EP.3 – Sugishika Madoka’s Basic FPS Lecture


Part 1

Famous for being an all-girls school until two years ago, the Izunomiya Academy had extremely low number of boys. If one had to take a ratio then it would be like 2:30. Not to mention that in the senior year, the total count of boys was just 10. So because of that, every boy in their senior year had to take their physical education lesson in a group.

Thus, that moment was like a precious gathering time for all the boys.


“O—su”about you?”

“Useless as usual. No one even bothered to look at me—“

That day too when the P.E class started, the ones to start that kind of conversation were the Transfer Students who enrolled here this spring—in short, “The Transferred Batch”. Without giving up on their quest to make a Harem, they made P.E time as a place to exchange useful information.

Obviously, Kishimine was also included in the “Transferred Batch” but as he wasn’t able to follow up with their conversation he completely avoided them.

On the contrary, the most active among the group was his classmate Kusakabe.

“Hey, the group over there! Stop with the talk and start moving those legs!”

Their female P.E teacher, who should be somewhere in her 30’s raised her voice with an excessive fighting spirit. Yes, today too they were made to run on the ground.

“Rather, I wonder why we are just made to either walk or run on the ground every day. Something like a walking race is not something you should do in your P.E. class, right?”

“Well obviously that’s because there’s nothing on the ground”

In this Academy, facilities like Tennis, Volley-ball, Basketball were extremely well flourished. Plus, there were just unreasonable amount of indoor institutions prepared for different sports. However, the problem was that only girls were allowed to use them as there were no locker rooms build for the guys.

So inevitably, the P.E. for boys had turned into a muscle training time like “sprinting and walking” etc., in short, anything that didn’t involve any equipment.

“(Sigh) If only girls could also do their P.E. here, then we could’ve been able to see their Bloomer figure from the window or something.”

“Well, think of the brighter side. The white skin is best suited on a high school girl, so isn’t it a good thing that they are not getting sunburned?”

“Fuck off, for a dark elf lover like me, isn’t that like total shit?”

“What’s with this “dark elf love” all of a sudden? By the way, I, with the “odour fetish”, am also here. Doesn’t someone care to understand me as well?”

The “Transferred Batch” was always busy with such kind of talks. It seemed sort of fun, but for Kishimine, it was a circle he couldn’t possibly step into.

“U—Umm, Kishimine-san, do you have a moment?”


At that moment, the one that came over to him and triggered a conversation was a student.

In this Academy, there existed two kinds of senior boys. Firstly, the transferred students like Kusakabe. Secondly, the boys who enrolled in this school in their first year, in other words, the so-called “Survivors”.

Two years ago when this school started accepting boys, many male students enrolled in but, unable to get used to the Ojou-sama atmosphere, most of them transferred to other schools. Thus, the numbers reduced to being just five students, hence known as the “Survivors.”

The one who approached him was also one of them. These “Survivors” had quite common characteristics among them, like they all had a quiet disposition, their body too was somewhat small and none of them were wild like the “Transferred Batch”.  In fact each one of them was like a small animal or something. He somewhat understood that in order to survive in that environment they must’ve had no choice but to give the appearance of a harmless creature.

“Umm, do you want something from me?”

“Y—Yes. Um, is it true that you joined the Modern Game Club which is led by Student Council President Tendou-san?”

“Well sort of”

At that moment.

His face sparkled with amazement.

“A—amazing! To be able to join a club despite being a boy, it’s a brilliant achievement!”

“I—isn’t it scary? I mean that club has Student Council President and Sena-sensei right?”

The other “Survivor Batch” boys also gathered around him like puppies.

“S—scary? Well I admit that Sena-sensei is a bit weird but, I think that Buchou——Tendou-san, is a nice person who can talk to us boys quite normally”

“N—no way! I mean she is a person who stands on the top of this school’s girls you know!? There’s even a rumour which goes like if by any chance if we went and offended her, there will be no tomorrow for us to look forward to!”

“That’s right! I haven’t even made an eye contact with her yet…… I don’t really get all of this but I remember that there was this one guy who transferred one month after he was forced to take the Modern Game Club’s entry examination, you know!?”

He, yet again, was made to realise another one of those reasons for which the “Modern Game Club” had no members whatsoever. And thus, he started thinking that just what kind of invitation were both of them going with?

“Oi, what the hell!? Was there really a club in which we boys could’ve entered!?”

At that moment, as if eavesdropping on the conversation, the other guys from “Transferred Batch” hopped in.

“Eh? Ah, Yes. It goes by the name Modern Game Club……”

As usual he was bad at talking to the other guys from the “Transferred Batch” but, even after losing his bearings he was able to answer to that.

“Modern Game Club? Aah, that weird club that has clearing “Spelunker” as a requirement, huh!?”

“Obsessing ourselves with rhythmic gymnastics, tennis club and Swimming club was wrong from the start, huh? It’s OK for a guy to enrol in that club right!? We could finally get in touch with the girls right!?”

“I—I wonder about that? I mean well, we did club activities together but……”

Situation started to get quite weird. The people gathered around him to listen what he had to say.

That too was something that happened to him first time in his life, so he couldn’t remain calm.

“Ah Kishimine which reminds me, the other day you said you were looking for more members right? So what happened after that?”

As Kusakabe went and asked him that, the eyes of every “Transferred Student” changed.

“What?! Are you fucking serious!? If it’s like that, then I am ready to join anytime, okay!?”

“Then M—me too! I take pride in being somewhat good at games as well!”

“A—about that, we already found the last member. A girl named Sugishika Madoka from 3-D joined just a while ago.”

The words that, he thought would put a stop to them, gained quite an unexpected reaction.

“Say what!? You just said Sugishika Madoka, right!?”

The first one to react to that was as usual, Kusakabe.

“Eh? Is it really something to get that much shocked about?”

“Well, of course it is! There’s no way I could miss checking a Blonde Giant Breasted Loli can I?”

“B—Blonde Giant Breasted Loli……”

What a terrible way to put someone. But certainly, it was quite a fit representation of her.

“She’s quite C—Cute isn’t she? Her body is also way smaller than us guys, somehow like a doll or something……”

Even the guys from “Survivor Batch”, who usually couldn’t follow such kind of topics, were saying things like that with red faces.

“I dare say that it’s amazing, those huge breasts, that don’t go along with her small size! How to put it— it’s like a charm which could corrupt any guy!”

“I know right! Ku—, I want to hold that small body of hers with these hands and bury my face in there!”

Where!? To ask such a question was impossible for a pure minded person like him.

“How nice to be in Modern Game Club! Heck even Tendou Shinobu is there! I think I will join the club!?”

“Exactly, please add my name on the list as well! At this point, if it would increase my chances to get around with girls, I’m all in”

“EH? EHH?”

He started to flow in the weird course of events.

They had already found the last member for the club. The clubroom was small, not to mention the equipment was limited and could not be used by more than four people at once. So there really wasn’t any room for more people to enter the club. Above all, he hated the thought of any other boy getting near Tendou.

However, he was afraid to put that into words as every high school boy’s feelings, to get close to girls, were natural. So, if only he got to achieve that then, it may end up hurting the other guys.

“Now, don’t be too hasty guys and just relax for a second”

The one to give him an unexpected helping hand was Kusakabe.

“Just go and give it a thought. Until now there was literally no one in the modern game club and because it was like that, Kishimine was able to join. Now, just try entering there together as a group. Not only will you scare the girls off, but will also cause the club to disband doing club activities together as a group.”

As if getting convinced by his words, the guys nodded.

“Well certainly……considering this school, it’s quite likely”

“Now that I think of it rationally, it would be bad at various levels if we join a club that has only 2 girls”

“That’s why let’s just see off this gallant warrior of ours!”

As if to conclude the conversation, Kusakabe said that.

“First of all, Kishimine will do club activities together with everyone there. Not to mention the leader is the Student Council President, who holds the trust of entire school’s girls. So if the word “Student council president is getting along with a boy” got around, then it’s quite possible that the wall between boys and girls might break free, don’t you all agree?”

The boys were taken aback.

“I see…!! As expected of you Kusakabe, you are a true tactician indeed!”

“Yeah, our main priority should be breaking that wall!”

“Fine, Kishimine. We entrust our hopes to you! So please do your best in making an environment where we get to enjoy our youth”

“A……Yes, I—I will try do my best”

As he had to say something, he gave an appropriate response that went well with the situation.


After that, running on the ground for countless times, when the numbers had decreased quite a lot, Kishimine came near Kusakabe.

“Thanks for earlier, Kusakabe”

“Hm? For what?”

“For stopping the guys from entering the Modern Game Club. As we have limited amount of equipment in the club, I was worried about how would I turn them down.”

“Don’t mind it, as I did it because it would do more good to me like that. At any rate, if we got even just one official couple, then I am sure that it will make a crack on the wall. So to make that happen, be it Tendou or Sugishika, I am okay in conceding one of them to you. I will even erase all the obstacles from the way. That’s why somehow please, go and cross the line.”

“By C—C—Couple you mean…… It’s not like I have such an aim or something……”

As he said that with his face all red, Kusakabe patted his shoulders one after another.

“Even rhinoceros beetles, if put in a closed jar would start having fun with each other. So if a girl and a boy were left alone in a small clubroom then it won’t be weird if something happened!”

Didn’t you have anything else other than that as an example? He wanted to add a Tsukkomi, but he was too embarrassed to do so.

So that’s why his options were limited to somehow changing the topic.

“C—come to think of it, Sugishika-san transferred here from America right? That hair of hers sure looks American to me but, that way of talking plus her name is also Japanese……, I wonder why?”

As America was her immigrant country, it felt a bit strange to Kishimine. Not to mention, that white skin combined with the hair colour made her look as if she belonged to some Scandinavian country.

“Aah. According to their family register it seems that she holds the dual nationality of both America and Japan. I don’t know the particulars but, it seems that her mother is Japanese.”


A sudden and obvious question floated across his mind but, getting to know a little bit about Sugishika made those feelings a bit complicated.

“Well, tell me anytime, if you want her number. That’s right, if you are embarrassed inviting her out, then there is also an option to make it a double date you know? Isn’t going somewhere with Me, You, Sugishika and Tendou has a nice ring to it?”

“I—I will give it a thought……”

He couldn’t help giving him a vague reply like that.




Part 2

And thus it was After-school.

From today onwards they will have the full gathering of four members, which means that they can finally start with full-scale club activities. While thinking about it, Kishimine approached the clubroom more nimbly than usual.

‘Not to mention, the current situation could be viewed as a small harem in its own right……?’

That too was one of the reasons behind him walking with light feet.

Tendou and Sugishika. The reason for boys getting jealous was because both of them were very beautiful and charming, and from today onwards, he would be able to spend his time together with them at the same place. If he had to exclude Sena-sensei out of the equation for being a teacher, then without any question it was a state of a Harem indeed.

‘Well, I do have a feeling that some clichéd happening out of a romance novel won’t occur at all……’

When he considered his character, depressingly or not he had no choice left but to agree with himself on that. In the first place, he didn’t even know if they even saw him as someone from an opposite sex.

Nonetheless, even without a juicy story like that, Kishimine was sort of excited as he would be able to do full-scale club activities from today onwards.

As he reached in front of the clubroom, he took out the new clubroom key he got from Sena-sensei during the lunch break. It was like a proof of him being the club member of the Modern Game Club.

However, as he tried to put the key into the keyhole, he noticed the door was already opened slightly. It was a sign that some other club member was already there.

So he opened the door and entered.


The one who was there before him, was none other than Sugishika Madoka.

“What? Is it bad for me to be here?”

“N—no, not at all”

While pretending to put his bag down, he started surveying her. The reason he did that was because of the effect of the talk he had with the other boys during P.E.

‘I see…!! Certainly there is no doubt that she is cute. The beautiful blonde hair, with those big pupils and small body. If only she didn’t have those sharp gazing eyes, then she really could’ve been mistaken for a western doll. Not to forget her petite body, small enough to be mistaken for an elementary schooler and her huge breasts were without any question her charm points.’

“Hey. What are you staring at?”

“Eh? Ah, it’s not—”

As he got caught, he flutteringly came up with an excuse.

“It’s just that I got a little surprised seeing you here before me as you didn’t seem that much eager to take part in the club activities.”

It was an excuse he made in a hurry but, it unexpectedly showed a lot of effect, as she started looking down.

“That’s because……I had something I wanted to tell you”

“Eh? To me?”

It was a reply he didn’t see coming. And he didn’t know what she wanted to talk about?

Above all, for some reason she didn’t have that usual sharp atmosphere around her and was looking like a bashful child.

Her modest attitude started emphasising her cuteness even more, which led it to whole new level, and thus made Kishimine nervous.

“Um……I am sorry about yesterday, calling you a weak dog…”


At first, he didn’t get what she was trying to say as she had been using foul language against him from start. That’s why he couldn’t believe that a girl like her was apologizing to him so easily.

Him being not able to say anything in return made Sugishika lose her patience as she shouted

“Ah Jeez! I mean, I get that you also have some potential as a gamer, I feel that I went too far calling you a dog and all!”

“Ah, What, so it was that? Don’t worry I don’t really mind it, as it’s true that I am a beginner at games”

“Y—you…, don’t you feel anything calling yourself a beginner and all?”

“Eh? But, that’s true”

“Ah—Jeez, Fine I get it, be a dog or whatever for eternity! Ah, and one more thing, you use honorifics and call me “Sugishika-san” right? It’s annoying so can you stop with that!? As we are in the same year and all!?”

“Eh? Oh, yeah it was supposed to be like that?”

“Why a question there!? You…, don’t tell me, you are making any weird assumptions regarding my age with respect to my height or something!?”

It was a bulls-eye. As one would expect, she really had a complex regarding her height.

“A—at any rate, I got it. But……in return how should I call you then!?”

“Be it “Sugishika” or “Madoka” call me however you feel like.”


He got embarrassed as he mumbled that in is mind.

And soon realised that there was no way in hell that he could suddenly call her by her first name.

“Got it. Okay then…..Sugishika”

“Yeah, it’s fine now”


Kishimine didn’t know that he would be engulfed with such emotions so many times.

Just recently he got prompted by Tendou to stop referring her as a stranger but, in her case, the topic concluded with him addressing her as “Buchou”. Therefore, it was the first time when he addressed a girl casually by her surname.

The high school life, which he thought might end just reading books till a while ago, would transform like that. It was still hard for him to believe that.

“Oh, new members have gathered alright!”

The one who entered in the room all happily was Tendou.

“Sugishika, so you also ended up coming diligently didn’t you? One way or another you were also looking forward to be able to play didn’t you?”

Sugishika, for some reason, ended up getting embarrassed.

“D—don’t get the wrong idea! I just came here to show my face as I didn’t want to be branded as someone who runs away. If I feel that it’s boring or something then I will resign anytime, so you better remember that!”

“Fufufu, it’s fine if that’s the case. We will be playing games together from today so, obviously it won’t be boring”

As usual Tendou seemed like she was happy with just being able to play games. Seeing her smile, that had no ill intent hidden in it, even Sugishika got taken back.

“Hmph, very well then. So, what game is it gonna be today?”

“Hmm let’s see. As we have a beginner here as well in form of Kishimine, let’s go with a simple game. Like Super Smash Brothers[1] or Arika[2] series.”

“Eh—? I have been saying this for quite some time, haven’t I? That the genre which is popular in the world these days is without a doubt FPS!? So isn’t Halo[3] or CoD[4] should be like a rational choice here?”


Tendou pouted.

“Do you know how much Smash and Arika series are selling in the market all over the world? Certainly, I admit that FPS genre might be considered as mainstream, but that doesn’t mean that it will do us any good if we just fixate ourselves to that”

“Even I won’t go that far but, wouldn’t it be basic for him to learn through the right path!?”

“If you say that, then all the more reason he should start playing Nintendo games first!”

Kishimine sensed the sudden unrest in the air.

“Excuse me—? Both of you?”

Intending to bring the conversation back on the peaceful track, he succeeded in attracting their focus.

“Now-now Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s not something to be arguing about is it!?”

The door got slammed open and Sena-sensei entered the room.

At that Kishimine thought that maybe this guy was eavesdropping from outside and was waiting for this right moment to enter, as the timing was just too perfect to be termed as a coincidence.

“What Tendou is saying is extremely right! Kishimine needs to try different types of games to accumulate experience! But even if that sounds right, letting him try different games without mastering even one will only cause him unnecessary trouble! So wouldn’t it be better if we choose TPS, or some FPS game that uses the same control system, and then expand his options from there!?”

“Ara~ aren’t you quite knowledgeable. That’s right, plus it’s a genre that could be even termed as a foundation for 3D games.  It would be easy for you to jump to another games if you first got used to this, so I don’t think that it’s a bad idea playing a FPS game first.”

After that, Sena-sensei got close to Tendou’s ear and said something in a small voice so Sugishika wouldn’t hear him.

“I understand that you are not satisfied with this! But probably Sugishika-kun is a type who gets hyped up when flattered. So wouldn’t it be a good choice to let her do as she pleases for today so it can guarantee her stay here”

“……Fine. If you two are that eager then, I won’t mind backing down for today”

Nobody knew how much effect Sena-sensei’s persuasion had but, Tendou backed down.

“Um…..I know this is usual from me but I don’t get anything, is FPS that much popular of a genre?”

Kishimine suddenly asked something which was bothering him from quite some time now.

“Ha? What the hell are you saying?” like that, Sugishika said in annoyance “It’s a period of time where you see at least one FPS game in every five games that are selling, you know?”

“Yeah, even I agree on that” even Tendou nodded. “Though the rest of the sales are covered by Nintendo”

“A—at any rate!”

Sena-sensei voluntarily forced his way in after clearing his throat.

“It’s popular enough to make a saying among gamers! which goes like “Those who control FPS, control the world”! In other words in order to take over the world, one has to clear the hurdle known as FPS! So there—Sugishika-kun, is where you come in! Please teach us all the basics of FPS!”

At that moment, Sena-sensei started sending gazes in Kishimine’s direction and fortunately he was able to grasp the meaning behind that, as he too heard a bit of what he said before about Sugishika being the kind of person who gets happy when flattered.

“I—I would also like to request. I don’t want to keep pulling everyone behind and want to get as much stronger as I can. Um, exactly like you”

“It can’t be helped if you put it like that! Fine, I am okay with teaching you a bit”

And just as Sena-sensei presumed, her expression and attitude were like before but she accepted their request a bit bashfully.

“At any rate, let’s play, so you can gain as much experience as possible. So, what FPS games does this club have? As you guys have Display and Game Hardware for four people then you must have that much of a variety right?”

“Of course. Ah right, then how about letting me decide which FPS game it’s gonna be? There is a game that has been on my mind for quite some time”

After saying that, Tendou started searching the box contents which was on one of the racks, and took out something. It was a Game Pack for four people.

”HOMEFRONT[5]?” Sugishika read the title aloud. “Well it is a genuine FPS game. But, playing this in a PS is out of the question. Don’t you have the Xbox version of this game?”

“What the hell are you even saying!?” Sena-sensei snapped. “Why do you even ask for an Xbox edition when we already have a PS version of it?”

“It’s no joke. You hear? FPS is a genre that was born and cultivated in America. So that’s why, isn’t it common sense to use Xbox to play a FPS game?”

“That’s a common sense only limited to Americans! Expand that mind of yours! If one has to speak about a Game Hardware that’s famous around the world then—”

“Ah—Jeez, I beg you please stop already!”

Sensing the danger blooming, Kishimine forced his way in to stop them.

“In my eyes, both are same and we don’t have the whole day with us, so let’s play already!”

As that was quite an unexpected action taken by him, they immediately stopped arguing.

“Yup, just like you said, time is precious here. Sugishika-kun, in any case, you have your own self-use controller right? Then you can just use that to play the PS version!”

“Fine. I will allow myself to freely use that then.”

While complaining, she opened her bag and took out her controller. Even Kishimine remembered the design as it was confiscated the day before yesterday.

And like that, Kishimine and others, sat on their seats.


The seating arrangement was similar to yesterday with Tendou and Sugishika sitting on his either sides. As usual it was quite— no the environment itself was poisonous for his eyes. Especially Sugishika was sitting without any reservation with one leg on another. It appeared that she was not at all aware of how dangerous that posture was with that small skirt of hers.


He took a deep breath to cut loose the temptation from his sides, and focus more on the game.

“Now don’t get too worked up, Kishimine. As it’s just a practice match today”

Tendou encouraged him, as she guessed it wrong.

“I—I know right?”

He didn’t have any choice but to play innocent now.

“So Sugishika, Which is it gonna be first? For now, should we just start private match with four of us?”

“Let’s see. As it’s a quite a distinct game, I think it would be fine to practice a bit”

“T—that would be a lifesaver”

For Kishimine, who was made to play a genre he wasn’t familiar with, it was more than he could’ve asked for.

“By the way, what kind of game is it? I sort of get that it’s a shooting game though”

“Fu! Very well, I will give you the explanation then!”

And as per usual Sena-sensei volunteered himself happily as the one to explain things.

“Homefront is a software (game) made by the foreign developers called Kaos Studios[6]. And in the Japan itself the sales are spiking. To put it simply, it’s a War game where the stage is set in the Modern World! After all, the distinct part of this game is its story! It begins when a certain northern country called Greater Korean Republic (GKR) merges the entire Asia together and invades America!

“That indeed…… is quite distinctive……”

“Is that so? It’s not that rare in American Fiction, you know?”

Sugishika’s straight American Tsukkomi, weirdly made a deep impression on Tendou.

“Ah, now that you mention, it’s true.

“Leaving humans aside, there is also an alien invasion and futuristic robots to look out for, where they end up becoming the governor of the state.”

“Well, at any rate it’s a game like that! In multiplayer you get divided into GKR Team and American Team and are made to fight against each other! Although, you will be on your own! At any rate, let’s give it a try. As the controls are pretty much the same as other TPS games you’ve played before, I am sure that you will get used to it soon!”

“By Pressing “L1” button you will enter in aim mode, similarly you can shoot by pressing “R1” button. As long as you remember these two, you will be fine I guess”

“I see”

After Sena-sensei’s and Tendou’s frank explanation, the game started.

The thing that first appeared on the screen was the equipment select option. As he was unfamiliar with that stuff, he went with the default “ASSAULT” option. And similarly as he wasn’t sure when the next option of main arm selection came in, he went along with the default “Foot soldier” one.

As he was done selecting these two option, the screen changed. The stage began in a metropolitan area, but having said that, it was actually the battlefield. And with no liveliness in the air, it was like an abandoned castle.


On the screen, the bullets count and the radar like gauge appeared, and in the centre, an aim pointer like mark as well. It’s just that the character which he was controlling was nowhere to be seen.

However, his misunderstanding soon cleared up when he saw the positioning of both his hands and the gun.

The visual point completely differed. In Lost Planet and the other games he had played until now, the focus was always on the on-screen character which he could operate. However, in this game, the focus was via his eyes and that’s why his face didn’t appear on the screen. Only his arms and guns were displayed.

And like that, he once again recalled the meaning of the word FPS.

“I see, so this is what firefighting with first person as a viewpoint means”

“Exactly! It’s indeed a special feature of FPS which lets you taste the battlefield freely as if you were really a soldier!”

“Now try pressing “L1” button to hold up your gun. You will soon experience the difference from the TPS games”

“Um, Like this?”

Following Sugishika’s words, he pressed the “L1” button.


As he did that, the aim like mark which was in the centre of the screen disappeared, and the character entered in a position for battle, with gun in the centre of the screen. Also the scope out of which you could focus on the target popped in. He thought that this might be the aim mode she spoke of.

“Amazing. It’s as if I am really holding a gun”

“Naturally, as it’s developed to make it feel as much real as possible! Oh and by the way, the scope you are using at the moment is something called “Hollow Sight” and is really easy to use Optical scope; but, as there are no special features in it, most people use the iron scope as it is at the end of the gun! So when it comes down to iron scope, the way of using the gun differs, plus there are things that are hard to use in it as well, so the need to customize your gun pops in!”

“Heh… Gun Customization is it?”

There were a lot of expert terms in his explanation but, somehow he was able to understand most of them.

The scope, which was attached to the gun he was using at the moment, had a small white dot in the centre such that most of the vision won’t be unnecessary blocked. It must’ve been the gun that was customized like that from the start.

“There is more to the guns than just scopes! For example, attaching a suppressor in your gun will make you incognito even if you fire at the enemy, and you can even attach a mini grenade launcher below the barrel of your gun!”

“Alright! Alright! Enough with all these explanations and let’s start already. Everyone fine with a Team Death match right?”

“Eh? R—Right of the bat?”

“There is no need to take forever, thinking about difficult stuff like an idiot. For starters, it will be a 2 vs. 2 Death match but, at any rate, just take any moving person for an enemy and shoot at them”

“EeeehhhH, that’s not helping at all!”

Without paying much attention to his protests, the game began. And somehow the team got divided on the basis of gender, with Kishimine and Sena-sensei on one team and Sugishika and Tendou on the other.

And holding his start-up equipment – Hollow Sighted Assault Rifle he started running.

Moving along the shade of the building, he passed the corner. Maybe it was because of the map being too vast with just 4 of them on it, that he didn’t encounter anyone.

However, that too was just a matter of time.

As, he was just entering the building from outside……

He found someone approx. 20M ahead.

“Wa—! Wa—!”

Panicking, he started firing. However, no matter how much he rapid fired at the target, there were no real signs of damage being dealt.

And that too was quite obvious. There was certainly an aiming mark at the centre of the screen but because of the distance, the target was even smaller than the aiming mark. Not to mention, all these rapid fires were making the gun recoil too much.

“Kishimine, you have to properly aim when you have that much distance from the target or you won’t hit. So while pressing “L1” button try shooting”

It seems like that the one at the distance was none other than Tendou. She didn’t shoot Kishimine who was standing like a scarecrow and became a target for him by staying at one place.

Relaxing a bit after hearing her voice, he once again prepared to shoot.

“L—Like this?”

He entered in aim mode after pressing the “L1” button. The character positioned his gun, and a white dot appeared in the centre of the screen.

With Tendou as centre, he pressed “R1” button.

“Huh? The bullets are not coming out?”

“It must be because you emptied the magazine with the continuous rounds earlier. Just reload normally”

“Ah, that’s right”

But, he still didn’t know which one was for reload. So to find it, he started pressing different buttons. The correct one was the “□” Button. As he pressed it, the character started to switch the magazine.

“U—m, with that……”

Entering in aim mode with “L1” Button, he shot with “R1” button.

The bullets got released and without any moment’s delay, she collapsed and some kind of point like thing appeared on his screen.

“Yup, Just like that”

“O—one sure dies easily in this game don’t they……? Only 4 shots hit you right? Though in both GearsWar and LostPla2, the character wouldn’t die even after getting hit by more than 20 shots”

“Something around those lines is normal” said Sugishika. “Ah, come to think of it, you didn’t get the explanation right? The FPS games like this, that are faithful to real life mechanics, are called Real Systemic FPS. Aren’t we humans as well fragile enough to die from one shot? That’s why Real Systemic FPS is faithful in that regard. You could increase the durability with Body Armor and Helmet and other coverings but that too come to an end after 3-4 shots.”


‘Real Systemic FPS. Now that she mentions it, it really gives an impression of the real thing. Building and street designs are also American styled, and even the character behavior is also like that of an actual human being.’ He thought

“Ah, which reminds me, when I defeated Buchou earlier a point like thing popped in, what was that?”

“It’s exactly what you said it is! Not to mention, in Homefront’s case, you can also consider it as sort of money! There is a figure on the lower right corner of the screen right? That’s how much points you have. The more points you have, the more you could do with it like calling for bombarding squad or even ride different type of vehicles!”

“Heh… in short, the more you kill the more bonuses you get, huh?”

“You can consider it as one of the interesting features of FPS games” said Tendou. “In Homefront, you can even ride a helicopter or a tank”


Ever since he rode the robot in LosPla2, the idea of being able to ride something appeared fascinating to him.

“Just to let you know, you need a ton of points to be able to ride a helicopter. Now, hurry up and come back in the game”

“Let’s see, the next time I won’t go easy on you”


He once again started concentrating on the game screen.

After loitering in the abandoned city for a little while, he once again found someone 10M ahead of him.

He aimed via “L1” Button. And then tried shooting with the “R1”


However, much faster than him, and without giving any chance, the enemy shot him to death.

“Not good at all. I told you that you’ll die easily if shot in Real Systemic FPS right!? With that slow aiming you won’t be able to survive till the end, you know!?”

It seemed that the one to shoot him down was none other than Sugishika.


“In other words, it’s regarding scope adjustment!” Sena-sensei replied. “It’s because the one who shoots the fastest in FPS wins after all! That’s why it’s quite important to have the skill to aim fast!”

“I see. Ah, what to do, after I die……?”

“You can just respawn again. So, die a bulk”

Sugishika said looking in his direction.

The word “Respawn” sounded like resurrection or revival to him.

And indeed, there was an indication appearing on his screen to press “□” button to get back in the game. As he followed the instructions, his character soon got revived.

“Alright, once more”

After returning back into the battlefield, he started moving again.

Progressing on the road, as he entered a building and started climbing the stairways,


He instantly clashed with an enemy which suddenly appeared few meters ahead of him.

All flustered he tried aiming at the enemy, but due to the close distance, the enemy took the chance away from him.

And he once again got shot to death.

“S—Shit I died again……”

“Kishimine. In close battles like that, shoot from the waist”

Tendou gave an advice to him.

“How is it different from the usual way?”

“Ah, you didn’t get the explanation, did you? When you press “L1” button, you hold your gun up and then shoot right? That’s the aim mode. But for shooting from the waist, you don’t have to press “L1” button”

“Ah, I see”

Somehow he got it. For trial, as he shot by pressing “R1” button without entering in the aim mode, it seemed as if the character was shooting from the waist.

“You might’ve noticed this already but——” said Sena-sensei. “When you enter in aim mode, targeting a long distance enemy becomes easy. However, your movement suffers due to that! Hitting a long distance enemy is good and all but, there are times that you can’t hit a close distant enemy because of its fast movements! So for that, there is the option of shooting from your waist, which not only gives you a lot of mobility but, also fills up both your offensive and defensive gaps! Though, it’s nearly impossible to hit a long distance enemy like that! So basically, it’s important to know which one to use in which condition!”

“Yes, understood”

He recalled his clash with Tendou in his first round. At that time, due to the distance being quite large, he couldn’t hit her at all without entering in the aim mode.

“And also Kishimine, don’t fire too much! You see the radar like thing on your screen, right? Your each shot reveals your location on our screen. You will get cornered if you let your enemy know your whereabouts, just like this!”


He got shot, and his screen turned red. The reason why he didn’t die instantly was because Sugishika showed mercy on him.

“Got it? Letting your enemy know your whereabouts makes you an easy prey for an ambush or sniping targets, so avoid wasting your bullets as much as possible”

“Ah, yes……understood. Still Sugishika, just where did you shoot from? I didn’t notice you at all”

“Look at the radar. As I shot just now, you could see a red pointer right? That’s me”

Certainly there was a red pointer at the end of the radar. As he faced in that direction and focused, he saw an enemy shadow far away from his position. And maybe it was because of it being more than 100M away that it was even smaller than a grain of rice.

“Woah, you shot from that far!? Ah, by any chance, did you use the sniper rifle?”

“Nope, it’s just a normal assault rifle. It’s built in a way where you can shoot down an opponent without worrying about the distance as long as you have the aim mode. You try it from there as well”


Kishimine positioned himself and carefully pointed the scope in her direction.

And pulled the trigger. The first two bullets grazed her but due to the recoil, the muzzle moved a lot and the rest missed the target. Because of all those rapid fires the magazine got empty.

“Not good at all, rapid firing from that distance won’t hit me at all. Look, you shoot like this”

Sugishika counter attacked

One hit, two hit, he took the damage, and instantly died.

“W—why? Even though I fired that much, you just easily like that……”

“In FPS there are about three kinds of shooting ways. “Firing with your waist”, “Aiming mode” with your gun held up and the last one being “Finger Click”

“F—Finger Click?”

“You might’ve noticed that when you use your full automatic gun, due to all those recoils the muzzle moves a lot. That’s why, even if you perfectly target a long distance enemy; only the first couple of shots would actually hit the target. But you see there is this Centering Feature in the guns, which lets the aim pointer to be in the center as long as there is no rapid fire. That’s why, even with the full automatic gun, if you release the trigger with each click, you can easily aim down a long distance enemy.”


Kishimine who respawned again, started testing on a random tree near him.

First was full automatic firing. As he already knew, due to the movement of the muzzle, except for the first shot every other shot missed.

Next, he tried doing the “Finger Click” which Sugishika just explained. After shooting a couple shots on purpose, he released the “R1” Button (Trigger).

As he did that, the aim pointer which was moving a lot, returned smoothly to the center again. This must be the Centering Feature she was talking about, he wondered. As he once again pulled the trigger, he was able to shoot the target again.

“I see, I totally get what you mean by clicks. But, can we really aim down an enemy with this method? Normally, I imagine them escaping after getting hit by the first shot”

“Even I want to know that” said Tendou. “In long distance battles which require finger clicking, it’s nearly impossible to match the aim pointer to an enemy, right? I have a feeling that he/she should be able to run away even if they move a little bit after getting hit by the first shot”

“Nice question. But you don’t have to worry about that as it will be an online battle. There will always be lags”


“Well, I might explain that later if I feel like it, as it will end up being quite a long talk. Leaving that aside, right now getting you some gaming experience is what comes first.”


And like that, he continued to die for quite a while.

On the other hand, he gradually started to get the knack of Real Systemic FPS games, which was finding the enemy first, and shooting them down with perfect aiming. Not to mention, “Firing with your waist” when fighting close ranged battle, “Aim Mode” for Mid-ranged battles and “Finger Click” for long ranged battles. Now he knew that it’s important to know which technique to use given the situation.

“Kishimine, you are starting to get the gist of it, right?”

“Ah, Yes. I guess……”

“Then, let’s move to the Field Team Death match soon, as it’s hard to have a proper battle with just four people”

“Eh? Field Team Death Match?”

Somehow, he was able to imagine the meaning of that word.

“In short…… Online PvP?”

“Well, yeah”

“EeehhH!? Isn’t it’s too early? It’s just been 30 minutes since we started you know!?”

“Don’t worry, Kishimine-kun!” said, Sena-sensei. “In these games the more you die, the stronger you get! Plus, no matter what you do when you’re fated to die you die, so at least join an online PvP and get used to it fast!”

“You don’t have to think that hard about things! Just focus on fighting different type of battles, and learn from the strong players. That’s how you will get strong”

“U—understood. I—I will give my best then”

With the three of them being on the same wavelength, he couldn’t object.

“Then, here we go. By the way, there is no need to enter with four of us as a party right now, right?”

“Let’s see. I guess sometimes its fine that way, as we will be able to pinpoint each other’s faults more easily like that.

“Then, I am entering first and you guys just follow me after that. So, you all are fine with Team Death match, right? As there will be around twenty four people, there will be a lot more opportunities to fight than now”


The maximum amount Kishimine experienced in an online PvP was eight people when he played GearsWar. And now, twenty four was three times of that.

“It’s not that uncommon in FPS you know!? Just to let you know there is also a game in which you fight against two hundred fifty six people at once”

“T—Two hundred people…… It would be like a real war then……”

While he was submerged into deep feelings like that, the game started.

“Come on, let’s go! It will be fundamentally same from what we’ve done until now, so be offensive!”


……And as it was his first time, battling in a Field war, not to mention his first online PvP, the result was quite miserable.

Though he knew Finger Click and other aiming skills to some extent, he lost miserably due to an overwhelming lack of experience. Rather, it would’ve been fine if it were a proper shooting match because mostly he got shot from side or from behind. There were many times that he even got sniped as well from far off distance, where it was impossible to even counterattack.

Eventually as the game progressed enough and the score reached to a certain limit, the game ended.

And on the screen, everyone’s result—— from Kill to Death count popped up.

“23 Kills and 8 Deaths…… I think I was a bit careless this time”

Sugishika seemed dissatisfied with her result, but she was still at the top with quite a margin.

Tendou was second with 15 Kills and 10 Deaths and Sena-sensei was third with 13 Kills and 5 Deaths.

“I—I didn’t score a single kill……”

On the other hand Kishimine had 0 Kills with 10 Deaths.

“Well, it’s normal for a beginner. So, just do what you can do for now. However, put some effort in scoring at least one kill with as many less deaths as possible”

“Ah, Yes……”

Eventually, the next game started.

And obviously, he was still not at a level where he could accomplish great feats.

But still, with each death he learned new things.

One was that “Waiting” was quite prominent.

Being a beginner, he knew that dying was inevitable if he kept going with his frontend assaults but, if he were to hide and wait in the shade of a pillar or something then he could easily kill any enemy that’s out of position without worrying about enemy counterattacks.

And if one thinks about it, it was quite obvious as well. Focusing and attacking an enemy while moving is difficult. On the other hand, one could totally focus on their target while hiding. Plus, hiding in the shadow of big objects safeguards one from enemy attacks.

So as a trial, he tried doing that. And while holding his gun upright, he waited for the enemy to come as he hid himself in the shadow of the wall.

Waiting for an enemy who could come anytime was quite tiring than he thought it would be and required a lot of patience. But, soon someone showed up.

He shot and naturally the enemy also shot back but, as he expected, the ambushing proved to be quite effective and this time he wasn’t the one who got killed.

“Hell Yeah! I finally scored a Kill!”

“Oh! Good going Kishimine. So how did it go?”

He got praised by Tendou.

“Yes! I understood that waiting and ambushing were quite effective, so I patiently waited for an enemy to come to me.”

“I see, waiting, huh……?”

For some reason Tendou’s expression got clouded.

“Eh? Was waiting…… something that I shouldn’t have done?”

“I won’t say that you shouldn’t have but, the tactic sure is not something that praiseworthy in a Team Death match”

“Yes, if you don’t know then you should learn” said Sugishika “There are basically just two basics of FPS gaming. One being Ambush and the other being Assault. However, people who wait at the same spot and ambush their targets are termed as Campers and scorned by everyone. Remember that”

“C—Campers? The people who camp……? Ah, I see”

‘Those who wait at a certain place forever, are known as Campers’ he came to a conclusion.

“But is camping really such a cowardly act?”

“It’s true that it’s one of the tactical ways to do things, however, yes, without a doubt it’s hated quite easily. As you’re playing for quite a while now, you can somewhat get it right? That due to its overwhelming advantage, there’s hardly anyone who can counter it. It’s hated to an extent, that in latest FPS games such Camping Ambush blind spots have decreased rapidly.”

“Yes, somehow I can tell”

‘For instance, if someone ambushed me at the corner of an alley, then they can pretty much be specific about my movements. All they then need is to point the nozzle of their guns in my direction and …….’

‘In return, for me to charge in that alley, I have to first jump in that corner, confirm my enemy, and then shoot. Not to mention, I have to do all of that while evading their attacks.

“I can tell why it’s hated and all but you can’t deny that it’s a legit way of fighting right?”

“There is one more reason which makes it bad. You can’t contribute to your team like that. Unlike charging, in this case you have to wait for your enemy to come to you right? If it was a game where you’ve had to protect your base then it would’ve been fine, but in a mode like Team Death match where you have to score more kills to win, you can’t afford to be passive at all. Which is why most people don’t like it”

“I see……”

Just as she said, when he changed his playstyle from charging to waiting, the chances of him fighting against someone decreased extremely. He soon realized that with this fighting style, he can’t come anywhere near Sugishika’s score.

“So in short, it would be fine as long as you don’t stop at one place for too long! There’s no doubt that it’s a powerful tactic. So, ambush the target after anticipating their next location!”

“So basically, what you’re saying is that waiting that requires one to be active is fine?”

“But it’s important that you know assault skill! That’s why learn assault rather than focusing on waiting.”

“B—But……even if I do that, I would mostly end up dying horribly”

“Well that’s given as you’re a beginner who started FPS just a while ago. If you want to get stronger, then improve your aiming skills with these matches. The strongest gamer is good at aiming without exception. Pointing the gun, as soon as the enemy comes into the field of vision, that would be your training menu”

“I—Is that so……”

‘It seems like I can’t avoid dying for some time’

“Or you could try changing to a different weapon”

Said Tendou

“What you have equipped now is an assault rifle right? It’s designed for mid-ranged battles after all, so how about changing to submachine gun and fight indoor?”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea as in close combat he can just waist shoot without any special focusing, which might be easier to do as a beginner”

“Yes, I will give it a shot then. ……By the way, how should I change my weapons again?

……They finished their current game and before starting the next, he made Sena-sensei change the weapon settings for him.

“There you go. Like this, you will have a considerable advantage in close combat battles at least!”

“Yes, thank you very much”

The next game began.

He ended up getting killed as usual but, following Tendou’s advice, he remained in the building as much as possible to have a close combat fight.

“Ah, I again defeated someone”

Slowly, he started to secure a few wins in close combat battles.

“Submachine sure is strong”

“Yes, but only when it comes down to close combat! Otherwise for mid-range there is assault rifle, and for very close ranged fights, Shotgun!”

“Heh…… There are so many kinds of weapons?”

“That’s right. In mostly all of the FPS games there are 5 kinds of weapons – Shotgun, Submachine gun, Assault Rifle, Light machine gun and Sniper Rifle. Each of them has their own special features; you kinda know it already right?”

“Shotgun for very close targets and Sniper rifle for remote targets, right?”

“Yup. Shotgun is quite powerful in cases when you suddenly bump into your enemy but, if the target is even a little bit off distance, it’s useless like hell. Similarly, with Sniper rifle you could aim down the targets from far off distance but, in close range assaults it would turn out almost impossible to use.”

“Here’s a bit of a trivia! It sounds kinda professional if you call Shotgun as “Shagan”.”

“Shagan, is it……?”

He couldn’t care less about it, but as he tried saying it, he somewhat agreed with her.

“R—really, it sounds kinda American”

“Doesn’t it!? By the way, for a period in JGBC there was this powerful shotgun user who named himself as Shana!”

“I see, Shagan’s Shana[7], huh? ……Pfft”

For some reason, Tendou burst into laughter.

And as it was so sudden, all puzzled Kishimine and Sugishika looked at each other.

“Say, Kishimine. Just what part of that was funny?”

“Don’t ask me. Buchou, what’s up with Shagan’s Shana?”

For some reason she blushed as she got asked about that.

“Ah, N—Nothing in particular. Sugishika, continue with your explanation”

“……Fine, I guess. As I said earlier, with each kind the features change. Take Submachine for instance, in most of the FPS games, its fire rate is quite high but it’s systematically designed with range attenuation so it’s hard to use on ranged enemies. Plus, depending on the game, it also affects your movement speed.

Again some unfamiliar words popped in.

He somewhat guessed that fire rate would mean how fast the bullets comes out of the gun. However, the other word flew right above his head.

“What does R—Range attenuation mean?”

“It means that with the increase in distance, there is a decrease in firepower. In real life too, air pressure affects the bullet and slows it down right!?”

“In other words, even if you can shoot down an enemy which falls under the 20 M radius in 3 shots, you would need at least 4 shots to do the same outside that radius.”

“I—I see. Now that you mention it, even I can’t imagine targeting long ranged enemy. Ah, I know that assault rifle specializes in mid-ranged combat then, what exactly does light machine gun specializes in?”

“Light machine gun has overall high caliber storage, with low range attenuation! In other words, it’s good at scattering the bullets from far off! Plus, it’s also my favorite”

“That’s how it is. No matter which FPS game you take, if it’s a long range battle between assault rifle and light machine gun, light machine gun will win for sure. However, submachine gun will have a cut-out advantage in close combat. If one understands these special features of each weapon and fights at a battlefield that suits their style, then even a beginner can easily win against a pro player.

“Yup, I sort of get it”

As he too, while fighting indoors with his submachine gun, was starting to secure a few kills.

“Just find your trait first” said Tendou. “If you do that, you’ll eventually be able to identify the weapon that suits you best. If you are good at sniping then use light machine gun or sniper rifle but, if you like close combat style then Submachine gun or Shotgun would be the ideal choice. By the way, as I like to do both equally, I like using assault rifle”

“Ah, is that so? Then with Sena-sensei’s light machine gun, and my sniper rifle…… Kishimine, I think it would be best if you stick with submachine gun and be the one to charge in first.”

“R—Really? Okay, if that’s the case, then I will continue practicing like this”

If there was something that he could help with, then considering his nature, he couldn’t have asked for more. Plus, as he more or less had tried both “Waiting” and “Assaulting”, he somehow knew that he wasn’t cut out for waiting.

“Ah, and you can’t just fixate yourself to just one weapon. It’s important that you decide and change it depending on the situation. Just imagine that, there is this very good submachine user in the opponent’s team, so if you switch to assault rifle or light machine gun then it would surely increase your chances of winning. On the contrary in case of a sniper, just switch to mobile submachine gun and go around and cut in horizontally. If you can do that, then you will be the one to dominate the game”

“I see, thanks for telling”

“I’ve said this so many times already, that you will be able to improve faster, if you try various things and find your own forte. So for now, just focus on making your Kill/Death ratio 1”

He again heard an unfamiliar word.

“K—Kill/Death ratio?”

“In short, it’s the ratio of Kills and Deaths you have! For example, if you killed 10 and died 10 times then your Kill/Death ratio becomes 1! But if you killed only 5 and died 10 times then it becomes 0.5!”

“I see, so basically, as long as it’s 1 then it would mean that one is contributing somewhat for their team, right?”

“That’s right! And, Kill/Death Ratio is indexed in other games besides FPS one’s as well, so do remember that!”

As he calculated his score from a while ago, he found that his Kill/Death ratio was 0.1. Now, he clearly understood that he was just being a huge burden on them.



Part 3

Who knows what it was……, whether he was starting to get a knack of the submachine gun or he was getting used to the game, that his kill score started to rise up with time.

It’s just that, no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t improve his Kill/Death ratio. It’s because, as he got more and more involved in the fights, his death numbers also increased, which in turn left his Kill/Death ratio almost unchanged.

However, when it was around 4:00, Kishimine and others got involved in an unusual event, which was not at all related to the game.

“Um, is it just me? Aren’t you guys feeling a bit hot in here? And it’s still April……”

While lightly cleaning the sweat on his face, Kishimine said.

“It’s not just you. I am also getting kinda annoyed because of this heat for a while.”

“I—I know, right? I wonder why it’s this hot……?”

“It can’t be helped, can it now!? We are using 4 Plasma TV’s in this small room!”

“Eh? It’s because of the TV’s?”

As a test, he tried moving his hand near the screen. ‘I see, certainly you can feel the heat coming out of it’

“……I—I see”

Tendou said with a grave expression

“Looking back at it again, yesterday was the first time we used 4 Plasma TV’s and consoles at the same time. It was cool yesterday because of the rain, plus we didn’t play for that long so I didn’t worry that much……so it will become this hot if we use all of them at the same time, huh?”

“Hey, this is obviously too much. Do you mind switching on the air conditioner?”

“Hahaha! This club was made in a hurry by borrowing the AV preparation room just 6 months ago, you know!? A.C. aside, there isn’t even a table fan in here!”

“WHAATT—!? Wai— Do something about it then! If it’s this hot in April! Summer will make this a sauna!”

“Yup, I can’t agree more but there is no helping it! For now, let’s take a short break and have the fresh air flow in!”

Sena sensei leaved the controller on the desk and opened the window

“For the time being, we have no choice but to pass time like this! So, let’s use it to come up with some appropriate countermeasures together!”


However, as the room was made soundproof, the ventilation was not that great from the start! So that’s why, just opening the window didn’t change the heat in the slightest and it swooped down on them.


“Hey, I don’t think it’s working at all! In this heat!”

Sugishika, fluttered her sailor uniform along with her undershirt in annoyance because of sweat.


Kishimine’s body temperature rose even further. As Sugishika’s small yet cute bellybutton and slender— No, rather small waist was in full view.

“Even if you say that, there is nothing much that can be done given the situation! Plus, even I can’t get my hands on an A.C. in this season immediately, even though we’re talking about this academy.”

As one would expect, even Tendou was not in her usual cheerful mood.

“I can’t believe it. To think that there’s a clubroom without A.C. in this day and age…… Ah—Jeez, I can’t take it anymore, I am taking it off.”

A shock rushed down, and that too mainly in his mind.

As Sugishika unbuttoned her breast ribbon, grabbed her sailor uniform with both her hands, and took it off.


Naturally, she was wearing a turtle-neck T-shirt beneath it. However, the act of a cute girl taking her clothes off, in itself, had quite an impact on him.

“Sugishika, no matter what, that’s improper of you”

Tendou remarked as a Student Council President.

“What do you mean? Isn’t it’s normal to take your clothes off if it’s hot?”

“You might be forgetting but, we also have Sena-sensei and Kishimine in here, you know? You can’t just take off your clothes casually like that in front of an opposite sex”

“Well it’s the both of them right? Plus it’s not like I am naked and all. I don’t think it’s that much of big deal”

“That’s right; rather you’re being rude Tendou-kun! To begin with, I have no interest whatsoever in non Seiyuu girls! Well, leaving me aside for once, do you think Kishimine-kun will see a fellow comrade with such eyes!?”


Tendou looked Kishimine with an apologetic face.

On the other hand, the person in question, Kishimine, who was somewhat looking at Sugishika with such eyes started feeling sorry.

“Um. So, should I head out for some time?”

“No, there is no need to. You’re certainly a trustworthy comrade. Sorry, for even looking at you with such doubtful eyes. Alright, I too will follow Sugishika’s lead”

Tendou, as if showing that she trusted him, started taking down her blazer.


It was just that. It wasn’t like she had any body part exposed now. It’s just, she was now in her blouse and that’s all.

However, the act of a girl whom he secretly admired, taking her clothes off in front him, was a little too stimulating for a guy in his puberty.

“Kishimine, I think you should also take your coat off, as your face is flushed red”

“Yeah. You’re looking red as a lobster for a while now”

“Aah. Yea, I—I think I will do that”

Flustered, he also took his coat off.


However, his eyes involuntarily moved towards Tendou who was now in her Blouse. It was natural for her body lines to be seen clearly from when she was still wearing her blazer. Thin shoulders and slender waist, with her breasts standing out more than before. Not to mention, due to sweat the blouse was sticking to her body at several parts, making her white skin to show up. Which resulted in the memory of her underwear appearance from a while back, to involuntarily pop up in his mind.

As he reached his limit of looking at her, he changed his vision to his left when Sugishika, who was now in a thin shirt and short skirt, came into his sight.

Her body was small enough to be mistaken for an Elementary Schooler. Her arms and legs were slender and thin than Tendou, however her breasts alone were something that were too abundant. Also, the shirt that she was wearing fitted her small body perfectly but, it looked as if the chest measurement was not taken into account as it was clinging tightly to her breasts giving an appearance of a brassiere. Furthermore with each little movement, they (¬‿¬ ) shook a lot.


It turned into a mental state where he had no other option but to chant Buddhist prayers to let go of his worldly desires, as the appearance of those two, was just too much stimulating for him.

“Say, you sure you’re fine there? You don’t appear that well to me”

“Yeah. I know it’s hot in here, but your face is way too red”

“I—its fine, I was born with this face! R—Rather, why did you choose Plasma TV’s over LCD ones? They don’t cause this much heat right? As we also have one at our home”

Instead of continuing with his prayers, he started a conversation like that.

“About that, there were several problems with that, you see?!”

And their advisor, who liked explanations, took the bait.

“First, there was a problem of response speed! Just think of it as a speed at which a TV receives data and projects it on the screen!”

“Yes. Come to think of it, I’ve also heard in the news that ever since it got changed to terrestrial digital broadcasting, the time signal has been lost”

“That’s just because it takes time to change the terrestrial digital broadcasting waves, so when it comes to games it’s a completely different thing, you see! At any rate, in this day and age there are three kinds of TV’s out there — CRT, LCD and Plasma. Among them, the one that has the lowest response speed is LCD and the one with the highest is the CRT”

“I see. So, how does that relate to the games?”

“What are you saying? Of course it’s very much related to games. In Real Systemic FPS games, everything is decided with a single shot, you know? Using a slow response speed TV means that you are asking yourself to be killed, with a target board painted at the back of your head.”

“Ah, I see”

In games, when you pull a trigger, it reaches to your target instantly. Because of that, it’s important that you shoot faster than your opponent. That’s why just a small delay can be fatal to you and your team.

“That’s why it’s important to have a TV that’s good at processing! And, normally CRT would’ve been the ideal choice but, as that thing is way past its generation; we can’t use them with these days HD games!”

“Plus, if we went ahead and played an HD game on a CRT, we won’t be able to read our opponent’s names, which in turn would also restrict me from sniping them!”

High Definition. He, yet again didn’t know what that meant but, as he kind of figured that it might be something about the amazing image quality; he decided to keep his mouth shut.

“And thus, Plasma TV becomes the only thing that goes well with both HD measure and processing speed! But then, with all the daily technology advancements, it has now become a situation where unless you own a 50 inch TV, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Plasma or LCD. That being said, we decided that rather than investing in the new advance LCD TV’s, it would be efficient to invest in more games!? That’s why the situation ended up with Plasma TV’s!”

“And that’s how it is. As you already know, we have quite a large collection of games in this club. So it might be helpful if you think of this heat as a compensation for those games”

“Certainly, anyone would choose games over TV. So, we have no choice but to endure this heat right……?”

“Well, it can’t be helped. They say on paper that latest LCD’s are no different from Plasma TV’s but, I dare say that those better image quality LCD TV’s are not meant for gaming”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“Yup. They have installed some sort of processing software inside the TV to improve the quality, which in return leads to more lags. And though they have also added a feature of “Game Mode” which drops the image quality and make the processing faster, you then lose the purpose of playing on a high resolution TV.”

“Heh……Leaving Sena-sensei aside, you are also quite knowledgeable aren’t you?”

“I—it’s not like that. You get to know about these things when you play a lot”

It was around that time when the chime rang; signaling that the school hours had come to an end.

“Muu. It’s already time, huh? Time sure passes fast when you’re enjoying a new game, doesn’t it?”

“Right on time I would say. With this much heat piled up, wouldn’t it be fine to wrap up the things for today?”

“Hmm…… Then, let’s conclude the club activities for today here”

And like that their first club meeting as a four came to an end.



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(¬‿¬ ) Now, we all know what it is.


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