(Just to let you all know, the above manga is Himegoto and both of them are boys. Why choose this then? Cause the translator here is “S”. This manga first started as a 4-KOMA but then switched to a normal one after few chapters)

Yonkoma manga (4コマ漫画 , “four cell manga”, or 4-koma for short), a comic-strip format, generally consists of gag comic strips within four panels of equal size ordered from top to bottom.
Rakuten Kitazawa (who wrote under the name Yasuji Kitazawa) produced the first yonkoma in 1902. Entitled “Jiji Manga”, it was thought to have been influenced by the works of Frank Arthur Nankivell and of Frederick Burr Opper. Jiji Manga appeared in the Sunday edition

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Other famous examples of 4-KOMA series would be Seitokai Yakuindomo and Lucky☆Star. If you haven’t heard/read/watched these two then you must be someone forcefully time traveled from the stone age.