Volume 2

Volume 2

Editor will check the things Chapter wise so Please don’t complain about the things if you found any grammatical error

61 thoughts on “Volume 2

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  2. uum i think this kinda impolite but where ch.4,ch5, & afterword. are there still in editing process ?
    since in update notice it’s already done but i can found the chapter


  3. Game Sensou ,
    I had really enjoyed this novel and have been waiting for the last six months to see more!! Unless something changes it looks like I got my hopes up along with some others. I understand that RL is the biggest killer (ie. back to School) But I am Justin a dazed like state. Its pain full to keep checking the webpage every day but not see what you were hoping to read the next part of this fun store.Sorry for being such a downer I will not bother you again just please finish what you started everyone is waiting for your talent to bring the story to life in English!!!!!


  4. the editor has passed away by the flu, oh my god jejeje, hey man happy new year 2016. I dont know english and for that reason I can’t help you with the edition.


    • I’ve already contacted with the team by their inbox. Don’t worry, they just need time to translate all then upload all at once.


  5. Wow, already a year since my last comment. How time flies when you’re editing. But seriously, if the project is dead just say its dead, if not give some kind of status update so we know what’s going on and can just let it be. Nevertheless, thank you for translating as much as you did, it was definitely a fun read.


      • To be honest, I don’t really bother replying to all of this but since it really has been a while I thought why not?

        First of all to show that it wasn’t really just a joke-

        Volume 2 (Focus on the date modified) – “https://kamitranslation.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/screenshot_5.jpg”

        Volume 3 Chapter 1

        Volume 3 Chapter 2

        and, Volume 3 Chapter 3

        There were several reasons for this project to get stalled. First of all, all the data that was with my editor went down with his laptop, I still have his remains of the laptop with me… Second, The lack of funds and a serious lack of time to really support a Novel translation at this point. The list goes on but well, I don’t wanna get deep into it.

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      • Sorry about being so harsh, was more just disappointed about the lack of updates regarding the status (maybe there were updates that I just missed, which in that case my apologies). Doesn’t really excuse how rude I was being though, so once again my apologies. Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time to reply and I appreciate the explanation regarding what happened.


      • No worries, I plan on resuming all stalled projects if I get something to spare to hire translators/Editor to help me with stuff. (Plan on setting up a Patreon account to get funds to buy the Tankōbon’s, Doujins and other stuff to help me)

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  6. If you need help with editing or proof reading, Me or maybe someotger readers could be a temp editor if you want since Summer break is now upon us. Really, I just have extra time I need to fill.


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