Magi – Sinbad no Bouken (2016) – 09

[Kami Translation] Magi - Sinbad no Bouken (2016) - 09 [720p][10bit].mkv

This is why he was so eager.

If you experience any sort of playback issues then make sure your video codecs are updated.


Translator and TS – AnimeAkshay

TLC and QLC – Livid

KFX and Timing – Blaze077


720p HD – Torrent | MEGA


720p SD – MEGA



8 thoughts on “Magi – Sinbad no Bouken (2016) – 09

  1. Can I ask you a serious question? It’s been 9 episodes now and I have never seen a regular release with this many mistakes per episode. First of all, every time that there’s supposed to be ? at the end of a sentence, you put !? which is completely wrong since interrobang is only supposed to indicate strong surprise and not be at the end of a regular question. You also overuse exclamation mark in a lot of sentences where it is completely unneeded. What’s more there’s generally a lot of minor grammar and linguistic mistakes in every episode, and occasionally some major mistranslations (the biggest I can think of right now is “two months” being translated as “two weeks”, and that was the same in the OVAs too). What is your QC doing if they are doing anything at all!?


    • Okay, you’ve raised many questions in one post so just let me answer them one by one.
      First and foremost, I already knew that I’ve made a mistake(because I’m human) in Episode 3 but you don’t have to worry about that as it will be corrected when I release a V2 of that episode after we conclude the series. And just so you know, OVA’s were not done by us so I won’t comment on them.
      Second, using exclamations marks is a kind of a habit that I’ve developed over the years of translating novels and manga’s so you can judge me on that all you want, I don’t care.
      Third, some grammatical mistakes can be there as neither me nor my QC guy is a Native English Speaker but I think you’re going a bit too far when you say that there are “occasional major mistranslations” in our episodes. I don’t agree with that at all but as we live in a free world, you can think and say whatever you want but before you go ahead and explain yourself just answer a simple question.
      If our work is so unbearable then why are you even following us?


      • I’m not a native English speaker either by the way. Also I’m following you because there are no alternatives. And it’s not unbearable, it’s just slightly annoying since I archive everything I watch and I’m a perfectionist so I have to take time and correct the mistakes in the subs, which also requires me to pay close attention to the subs while watching, no other reason.


  2. I find it hilarious the season is already over and you guys are still playing catch up. Especially when going by a statement you’ve made before that it “only takes [you] two hours to sub an episode”. If you, or you’re translator (whoever is subbing), have that much real life stuff going on to prevent you from taking a two hour sub session in evening then maybe you should rethink what you’re doing, since you don’t seem to make subbing a priority and just irritate the majority by promising a relatively quick release and then fail to deliver.


    • Oh shut up. Of course I also wish they’d release faster, but in the end I’m just glad they’re doing it to begin with. They’re subbing a show no one else bothers doing. Seems kind of silly that they have to make subbing a priority in their life.


      • Yep! I agree with you! I’m sticking with these guys for that reason! Take a look at Hatsuyuki fansub!!! they only released two episodes since the past May wth!!??

        Ganbatte Kami translation I’m supporting you :3 ❤


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