Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Walkthrough



In a world where flying is as simple as riding a bicycle, there is a popular sport called “Flying Circus.”
The protagonist once had a bright future ahead of him in that field of sports but due to an overwhelming defeat in addition to a certain other reason, he has left that field.
However, he meets the transfer student Kurashina Asuka and regains his passion as he teaches her how to fly.
With his situation changed, he participates once again in the Flying Circus. Just how high will he be able to fly this time with Asuka at his side?

通常ルート (Common Route)

None of the Common Route choices will mess up the Plot



第一話 飛び方を、教えてください (Chapter 1 – Please teach me how to fly)

  • 声をかける (Approach her)
    話しかける (Say something to her)
    気にかかる (Be concerned about her)

  • 飛べるようになって欲しかったから (It’s because I wanted you to be able to fly)
    先生に言われたから (It’s because sensei asked me to)

Chapter END


第二話 空の上のサーカス (Chapter 2 – The Circus above the Sky)

No choices in this Chapter

Chapter END


第三話 好敵手たち (Chapter 3 – Rivals)

  • みさきのやる気について相談する (Consult about Misaki’s eagerness)
    真白のスタイルの転向を提案する (Propose her to change her style)

  • 俺もおいしいと言うにいこう (I will also come with you)
    色々気まずいしやめておこう (Will pass as it’s kinda awkward at many levels)

Chapter END


第四話 わたしだって、戦いたい (Chapter 3 – Even I want to fight)

  • もうちょっと本気でやれよ (Take it a bit more seriously)
    やっぱり黙って見送る (Send her off without saying anything)

  • 莉佳との練習を続ける (Continue the training practice with Rika)
    そろそろ最後にする (Wrap it around soon)

Chapter END


第五話 嵐の前の (Chapter 5 – Before the Storm)

  • 必殺技を考えよう (Think about the finishing move)
    あまり意識しない方がいい (Not let it bother too much)

  • 言ってあげる (Say to her)
    言わないでおく (Not say anything)

Chapter END



第六話 決戦、そして (Chapter 6 – Play-off’s, and)

  • みさきに声をかける (Go and talk to Misaki)
    黙って見送る (Send her off without saying anything)

  • ……わかった (……Fine)「明日香ルート」 [Asuka Route]
    いや、それはできない (Sorry, but I can’t do that)

  • いっしょに続けたい (I want to continue together with you)「真白ルート」 [Mashiro Route]
    好きにするといい (Do as you like)

  • 俺でいいのなら……やります (If you’re really alright with me)「利佳ルート」 [Rika Route]
    ごめんなさい、できません (I apologize, but I can’t do that)

  • 部活に来い! (Come to the practice!)「みさきルート」 [Misaki Route]
    ……好きにしろよ (……Do as you like)「bad end」

Chapter END




 As you select the route in Chapter 6, after playing for a bit the next chapter will start. I finished the game in a sequence of Rika –> Mashiro –> Misaki –> Asuka




1. Ichinose Rika (市ノ瀬 莉佳 )

Diligent and an epitome of a “honor student” of Takafuji. To be honest I finished her route first because of two main reasons. First, that she didn’t appealed to me that much and the second being that I somehow guessed that the story won’t have that much depth. But as the story progressed I came to like
her character more than I thought I would. The main concerned battle in this route is Rika v/s Kasumi. (Asuka )
P.S.  You can only see the face of Masaya (Grown up Ver.) in her route.


 第七話「利佳」 強がる優等生 (Chapter 7 [Rika] – The bluffing honor’s student)

Chapter END

最後話「利佳」 変わらないもの (Final Chapter [Rika] – Thing that won’t change)




2. Arisaka Mashiro (有坂 真白)

The Cutest creature in the game. Kouhai of Masaya, Asuka and Misaki and a student of Kunahama Her route didn’t had that much deep of a story but some moments were really touching. Really enjoyed the story and the moments with her and her mother, Arisaka Botan. The main concerned battle in this route is Mashiro v/s Misaki.
P.S. I almost had a nosebleed while I was in the first *** scene with her. (Not joking)


第七話「真白」 ちさくても勇気 (Chapter 7 [Mashiro] – Small but courage)

Chapter END

最後話「真白」 ありがと、先輩 (Final Chapter [Mashiro] – Thank you, Senpai)




 3. Tobisawa Misaki (鳶沢 みさき)

Classmate of Masaya and Asuka. A Grandma girl who likes to do things in her own pace. Possess superhuman reflexes but doesn’t have that much stamina. I kinda hate her attitude towards Asuka at the start of her story, but later comes to like her character a lot. Once you’re in the middle of her route you’ll also find the person responsible for the Masaya to quit FC. The main concerned battles in this route is Misaki v/s Saki and Misaki v/s Asuka (I personally liked the strategy meetings involving Masaya, Buchou, Shindou, Misaki and Fukumen Senshuu against Saki and Asuka)
P.S. Misaki only quits the FC Club in this and Mashiro’s route.








第七話「みさき」 あたし、FCをやめるから (Chapter 7 [Misaki] – I will quit FC)

Chapter END

最後話「みさき」 届けたい気持ち (Final Chapter [Misaki] – These feelings I want to reach to you)




 4. Kurashina Asuka (倉科 明日香)

A polite and diligent girl who after transferring in Kunahama because of her father’s transfer changes the life of the protagonist completely and becomes the main reason of him returning into the world of “Flying Circus”. It won’t be wrong to call her “Chitanda Eru” of Aokana. I loved her route the most cause it made me felt as if the entire game got covered with her route. The main decisive battle in this route was Asuka v/s Saki (Finals of Autumn Tournament) “The fight that transcended the reasoning of FC” was so freaking awesome that I was in awe from the start till the end reading the lines.
P.S. I  Love Asuka








第七話「明日香」 空を飛ぶ夢 (Chapter 7 [Asuka] – The dream of flying in the sky)

Chapter END

最後話「明日香」 蒼の彼方へ (Final Chapter [Asuka] – Across the Blue)


FINALE 彼方の向こうに
(Across the other side)



After you finish the route you’ll get a final scene of Masaya and Aoi-sensei talking in the sky. To re-watch the scene again you’ve to click on “Game Start” and select “FINALEを見る” Option. Seriously this scene made me almost cry. It’s a must watch scene so don’t skip it. I seriously wished to have a Aoi Route in the game.




I really liked how Rika route in the end made Devil-like, Kasumi into a Bishoujo, I mean I was really dumbfounded when “This (^▽^)”

Screenshot_2turned into “This Σ(°△°|||)︴”


And then at last “This (*♡∀♡)”






(Bakamonster95 forced me to post this (>﹏<))

Hope you liked my first walkthrough! If you’re interested in the game’s english translation then visit Aokana Translation Project



The Sprite Studios will be making the sequel for the game  \(^▽^)/ YEAH


16 thoughts on “Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Walkthrough

    • In Chapter 6 when you select ……好きにしろよ (……Do as you like) when you’re talking with Misaki it will lead you to the bad end, you’ll start strolling on the streets and find Buchou, where he will give you advise on how you fucked up lol. and the game will get over.


  1. About the finale (Across the other side)
    I’ve used VNR to read it. As you said the sentence structure is horrible. And so silly I’m also not good at English.So I could’nt understand the story at all :(. All I know is when they met again, Masaya said he still remember the childhood promise.But seems like Aoi-san refused it one more time right ? I dont understand why she refused him and just say when he feel sad, look up at the sky ( Aoi = blue, so if Masaya look up at the blue sky he’ll miss her ? )


  2. The physical and health education teacher at Kunahama Institute and a former national FC player. She serves as Masaya’s mentor and the FC club’s advisor. During her player days she created a style called Birdcage which consists on controlling the opponent, something she’s not proud of and dislikes that Irina and Saki brought back the technique. After Masaya returns to play, she also joins her students in training. After Asuka unlocks her balancer in her final match with Saki, Aoi comes to realize that her Birdcage ultimately had a positive effect, now causing the current FC to evolve again with no balance limiters.
    Shion Aoyagi (青柳 紫苑 Aoyagi Shion?)


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