS3 controller that looks just exactly like Xbox 360 is sold.”

“A controller designed suitably just for left-handed people, or a light controller designed especially for small children, or a controller designed for women in a way that they can personalize with decoration. So that’s why it’s not rare to see a gamer to walk with their own personal controller.”

“I see, it sure seems to be a lot isn’t it? Do I need to get one for me as well?”

As he asked, Tendou bended her neck a little.

“No, not really unless you feel uncomfortable using these club ones for the moment. Anyway it’s better for us to get accustomed to any given situation after all. Well at any rate, if there is a student in the campus whose controller got confiscated then that means that person holds an interest in games. This sure seems worth a search.”

“However, there seems to be slight problem! As I said, I just took a quick glance inside the confiscation box, so, I don’t know the name or class of the owner!”

“That’s gonna be a trouble. But if it’s Sensei, then you can easily inquire about which class got inspected right?”

“Well, about that, for some unknown reasons I am hated by the Student Counsellor! So they won’t tell me even if I ask!”

“I don’t think that’s something to admit with such brimming confidence……”

This person known as Sena-sensei is a person who did say something absurd such as “Don’t you want to try marrying a Seiyuu?” in the club-recruit meeting after all.  So he could understand the reason of him getting disliked by the Student Counsellor.

“But, I do have an idea! Tendou-kun, lend me your ear a bit!”


Sena-sensei approached her neck and started saying something in a small voice.

But it looked like something absurd as her angry voice suddenly resounded in the room.

“Sensei, don’t be absurd! I am certainly a Student Council President but there’s no way I could use that authority for my personal matters!”

“It’s not like I don’t get your point! But, just as you are the Student Council President, you are also the Head of this Modern Game Club! In short, you have a duty to put effort as a head of both places! Or perhaps you are saying that you don’t consider both equally!?”

“Don’t you think t—that’s what you call a frivolous objection, it’s just a controversial way of thinking”

“Even if that’s what it is, isn’t my proposal just for the sake of a student?! I see, it may appear to you as abusing your power but wouldn’t it be a matter of great celebration if it that turns in the favor of student whose personal belonging got confiscated and for the Modern Game Club’s future as well?!”


Kishimine didn’t know what kind of idea Sena-sensei presented to her but, he understood very well that she won’t oppose if got told that it’s for the sake of a student.

“I understand, Sure I don’t wanna get used in a matter like this but——”

And just as Kishimine thought, she nodded after releasing a sigh.

“Certainly, that student would be worried right now as his/her things got confiscated. So, let’s hold back from scolding the vice-president for now. Well then Sensei, I will head to the Staff-room for now.”

“[Nod] will be expecting something good from you then!”

And thus, both the men were left in the club.

“Sensei, just what are you trying to make her do? It appears like that this school regulations are quite strict, so I don’t think that even a Student Council President could do something extravagant”

“Well you don’t have to worry about anything so just be relaxed! As long as it’s entrusted to her, it will go smoothly even if she was going against a teacher!”

“I see. Is Tendou-san that incredible?”

“[Nod] you might not know but, she is incredible enough to serve as a Student Council President since her First Year!”


Leaving even Second and Third Year’s behind, a First Year becoming a Student Council President. Certainly it was something that requires a person with excellent aptitude and virtue.

At any rate, he realized that he still didn’t know anything about Tendou yet. The only thing he knew was that she was in the same year as him, the Head of the Club, the President of the School, a huge game lover and in the end that she is quite a beautiful person.

And just like that the point of Sena-sensei, got proved. As [PinPonPanPon] the Broadcast resounded in the whole school.

“Contacting every Student”

It was none other than Tendou herself.

“This is High School division Student Council President. Today, a sudden inspection got performed in various classrooms. Though it’s a rule to not bring anything unneeded in the school but, as the new term has just started, this time alone the inspection will be overlooked. Thus, people whose things got confiscated, come urgently to the Student Council room to take it back.”

“……Oh. I see, so like this”

Maybe it turned out like this because of Sena-sensei’s plan itself but, even if that’s the case, he can’t help but feel amazed at Tendou’s performance.

‘Probably the broadcast must’ve been performed after talking it over with the Student Counsellor teacher. To be able to do such a thing like that would be impossible unless you are really trusted by the teacher. I see, I sort of understand why she is the Student Council President from her First Year of the school.’

“Alright, with this the pieces are now all in order! Kishimine-kun, let’s head to the Student Council as well!”

Suddenly Sena-sensei presented the idea.

“Eh? We too? What do you plan to do?”

“Isn’t it obvious? It’s to secure our member! Hurry up!”

“Eh?  Eh?”

And while pushed like that, he departed from the club.

And soon enough Kishimine ended up regretting the fact that he couldn’t remember how he himself got “Secured” as a club member.



The Student Council Room was closed. But with the key that Sena-sensei had, it opened quite easily.

“Is it really alright? To enter a closed classroom like this on our own.”

“Ah No Problem, I am also a teacher as well you know?! And for a teacher to take a round inside the school is a natural thing!”

What he said was, for once, quite proper. He started to get the reason why the Student counsellor teacher doesn’t like him.

“Heh……, so this is the Student Council Room, huh?”

Though it was just another room in this Ojou-sama school, it was quite a simple room for which the saying “The strength of sobriety” fits perfectly. In the extent similar to that of a Modern Game Club, the room had only a long desk and a file cabinet. However, the flower which was arranged in a vase decorated with small accessories, was explaining the characteristics/nature of the people who were using the room.

Like that he realized that Sensei was inspecting the room while waiting at the entrance.

“Sensei, is something wrong? You look like a suspicious person you know?”

“No, I am bad with the Vice-President of here you see. So if possible I don’t wanna meet her.”

“Ah— I totally get that.”

He recalled the Vice-President Kotono from this morning. She is a girl who said “I will be sure to stab you to death” in a manner which could be hardly considered as a joke. So if she got to know that in order to “Secure” a member Tendou was being used then there was no telling what she will do.

“Well for today it seems that the Student Council don’t have that much work, so it will be alright I guess. So then, Kishimine-kun. Let’s hide quickly before Tendou-kun arrives!”

“Huh? Hide?”

“Let’s see, I think that the usual behind the curtain will do for now! I will be here, so you go there!”

“EH?  Huh? Wait, what you mean!? Why there’s a need to hide!?”

“Geez Okay Listen! In any second, the girls who had their belongings taken will come. Not only we are not the authorized people of the Student Council, but also 2 guys, which this school’s girls hate! So mistakenly we can’t scare them can we?!”

“Ah, I see……—No, wait, we didn’t come here to hide did we——”

“Geez, just go and hide quickly! It’s almost time for Tendou and the others to come!”

While forcing his words on him, Sena-sensei hid himself behind the curtain.

And as arguing more appeared useless, Kishimine also hid himself giving up saying anything more.

And soon the room of the Student Council got opened and someone came in.

As he peeked secretly from behind the curtain, he saw the figure of Tendou and the box in her hand would be that infamous confiscation box.

As she put the box onto the table, without any moments delay numerous girls appeared.

“Excuse me, Umm, I am Ikeda from 3-D. I had my book confiscated earlier……”

“Aah. By Book, you mean this? I do think that it’s alright for Teachers to usually overlook something around that line, but still School Rules are School Rules. So do take care from next time.”

“Yes, thank you so much.”

The conversation of Tendou and that girl reached into his ears.

After that numerous girls and their several conversations as well but, there were no signs of the person to take his/her Game Controller back.

“Hmm, now the only thing left is this Game Controller, huh? Did he/she leave already huh?”

He heard the small voice of Tendou saying that.

Now that he thinks back, this conspiracy that Sena-sensei came up with was put into action a little after After-school. So it wouldn’t be unusual if he/she returned home before she broadcasted that information.

When Kishimine was reaching to that conclusion, it happened.


Someone entered the Student Council Room.

‘Eh? A Middle Schooler? Plus, she is not even Japanese?’

For Kishimine who was behind the curtain watching the situation, for him to reach that point, there was a certain reason.

The Little Girl who entered inside was, a middle schooler, rather she was small enough to be mistaken as an elementary schooler and on top of it she was wearing the sailor uniform. He thought of her from a Middle School division for a second, but then it’s weird for her to come inside the High School division Student Council Room, plus now that he looks at her carefully, the design of the sailor uniform was quite different from this School.

Her hair was beautifully blonde. He can’t think of this school allowing any student to dye her hair, which means that without any doubt that’s her real hair color.  Even her skin was rather white than any normal Japanese person.

“She sure is a cute girl…… Looks exactly like a Western Doll.”

Her height was around 140 centimeter, and her arms and legs were also quite slender—rather quite small. On the other hand the eyes were quite big, but contrastively her face was small, she vaguely has this Japanese feeling to her as well. It’s just, right now, her mouth was in a shape of “へ” character, and she looked rather in a bad mood, which was ruining her cuteness.

Moreover— Kishimine’s eyes got drawn naturally to one part of that little girl’s body.


Despite of her body being small, her breast alone were unnaturally quite big. That point alone couldn’t be compared to even Tendou, though her looks were that of a child, she had this dangerous feeling to her.

‘I wonder if this school really enrolled people by their looks……’

Now that he thinks back since his enrolment into this school, he, not even for once, saw any girl who didn’t give a cute or beautiful impression to him.

“You also here to get your confiscated belongings back?”

As first Tendou inquired,

“Ah, Yes. You are gonna give it back here right?”

Her voice was also childish, and that little girl replied in a rather stiff and bitter way.

“So what was it that got confiscated?”

“……It was a G—Game controller”

“Now Kishimine-kun, SecuuureeeeEE her!”

After saying aloud, Sena-sensei leapt from behind the curtain. Out of nowhere, he pulled out a big bag, big enough to easily put a person inside.

“W—What!? What the hell is with—”

She didn’t even had a chance to scream. With the speed of a wolf hunting its prey, he literally covered her body from top to bottom with the bag.

“S—Sensei!? Just what in the world are you doing!?”

Tendou throwed a natural question at him.

“You can guess by just looking right, It me securing a new member! Let’s go Kishimine-kun, Grab that part carefully!”

“Eh? Eehh!?”

Pressing the conversation on him, he got forced to shoulder the human bag.

“Be sure to not let if fall, okay?! Well then, let’s go!”

“Eh!? Eeeeehhhhh!?”



‘By any possible chance, I wonder if I am the type of a guy who could be used easily’

Kishimine casually thought, while carrying an unknown girl on his shoulders.

He was literally helping in this kidnapping. He thought that he should’ve stopped Sena-sensei before things turning out like this, but then again, this turned out, even after stopping him from getting out of control.

“Hey! What the hell is wrong with you, Put me down already!”

The little girl inside the bag was struggling but, the power was not that strong, and didn’t turn into a hindrance in carrying her at all.

‘Still, it’s quite light’

The weight was negligible considering that a human was inside the bag. Plus, for some reason, she felt unusually soft.

Now that he carefully thinks about it even though it was inside the bag, he never touched a girl like this before. After thinking of that he strangely started to feel embarrassed, and yet pitiful of the fact itself.

“Hyaa—!? Hey! D—don’t you dare touch me at weird places!”


Somehow feeling guilty he apologized instantly. As that was happening, they finally reached the clubroom. The fact of reaching there without getting caught by a student or a teacher could be considered as a miracle.

“Alright, let’s drop it Kishimine-kun!”


The person is a girl. As one can’t be careful enough, he put her on the floor, very carefully.

“Geez, what’s wrong with you!? Open it already!”

“Calm down, I am going to open it now”

The moment he opened the bag,


The blond head leapt suddenly, and directly strike the chin of Sena-sensei.

“S—Sensei!? Sensei—!?”

It was a one-hit KO. And Sena-sensei was stretched wide on the floor, collapsed.

“Tch, I let my guard down! I thought that Japan was a country with good public order but to think that a perverted teacher like him slipped inside the school itself.”

Next, the little girl, sternly turned her glare at Kishimine. Even though she was small enough to be mistaken as an Elementary schooler, the glint in her eyes was strong enough to put even an adult to shame.

“You are also one of the Kidnappers aren’t you!?”

“N—No! Well, you are partially right, but still No!”

“Be silent! Plus you also touched me…… a while ago didn’t you!?”

Her face turned red, and she started to hide her body—No, to be exact she folded her arms to hide her big breasts which were on her small build body.

So he sort of understood where he touched her a while ago.

“N—No, Uhm, S—Sorry!”

“Shut up! If you are gonna apologize then don’t go touching in the first place!”

A loud voice resounded and he got his face slapped by that little girl.


Well it obviously hurt in its own way. But on the other hand, that pain was kinda refreshing. As he did something which was worth getting hit for, he started thinking about it.

And now that he thinks of, it was first time in his life that he got slapped on the face by a girl. After joining this club, every day is filled with new experiences, or so he started to think.

“……Huh? That pitiful face of yours, I have a feeling that I have seen it somewhere……”

Suddenly, she said something like that.

“W—well of course we are the student of the same school, so maybe we could’ve passed by each other somewhere.”

“No, that’s not right! Not in this school but Yesterday—”

As she was about to say something,

“Just as I thought it turned out like this, huh?”

The one who appeared on the entrance of clubroom was none other than Tendou.

“Huh? You are from back then— I see, so you are also one of them, aren’t you?”

After watching the body of Sena-sensei stretched wide on the floor, Tendou who was interchanging the questions, sighed and nodded.

“Aah, regretfully, yes. I am the head of this Modern Game Club, and this is my clubroom. The one who is collapsed over there is the club advisor, Sena-sensei. And the boy over there is the club member named Kishimine Kengo. I also remembered something after watching that uniform of yours. If I am not mistaken, you are the girl that got transferred to this school last year right?”

“Yes, that’s right but”

“Oh, so she was also the transferred student. Be that the case, I wonder why such a little girl got transferred into the High School— Oufu”

Kishimine released a strange voice. And the reason was because he got elbowed by that little girl. He started to wonder, that if someone got hit suddenly in the stomach then a shriek like that comes out quite naturally.

“I am sure that you’re misunderstanding something really rude aren’t you!? Just so may you know, I am a third year! Giving my name like this is kinda shocking but it can’t be helped, I am Sugishika Madoka from 3-D! Be sure to remember it!”

“EeeehhhH? Same year as us!? Unbelievable, I mean you don’t look anything like a high schooler—gufuu—”

Kishimine once again receive a strong blow in his stomach and reflexively fell on his knees.

“I—In the first place, isn’t your uniform itself different. If you are in the High School division then it should’ve been a blazer instead of the Sailor Uniform……”

“I transferred here from America! So this is the uniform of the school I was in there!”

“A—Aah so that’s why……”

Even though she said she is in High School and wears a sailor uniform instead of a blazer, and that too is slightly different in design from the usual sailor uniform of the Middle School division. He finally understood the reason behind all of that. Considering her name being Japanese and her Japanese too was very good, it seems that she had Caucasian blood in her as well which was quite evident from her beautiful blonde hair and white skin.

“But to think that even in such a strict school, something like that is permitted……”

As Kishimine searched for an answer, Tendou replied.

“I am not familiar with it that much but, with just a single world from chairman it got permitted. Well getting transferred from America would’ve been hard in its own way”

“I don’t give a damn about that at all!”

The little girl named Sugishika Madoka hit the desk near her.

“Just what is this!? What’s with this rude boy over there!? And why the hell have I been brought here like that!?”

“I apologize for all the rude things that happened. For now, let me give this back to you.”

After apologizing open-heartedly, she took out the game controller out from the confiscation box.

“This is yours right? An Xbox 360 controller, huh? You can’t just bring such things in the school, you know?!”

The little girl called Sugishika Madoka flinched for the first time till then.

“You’re M—mistaken! This is umm, that’s right! It’s my big brother’s! He by mistake put this into my bag, and thus by chance got found by the teacher!”

“Fufufu, it would be better if you don’t lie like that, as you can’t hide anything from me!”

The one to shout such a thing, was Sena-sensei who just got 1 hit KO’ed by her a while ago. As one would expect he got revived without no one watching him.

“This is not just an ordinary controller. This is a controller customized so that even a child with small hands can use it, a JGBC’s Official custom controller. You might’ve gotten out of it if you would’ve said Little Brother instead of an Older Brother.”


He doesn’t quite get it but, Sena-sensei cornered Sugishika in an argument.

“Well let’s leave these things aside, and get to the point! Sugishika Madoka was it right? To be honest, I have brought you here because I wanted to have a conversation with you.”

“……After all that you dare say “brought you here”? Well fine, let’s hear.”

“Let’s get one thing straight first, if you’re walking with this kind of a controller then, you must be quite a gamer yourself, are you not?!”


Sugishika didn’t say anything.

“Then, let me get this straight! We built this Modern game club with the aim to win JGBC, No, an overall WGBC’s Team Championship.”

“Come to think of it, I did hear about a rumor about this school having a gaming club. I see, so this is that club’s clubroom, huh?”

Sugishika looked around in the clubroom. Big Four Plasma T.V’s plus several gaming consoles. No matter from what angle you see, it was a club designed to play games.

“If you know about us already, then that would make things fast! As you can see, in the club including me, the ones who can play games are just the three of us, so for now we still lack one person to officially participate in the Team Battle! So there I want you to join the club!”

“I refuse”

She replied very quickly.

“Won’t you tell us your reason first?” Tendou asked “If you join the club, then no one will say anything to you even if you were to carry that controller with you as it’s related to the club, plus you could play whatever you want at afterschool, you know?”

“I couldn’t care less about something like that. And I don’t plan on hiding it, Yes, I love games. And I even plan entering in the JGBC. But, I am satisfied with just Individual matches. That’s why I would very much like to decline joining a team that is as weak as a dog and which would pull me back.”

She declared that with a composed expression on her face. She was sharp with her mouth just like her appearance. And then, for Kishimine who had a self-awareness of him being weak like dog, it was something that made him mad.

“I see, it appears that you too have quite some confidence in your skills as a gamer.”

The one to respond like that was none other than Sena-sensei.

“But still, don’t you think it’s rude and cold of you to refer us weak without even actually knowing our skills!? For your information, we too didn’t build this club just for show or on a mere whim. ”

“Heh……, so basically you are saying that you are confident enough to take me? Oh well, if you went as far as making a club then you guys too must have some skills in you. But even after that, I know the potential of this small island’s gamers. The moment they go on the international stage the best they can do is to just avoid getting beaten too horribly.”

“Ho, it’s as if you’ve seen the stage yourself.”

“Well of course I did. I used to participate till last year in the AGBC[4] in America.”


It was a word he heard for the first time but, he somewhat comprehended the meaning of it. JGBC stands for the Gaming tournament that take place in Japan. Then, AGBC should be the American Edition of it.

“Ho, so you are a veteran gamer of the infamous AGBC, huh? That sure makes it interesting then.”

Tendou’s eyes sparkled.

“Yes, that’s more the reason I got depressed after watching the condition here. The FPS level here is way beyond saving. That’s why there is no hope for a world level here.”

As usual it was a conversation that couldn’t make sense for him.

“Umm……, what was FPS again? I think that I’ve heard of it somewhere before but”

Sugishika made a face as if she felt very sorry for him.

“Haa!? Are you an idiot? Besides, First Person Shooting Game, what else could it be?!”

“F—Fast Pers—on……?”

“You played Gears of War right?” said Tendou. “To put it simply, those kind of shooting games are what it is. Although both Uncharted and Gears of War lie in the group of TPS genre to be exact, In other words they are Third Person Shooting Games.”

“……I sort of get it, but then I don’t. In short FPS is where you can firefight with first person viewpoint, right?”

“Exactly” said Sena-sensei. “In America the FPS and TPS build Fighting Games are quite trending you see. Popular enough to be saying that the fan count for those games are crossing more than 10 million!”

“I see, as expected of the American Society……”

“Well certainly you could say that because it’s America that genre is popular.”

Tendou commented with a little sullen expression on her face.

“On quite the opposite end of it are the Japanese which are whatsoever related with guns, and because of that there is not even one decent FPS game in trend. However, if a genre gets dominated by 10 million users then, it’s normal for it to get selected in WGBC event matches. If one is aiming for WGBC then, he/she needs to be really good in the FPS.”

“So that how it is, you understand now?”

Like that she pointed her fingers at Kishimine.

“In other words, for Japanese who are bad at FPS, world conquest is a farfetched dream! So there’s no way I am gonna join a dog who doesn’t even know FPS!”

“Well, I wonder about that though? It seems you don’t get the real meaning of Team battle!”

The one to say that as a provocation was none other than Sena-sensei.

“Well FPS is certainly one of the major genre that is required in the WGBC but, the there’s no way that all the games appearing in the WGBC will be FPS based! If you are not good at games other than FPS then it would be impossible for you to win the main thing.”

“E—even if that’s the case, there’s no mistaking that FPS too is an essential genre.”

“So there! To win through the Individual’s you have to excel in each and every genre of gaming. However, if it’s a team match, then it’s a different thing. Just like you excel in FPS. I and Tendou too have a genre we excel in! And it’s the same with even Kishimine, who you branded as a dog! Team battle has a special feature in it where one can win as long as every member uses the things that they are good in!  So there let’s have you lead if it’s FPS, but if it’s the something besides FPS then let us lead you.”


It seemed as if there was somewhat of an effect of that persuasion on Sugishika, as she for a moment lost words.

But that too lasted for just a moment, as she quickly regained her previous posture with her arms folded, as she said.

“Hmph, it’s just impossible. To comply with what you are saying, there’s a condition where all four should have some skills. If in a team there existed a guy who was nothing more than a burden, then it’s natural for a Team battle to result in a loss right? Plus, I just can’t think that you all have what it takes”


Reflexively Kishimine ended up agreeing to her. It was because, what she was pointing out, was right. Plus, if he had to think of someone among four who had the most potential to be a burden for everyone else, then that would be none other than him or so he thought.

“I understand what you are saying. It seems that you are also a typical gamer.”

For some unknown reason Tendou seemed happy. Considering her character, maybe she was happy about the fact of having another enthusiastic gamer such as her in this school or so Kishimine conjectured.

“Okay let’s do this then, let’s settle this with a gaming battle. As a result if you judge our skills as worthless, we will give up on recruiting you. But if it’s the opposite, then I would like to welcome you as our, Modern Game Club’s comrade.”

“I don’t have any reason, not any obligation to go along with that plan though”

Sugishika bluntly said

“But, if you too are a gamer. Then there is no way you could refuse a straight out challenge to a match. Right?”

To Tendou’s question, Sugishika for the first time after meeting them showed her smile.

“Very well then. If you’re gonna say that much, then I will allow myself to show you my genuine skills. As that would be much easier to make you understand my point.”

“W—what a confidence……”

“Isn’t it obvious? As there’s no way for me to get beaten by the likes of Japanese gamers?! If you like I don’t even mind giving you a handicap you know? Let’s see, how about making it a 3 v/s 1 match?”

“There’s really no need to do it, as a game should be played with fair rules. Though……as to which game it’s gonna be, it would be fine if we decide on that right?”

“Hmph, do what you want to. However, the game must be either FPS or TPS, because I want to see how far you can go in that genre with your aim of conquering the world.”

“Alright, everyone is okay with the agreement right?! Quite good as it’s easy to understand!”

Sena-sensei said that as if to conclude the conversation.

“Well then let’s all meet up here tomorrow afterschool! And have a showdown!”

And like that.

For Kishimine, his second gaming battle got arranged.


Reference Words :-

[1] Buchou (部長) – refers to the head of a club/organization or a company.
[2] Kaichou (会長) – refers to the President, Chairman etc.
[3] The Nintendo DS (ニンテンドーDS Nintendou DS) is a dual-screen handheld game console developed and released by Nintendo.
[4] America Gaming Battle Championship

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