Volume 3

Volume 3

Modern Game Club, finally able to fulfill the requirement by having Sugishika Madoka as their new member, decide to take part in the Japan Game Battle Championship a.k.a JGBC’s Team Battle as a first step towards their dream.
Each member fights their way up in the Team Battles with high difficulty level! Where Kishimine makes a pre-destined encounter with a girl he hadn’t expected……!?
The Volume 3 in the series yet again, will introduce some of the popular games! And with the Real Gameplay’s, excitement will be MAX!!

  • Illustrations (Will be Added later)
  • EP.1 – First Gaming Tournament – Team Battle’s (Translation Done, In Edit)
  • EP.2 – Childhood Friend and New Member (Translation Done, In Edit)
  • EP.3 – Fishing and Game and Gathering (11/71)
  • EP.4 – Surugazaka Academy’s Electronic Game Research Club (0/11)
  • EP.5 – Fragment of the Sky (0/93)
  • EP.6 – After the Battle (0/14)
  • Afterword (0/3)