Magi – Sinbad no Bouken (2016) – 10

[Kami Translation] Magi - Sinbad no Bouken (2016) - 10 [720p][10bit].mkv

“I had to do all the main work this time” few words from the translator before he fainted.

If you experience any sort of playback issues then make sure your video codecs are updated.


Translation, TS and Timing – AnimeAkshay

TLC and QLC – Livid

KFX – Blaze077


720p HD – Torrent | MEGA


720p SD – MEGA



21 thoughts on “Magi – Sinbad no Bouken (2016) – 10

  1. Well you could just save yourself some time by just ripping them off Netflix at this point. All the episodes are on there now..


  2. wow, this took around a month! you guys won’t continue translating it because of that group who have ripped Netflix subs for the final 2 eps??


  3. To be honest here despite my editor being noisy about ignoring those hateful comments over the past few releases like how much I suck and stuff I almost gave up on the last three episodes and decided to drop the project. But after watching the Magi Seiyuu Fes (2013) and reading the comments of the people still waiting for the release, I decided it is not the time to be emo and finish what I started.
    So guys you can expect those three episodes by the Mid September.


  4. Very sweet. I just came here to ask about that. I like the way you have the anime set up compared to the rip, not to mention the op and ed are very nicely done. 🙂 (Sort of a completionist too on specific sub groups was going to ask about progress but don’t need to with other comments) ❤ Keep up the good work guys!


  5. This is going to be a happy September since you’ll finish this series with the last three episodes =^_^= Thank you very much for your effort – waiting for your subs is worth it


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