Winter Announcement and New Year Plans

Merry Christmas Guys~

Hope you are enjoying your holidays in high spirits and with someone special… (T_T). Sorry to invade your private time but we’ll be taking this moment to tell you guys that we’ll be dropping Servant X Service for good. (Yup Neither NNB nor Game Sensou, #hatersgetrekt). The reason being that the series got licensed by Yen Press and Digital copies of first 2 Volumes are even on Amazon with Hard Copy version releasing by Feb 2016 (I guess?), so with that, Yeah… Thank You for you support on the series. But once it’s licensed we can’t do much. Support the authors by buying the much better Translated (I guess?) copy by Yen Press.


Future Plans

For those who wanted to know about Boku to Kanojo no Game Sensou update, I can pretty much tell you that, “The series is cursed” because whenever I try working on it something happens with ‘From Editor getting sick, and then Exams incoming and at last my new PC (which is not even an year old) getting it’s SMPS fried’
Well the good part is that I am not giving up on the series, right now I am using my shitty laptop to play Princess Evangile-…… I mean helping the Editor with the series.
For the next update, we were all thinking of picking Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Manga as a replacement for SxS. As the previous scanlators dropped the project with a cliffhanger with few of the chapters still remaining. We decided that it will be just fair to finish it. Though it will be a Short trip but still look forward to it.
Now onto the final news, though it’s still not decided but I’ll share it here anyways, We were thinking on picking up Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no naka de (Novel) as our other LN Translation project. (Yes you can Hype now). For that I might include another Translator into the ship.
Yup that’s all for now folks (Few Christmas themed picks to soothe your mind)~




8 thoughts on “Winter Announcement and New Year Plans

    • Sequel has an individual route for Ruriko, Konomi, Marika and Mitsuki plus some after stories from the 1st four routes as well :D. Mangagamers said they will release the sequel on Steam by the end of 2016, so yeah we have to wait patiently for that.(I wonder if Mishima Sensei also included in the sequel…?)


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